May 31st, 2006

yardage help

I've finally decided to knit one of my own sweater designs...but I'm having some issues with the yardage. I'm still trying to figure out what yarn I want to use, but I don't know how much to buy, so I can't even do a gauge swatch yet. It's going to be a very close fitting, sleeveless sweater (almost like a blouse)- the top of the bodice will be lace, and I'm planning on using a sport weight yarn. Any guesses at a general amount that I would need? TIA

Need help with bootie pattern

This is why I don't like socks so much. The corner where I rejoin the heel flap (or in this case, the instep of the bootie) always has a gap.

The pattern for the instep is:

Sl 1, K8 K2tog, turn
Sl 1 purlwise, P8, p2tog, turn
This takes one stitch from the end of each side needle, joining the instep to the sides of the bootie
(from the Can't Kick Em off Bootie pattern [purchased], very similar to these:

Repeat until 40 stitches are left. All of this works fine until that last stitch on either end, when I start working the ankle. If I omit the last slipped stitch at that point, will it eliminate the gap that forms there? What might happen if I elimate the slipped stitches altogether and do:

K9, k2tog, turn
P9, p2tog, turn

Any help is appreciated! I promise pics of the finished product soon - they are so freakin adorable and so quick too! (And I've fallen in love with KPPPM!) If I can just get over this bump.


Edit - these are less like socks and more like a small, flat bottomed, rectangular box, until you work the instep (instead of a heel like on a sock, worked out, the instep is worked from the toe inward toward the ankle). Its difficult to describe without having a link to a pattern! Argh! :)

To convert or not to convert.. that is the question

So I've been a lurker now but I've finally added some cotton to my stash and am ready for summer knits.

I want to make this DNA tank (scroll to the bottom) :

I have KnitPicks Shine Worsted in Blush <3<3 and I'm ready to rock except.. I hate hate hate seaming. 

So I was wondering which do you think would be in my better interest: straining to convert this pattern into an in-the-round (keep in mind theres 3 charts I'd have to convert as well...) OR do the pattern as written with a 1 stitch selvedge on each side that i'd carry scrap yarn through and do a 3-needle bind off seam instead?

any and all thoughts are GREATLY appreciated.. I can't wait to get started!!
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two needle mittens

I was wondering if anyone knows any good patterns online for two needle mittens. I have a couple of skiens left of yarn from making a jayne hat and I thought mittens would be nice but since I don't know how to make them with dpns I was hoping if y'all would know any two needle mittens that are easy. this will be my first attempt at making them. thanks!!
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question on blocking cotton

Dear fabulous members of knitting, I have a question. I did search memories and couldn't find exactly an answer so here goes.
I made the shapely tank from white lies designs out of classic elite flash and though measurements worked out while knitting the front and back, now that it is seamed it's a bit less shapely and more baggy than I'd like it to be.
now then, I've yet to block this because I know cotton tends to grow and the last thing I want is to make it any bigger.... so, any suggestions (besides frogging and starting over) to shrink this up?
my brain says to toss it in the dryer but I thought asking before wrecking anything would probably be the safest option.
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Is anyone else trying to go to and getting "spykids" repeated over and over at the top only?


I tried opening a new window. I tried closing all windows. I tried another computer in another office and it all happened the same way....

EDIT: Looks like it is up now. Spicious! I am glad I didn't have to wait long, as I was needing a knitty fix!
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FIrst Post, some FO's, and a question

Hey everybody. :D Um, it's my first post, so I figure I may as well show you some of the stuff I've made. I'm a late-stage beginner/early intermediate knitter, I've been knitting for about a year and a half-ish. I don't actually have a lot of FO's I've kept for myself -- I've made stuff for friends, and I always forget to take pictures before I give stuff away, haha. But here's some of the stuff I've made for myself.

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(no subject)

So I started my bag made with Lion Wool and I really want one or two more skeins length of my main color. Since I got my wool on a HUGE sale at a store that went out of business, does anyone have a good website where I can get Lion Wool for cheap?


Light Up Needles

When I was reading my favorite food collumn on the front of my paper's Life section, my eyes wandered off and caught this. Light up knitting needles??? I've never seen these before... and I'm not convinced they're worth the cost at all :\
I don't see how the light will give you enough light to do anything more than simple stitches.

Have any of you seen/used these? I've searched the entries to see if these has been brought up before, and it looks like they haven't. I'm wondering if they really are decent for something like a plane or bus trip with crappy lighting where something a little extra is just enough to get things done.
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question about knitting injuries + WIP

first off, a question. i'm an english-style knitter who uses her left index finger to push the the tip of the needle down out of the stitch she's knitting, which causes a small circular-shaped callous to form on that finger. i'm also a tight knitter. i discovered this by breaking 4 #1 birch DPN's knitting my first sock, which i'm still currently working on. however, i went out today and bought 2 sets of susan bates' quicksilver DPN's (size #1), and can already tell it's going to cause some problems. now, i've thought about using a thimble, but the brass/metal ones seem a bit too clunky. but as i recall, clover sells some that are leather and wrap around your finger. has anyone used these for this problem? did they work well?

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