May 30th, 2006

mamo-chan and usako

luna flickering flames circular skirt

I just finished doing my mini-version of the luna flickering flames circular skirt from elann. i made it because i'd always liked this pattern (i've had it bookmarked for a long time) and i recieved four skeins of knitpicks shine in the mail that i couldn't remember ordering. the problems: the yarn was bright pink (orchid) which i wasn't sure would look nice, and there were only four skeins when the pattern calls for fourteen. but i got bored of working on these gloves i'm making for a friend - i'm never going to offer to make gloves for someone else again, they are really, really time consuming - and just started working on the skirt one night while watching my boyfriend rehearse for a play.

the pattern was really easy to memorize, which made it a very portable lace project. in all honesty, i'm not sure if i would have liked a full-length version because it isn't lightweight, even as it is. it's really short. i think i'll mostly wear it over pants and bathing suits. it took me three weeks of not-really-knitting (writing final papers, saying goodbye to everyone for the summer, meeting my boyfriend's family for the first time and watching him graduate, then moving across the city myself) and two days of serious knitting. i would (and probably will) make this again.

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Happy kitty

FO: Thuja socks

I finally finished my Sockapaloooza socks! These are my first socks and I am really happy with how they turned out, even though they are not perfect. I hope my partner likes them!

Yarn: Gems Pearl by Louet Sales, 100% superwash merino, fingering weight
Color: Willow
Pattern: Modified version of Knitty's Thuja
Needles: Size 1 Addi Turbo 40" circs for magic loop

I modified the Thuja pattern (which is written for a worsted weight yarn) by plugging in my gauge and my partner's foot measurements into the Sockulator and just plugging the seed stitch rib pattern into the cuff...

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i'm having difficulty with a bind off.

pattern is the leaves part of Leaves and waves, done with a worsted (?) weight mohair on size 11 needles. and so far, i'm not liking *any* of the bind offs i've tried. it's not stretchy at all... i tried a standard Bind off using 15's (not good) and holding 2 10.5's together (not stretchy *and* a total pita.) a SC crocheted bind off would work, but i don't think that i like the way it looks. at the very least i'd need to do a row of SC on the other end, and well, i'm just ready to be done with this stupid thing.

anyother ideas? if nothing else, i'll just wind up binding off as loosly as possible on my 15's, since the next needle size up i have is... 50. (they were 50 cents at a church sale. i couldn't pass that up!) i'm not actaully going to be able to do a bind off holding on to two huge needles. it just means that i won't be able to block it as wide as i'd like to.
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Sari yarn curiosity

Hello folks!
I have come into posession of about 20 skeins of sari silk yarn and pondering what to do with it.
Apart from's Unbiased bag- has anyone made something they really loved from sari silk yarn?

Does anyone have any complaints about sari silk yarn?
It looks pretty clean and relatively dust free to me- I've heard some complain that it was pretty dusty.

Thank you!
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Just go away

Searching for a pattern

I'm trying to make a triangular-shaped wrap that will be very lightweight as I want my daughter to be able to wear it as a hip wrap with her Renaissance garb. I've been googling all over the Net and I'm about bleary-eyed. I can crochet as well as knit, so that's no problem. And, even if the pattern is made with a heavier yarn, I'll substitute something light and fine. Any ideas out there? (see me groveling)
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(no subject)

Hi Everyone! After a weekend getaway in Sturbridge, MA, I have some questions, and OF COURSE, new supplies! I hit up the Wrights Factory Outlet Store, and after my heartattack had subsided I managed out of there with about 6 sets of needles and a few skeins of yarn. Anyways, the highlight of my trip was the 16" circulars that I was looking EVERYWHERE for to make my bag. Now that I have them, I need your advice!


16" Size 10.5 circular needles
Lion Wool ( Medium Weight, 158 Yds, and a reccomendation of 16 stitches on size 8's to get a 4"x4" swatch)

Felted Bag

How many stitches should I use to make a tote sized bag on these needles?
Is there any patterns that will go along with my supplies?
Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

I hope I was specific enough!! TIA!

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Need a good worsted yarn....

Ok ya'll.. my google-fu is failing me tonight.

I want to knit my SIL a baby blanket .. using the pattern in Debbie MacComber's Shop On Blossom Street. It calls for 1300 yards of worsted weight yarn. Because my SIL won't care for a quality yarn, I'm looking for something machine washeable. In either a nice pale-medium orange, or a grass green/med light kind of green color. 5 stitches=1" on size 8's.

I don't want to use a pure acrylic.. but I'm not oposed to blends. So far Plymouth Encore is the best I can come up with .. without breaking the bank.. but I was lookign for a nicer orange or a not so limey green.. but as a last resort I can find an Encore color I can live with.



I am obsessed with hats.

I am also obsessed with this insanely expensive 100% cashmere ball of yarn that I bought as a pure impulse this weekend called "Obsession" by Classic Elite Yarns. It's 95 yards of a bulky yarn and I desperately need to make it into a hat.

Got any pattern suggestions? I only have the one skein. ANY ideas would be completely welcome. :)