May 29th, 2006

FO: Blossom tank

A new yarn store opened in downtown Vacaville earlier this year, and as I live in within walking distance of it, I'm a frequent visitor. Recently, I went in wearing the pair of Jaywalkers that I'd made with yarn I'd bought there & the Soleil that I'd made last summer. They had asked to see the socks and were very interested & then asked if I'd made the shirt. When I said that I had, they asked, "How'd you like to make some shop samples for us?"
Well, I decided I would like it very much indeed.

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I'd like to thank the Academy......

OK, pardon me if I'm giddy, but I just took my new lace wrap off blocking, and I'm THRILLED. I want to thank everyone that offered advice last week when I was getting this project off the ground. Special thank yous to klayre53 for the super simple but truly eye catching pattern suggestion, and hedgemom for the brilliant blocking instructions! it is!

All photos courtesy of my husband's <a href="">Flickr page</a> noted because I can't get the stupid Flickr html to work here and I want to credit appropriately per the warning on the website.

These photos are in the lj-cut box in the editor.  Sorry if it's not working, I don't know what else to do. 

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This took me about two and a half solid days of knitting.  And I mean solid....I watch a LOT of TV this weekend. 

The yarn is a 5% Cashmere, 95% Merino laceweight called "Gentle" in color 2528 (a chocolate brown) from (but I went to actual storefront in Sunnyvale, CA).  I used about 26g of a 100g ball (according to my kitchen scale) which translates to about 350 yards.  I worked on size 10 1/2 needles (Denise - the best needle investment ever!)

The pattern is a 4 stitch, 2 row pattern repeat, with a k2 edge on each end.    (row 1: k2tog, yo, yo, ssk; row 2: k1, k1 p1 into double yo, k1).   I cast on 60 stitches total.   It expanded at least double in width, and I probably gained about 10-15% in length, ending up about 14" x 72" after blocking.  I threaded a rayon embroidery thread around the perimeter, washed gently in a Eucalan bath and pinned it out overnight. Voila!

The idea was something very light and airy to add finish to the outfit, not warmth.  This piece fits the bill exactly. 

Hooray lace!

Snape waiting

Substitutions for Lion Brand Homespun

My favorite aunt just found out that she has uterine cancer and will be having a hysterectomy in 2 weeks. I wanted to make her a prayer shawl in her favorite color since I'm unable to be there with her, and she could use the shawl to wrap up in and feel the prayers and love from me, not to mention keeping her warm in the cold hospital.

Problem: The pattern from The Shawl Ministry website - - recommends 3 skeins of Lion Brand Homespun. I got this yarn and have gotten started 3 times. I hate it and think it's incredibly ugly the way it knits up. Since I haven't gotten beyond 4 rows on size 11 needles, does it get better or is there an easily procured substitute bulky yarn that you would recommend? There is Wal-Mart, Joann's, Hobby Lobby, and Michaels all in my area, no LYS.

The stuff looks like something my dog regurgitated, and I want something that looks beautiful for my favorite aunt. So, any suggestions you have for bulky yarn will be much appreciated! I checked out Yarndex, but got over 550 suggestions. Please let me know what you've tried and worked for you.

Thanks in advance for all the help. It's much appreciated

ETA: Could it be the pattern? It's K3, P3 across, turn over and k3, P3 across - purling knits and knitting purls (Basketweave-style stitch?). Maybe a K1, P1 moss stitch would look better?
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Possibly copyright infringement?

I just bought this e-book and noticed that they have included the pattern for Knitty's Haiku, along with Knitty's Daisy (which is actually shown on the item listing, although I didn't recognize it until I started going through other Knitty patterns). Does anyone happen to know whether these reprints are authorized before I email the original pattern creators? Two of the patterns in the booklet are credited as "reprinted with permission," but not the ones from Knitty. There are 20 patterns total, and I'd hate to think that any of them were ripped off!

The ebay seller is goldskyuk. Thanks!

EDIT: If anyone happens to have a link (or would like to find it for me) for reporting copyright infringement to eBay, I would appreciate it. I am drafting an email to the designers of the patterns and would like to include that information as a convenience. I'm in the process of finding email addresses for all the patterns, so this would be a huge help!

ANOTHER EDIT: I have received actual human email back from eBay, and while they seem a bit confused as to the actual situation (they keep referring to other eBay sellers being ripped off), hopefully I have clarified enough that they get the picture. I have also asked for the best way for the infringees to notify eBay and will email it out if/when they respond. If anyone can identify the preview photos in the auctions that are still up, I would HIGHLY recommend emailing the designers (or let me know and I'll do it, since I'm on a roll anyway!)

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picture of me

Hiking socks?

I'm looking for sock patterns for sport or worsted weight yarn which can be equally well knit up in woll or cotton.  They need to be relatively simple and quick, but shouldn't be boring.  (I'm thinking along the lines of Knitty's Thuja.)  They need to be practical and preferably not lacy, seeing as I'll be using them primarily as hiking socks.

If I wanted to go about reinforcing their heels and such, how would I do that?

Also, by the Pfadfinder (Scouts) in Germany, it's common to wear your socks folded over the top of your hiking boots (I've been looking for a picture, but can't seem to find one.)  That means that the socks are often a) longer and b) possibly wider at the top.  (I've done it with a few pairs of store-bought upper calf-length socks, and it's been fine, but it might be different with hand-knit socks.)  To make socks compatible for that, I could just cast on more stitches at the top and then decrease when I got to where my hiking boot starts, right?

Danke im Voraus!


i purchased some yarn containing viscose from a thrift store. i have googled and haven't found what i'm looking for. i know some yarn containing viscose was recalled. the yarn i purchased has a content of 30% and 34% viscose. does anyone know if this is dangerous. ty.
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teddy bears in clothes?

As a (90th!!) birthday gift for my grandmother, I want to knit a family of stuffed bears that represents our family (so 4 bears; me, my mom, my dad, and her). What I was thinking of doing is using the same basic bear pattern for all of them so they match, adjusting it slightly to make different sizes (so the me bear will be tall and skinny, the dad bear will be bigger than the others, etc.), and making them so they're wearing different outfits/holding things that are representative of us. I have a few questions about how to execute this plan:

-Can you recommend a good bear pattern for this? I'm looking for something that will look good standing up (even if it doesn't stand on its own, I can support it somehow) and is a little less "roly-poly" than most of the others I've seen. I'm looking for something intended more for display than as a toy. I've looked at tons, but haven't found anything I like so far (I do, however, now have tons of ideas for stuffed animals for the next time I want to make a kid's toy!).

-I haven't tried to do animals with clothes before. Would it be easier to knit the "clothing" right in by changing colors as I make the bear, or make them all solid-color and knit "outfits" afterwards to put on them? I like the look of separate clothes better, but not enough to make it worth tearing my hair out over. I was thinking it might make sense to make little outfits, but put the pieces on the bears before seaming them up (so I can make them better-fitted by not having to worry about being able to get them on and off).

-Yarn recommendations? I was thinking of using Cascade 220 since it comes in like, every color ever, but if you have any better ideas let me know. I'm not really concerned about washability or anything like that since they're more for display.

Thanks for your help everyone!

Edit: After posting (of course!) I found these, which I think might work. Thoughts?
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Pattern help

I just got my hair cut and now need some kercheifs(s?)I got a GREAT deal on some Moda-Dea Ticker Tape.It was $8 regular and i got it for only $1!!! So needless to say this is what i want to use to make my kercheifs with.It says size 9 needles on it so that or 8's is what i will use.
Anywho.I was wondering about something.I have a pattern that starts with the little point.But to save my life i cant figure it out.Can I just CO as many stitches as it takes to make it the size to go around my head then just take a stitch or more off every row?(working biggest end to smallest end)
Or maybe some one here has an idea for me!I have only done a Knit 2 Stitches together stitch to decrease.
Any help is welcomed.Also is the ticker tape going to knit up smaller and cause me to need to CO more stitches?
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bears on the island?!?!

Boye Needlemaster Kit 200

Hey ya'll-

Does anyone own the Boye Needlemaster Kit? I've been trying to buy one of these types of kits (a cheaper version of the Denise set), but I can't find a summary of this kit..very frustrating. Can anyone tell me anything about this kit? Is it worth using the 50% off coupon on, or should I resist the temptation? Thanks!!
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pattern ideas?

so i'm going to a wedding in june(outside in fla) i want to bring a very lightweight wrap with me b/c i'm wearing a sleeveless dress and i would just feel better having something to drape over my shoulders. (i have issues, i know) i have some of the funky fringe yarn that target was selling for $1 a ball a couple of months ago, it's the really laddery one. i'm thinking just a simple triangle shawl, maybe a yarnover k2tog pattern on bigish needles. it seems like it would be easy to make something up but i'm not sure how to start and my google skills are totally not helping. any ideas? thanks!
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