June 1st, 2006


DNA scarf

So, I'm starting vet school in a few months. Coincidentally, winter will come along shortly thereafter. So, I thought, "What a perfect time to make a DNA scarf!" The thing is, I can't decide what yarn to use for the project. Can anyone suggest a nice, perfect yarn for me to use? I'm thinking about Knitpicks, but I've never ordered from them and I don't know exactly how lovely their yarns feel. The pattern calls for sport weight, by the way.
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June MagKnits available

You can go straight to the patterns here.

I'm not normally one for summer knit items, but there are a few things in this issue that might make their way onto my "I'll knit that" list. In keeping with my usual "but knitted garments are supposed to be warm" inclination, though, I'll have to say the accessories (socks, tote bag, lace hat) are my favorites.

Seaweed Stole

I really like how this turned out.  I have wanted to knit something with beads and this pattern always called to me.  I wanted it to be a dark blue/green and this yarn fit perfectly.  It looks like black, but you can see blue and green in it too.  I wanted the beads to be very subtle.  The effect that I wanted was what water looks like when moonlight shines on it. Little glimmers here and there. 

  Seaweed Stole from Needle Beetle 
Yarn: Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud-Midnight (3.25 skeins)
Needle: #3 Clover Bamboo circulars
Beads: approx 140 gms of 6/0 seedbeads--I mixed beads from various different colors and had plenty leftover.  I'm not sure how much I actually used in the stole.  (iris blue, iris green, and silver lined green)
Finished size:  26.5" x 53"(not including 16" tendrils in either side)
Date started: 5/19/06
Date finished: 5/29/06

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noro! (the pics are a little on the large side)

sooo, last week i posted a "what do i do with this yarn?!?" post, regarding some lovely silk garden i had in my dirty little mitts. well, i figured it out, i'm making a scarf with a nice horse shoe lace pattern, the YOs don't really show up because the yarn is so busy, but i'm pretty happy with it thus far, scarf half done, but here it is half-knit and un blocked.
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Swift and Ball-Winder recommendations?

Gahh! A friend gave me a nifty kit for making this beautiful, gi-normous shawl, but the skeins of yarn in the kit are all tangled!

I've spent the last three days wearing a lovely yarn lei as I've been tryng to get it into some semblance of a ball.

I must give in to the inevitable - I need a swift and ball winder.

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A friendly mod reminder on asking for help

Hidey ho, knitterinos. Today's topic concerns a pattern of help requests which have become more frequent in the past few months.

Everyone wants to be well-informed when spending money and time on a knitting project. Many members of this community ask great questions that have been a help to others looking at similar problems or recommendations. However, there is absolutely no substitute for your own experience. 5,000 of your closest knitting pals can't do the legwork for you. This is especially true with some simpler questions pertaining to an individual project, or asking for general yarn recommendations that have been asked about before.

The challenge and beauty of knitting, as with any craft, is to improve your skills by learning for yourself. Moreover, nobody but you knows what method or preference you have in any given situation. Yes, trial and error takes up time we'd rather use to finish a sleeve, but there's no other way to become more confident. How many of us remember feeling like "real knitters" the first time we actually maneuvered out of a sticky situation on our own? These are the kind of skills that let us eventually keep knitting through a tough spot instead of stopping to look things up on the internet or lug a book around. This sets us free.

Furthermore, knitting is no substitute for actual one-on-one contact, as with a knit-savvy relative or a LYS employee. Failing that, it's helpful to have a group of pals, or even a single knitting buddy who may be a few months or a few light-years ahead of you in experience (and who could very well live far away), off of whom you can bounce ideas and questions. People who know you better are more likely to be patient and understand your needs/preferences.

So think before you post:
--Are lots of other people likely to benefit from my question/request? (Could a single experienced person look at my problem and say, "Fix it this way"?)
--Did I REALLY go through all of my options for searching? Have I looked under multiple terms, on multiple sites/boards/communities, and/or checked out books in a store or library?
--Is this the second, third, or fourth question I've had to ask about the same project?
--Could I be more specific? (Instead of saying, "I'm looking for a baby pattern," you might say, "I've narrowed it down to this Dale hoodie and this Debbie Bliss cardigan. Did others find the repeats easy to memorize in the cardigan's cable section, and is the whole book worth purchasing?")

Other resources which might be better options:
novice_knitters -- ideas and support for people who are still figuring things out
http://www.wiseneedle.com/ -- yarn reviews by real people
Reviews of some yarn stores by state and country -- go ahead and add your own!

As always, thanks for reading and happy knitting!

EDITED: added a sentence or two to clarify.

baby dress

A friend of a friend is due in July, and I wanted to make her something. I was recently given quite a lot of sport weight yarn in pink and white, and I was thinking about making a lightweight little dress for the upcoming little girl. I've searched on Google, used LJSeek, and looked in the tags, but the closest things I've found are sweaters (not so desirable seeing as how we already hit 90 degrees in May and July can only be worse) and dresses for Beanie Babies.

Can anyone recommend a (preferably free) pattern? I'd really appreciate it. TIA!

Edit: Okay, maybe the dress wouldn't have that great of longevity. The original idea of the blanket wins out. As a general rule, is it a bad idea to have eyelets in a baby blanket? I'm thinking about making this but I'm concerned about fingers/toes getting caught. Any opinions? Thanks!

(no subject)

HELPPPPPPPPP! My project is twisted on my circular needles and I don't know what to do. Is there a way I can get them untangled? I am still able to knit, I just have it kind of tangled. Heres a picture for better reference.

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knit jayne

Short-Row Toe Help

I am starting my first toe-up sock, which will be my second pair of socks total, from a pattern in Charlene Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks. This is a great book.

I do have two questions about the toe-up pattern I am attempting, which starts on page 40 of the book if any of you have it handy. I searched for errata for this book, and could not find any.

1) The top of the pattern states, "Select the number of sts to CO based on the gauge for your yarn and needles and the circumference of the intended feet." Then there's a chart titled Stitch Table, which also includes the line, "Number of Stitches to CO."

So I followed these directions and discovered with my gauge and foot circumference, I should CO 90 stitches.

However, the first line of the Short-Row Toe instructions read, "Using waste yarn and provisional CO, CO 15 (20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60) sts."

It doesn't explicitly state that I divide my initial number of stitches in half for this short-row toe, but that seems to be the implication. Am I correct?

2) Then she has a series of short rows, which read like this (or a purl variation): "Row 1 (RS) K43, yf, sl next stitch, yb, PM, sl wrapped st back to LH needle, turn."

When I follow these instructions, the marker seems to get knit into the piece. Also, she continues to instruct you to place a marker on every single row until 19 stitches remain unwrapped.

If I'm knitting the markers into the piece, am I doing it incorrectly? Assuming I'm not doing this incorrectly, will they come out later, and what is the purpose of a marker between every wrapped stitch at both ends of the piece?

Thank you!
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Help Please

Under the cut is my Kercheif that I just finnished.I used Size 8 needles and I used Moda*Dea Ticker Tape in Festival color.Now my only problem is how to I make the tie back for it?I cant use the ticker tape because you pull the tie tight when you tie it behind your head.Should I just use some regular yarn and crochet a chain?Then when if I do that how do I go about connecting it to the Kercheif?
Any help would be very welcomed!This is my fist item that I have made that requires a tie string.
NOTE the pics might be huge!
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(no subject)

Hi everyone,

I have a question about a pattern and y'all are always so quick and helpful (which is much, much appreciated).

My sister is getting married this fall and loves that I have knit her various things. I would like to knit her a blanket and have looked around for something that would be feasible for me to attempt to make and that would also suit her taste. I got this in my email today from LionBrand Evergreen SpeedStix Afghan and it looks perfect for both.

To date, I have not done much of anything. Here is my skill level:

I can knit and purl without issue. I have made A LOT of scarves. :) I have also made a few hats in the round and am comfy with that. I have not ever attempted anything large that wasn't just straight garter stitch before. This will be my first shot. I am dying to try Clapotis but worry I am not good enough. That's kind of where I am at.

Below is the first part of the pattern:

Row 1 (Right side): K 5, * (p 6, k 2, p 6) 3 times, k 5.
Row 2: K 5, * (k 6, p 2, k 6) 3 times, k 5.
Row 3: K 5, * (p 2, sl next 4 sts onto cable needle (CN) and hold in back of work, k the next st, k 4 from CN, sl next st to CN and hold in front of work, k 4, k 1 from CN, p 2) 3 times, k 5.

I have bolded row one. Without a lot of pattern experience, I read this as:
Knit 5 then purl 6, knit 2, purl 6, purl 6, knit 2, purl 6, purl 6, knit 2, purl 6, knit 5.

Is this right?

For the onslaught of other questions, with the cable needle, which is marked in italics...
When I slip the stitches onto the cable needle, I am taking this to mean that I will slip four loops from my needle onto the cable needle without knitting them onto it. Yes?

What does it mean, exactly, to hold in the back of work? Does this mean that I just take the needle and hold it parallel with my other one and then knit 1 stitch, then knit the four stitches I have on the cable needle off of the CN and onto my other needle? Then I will slip one stitch, unknitted onto the now empty CN, and hold that parallel and in front of my needle, then I knit 4 from my regular needle, and then knit the one off my CN, purl 2, and then k5?

I hope I described that well enough so you know what I mean. If ithe;ps to know how I knit, I hold the empty needle in my right hand and the yarn in my right, with the needle with the yarn on it in my left. Not sure what method that is, but that is what I do. :)

Thanks everyone! I appreciate your patience with me, and again, thanks in advance for your help!

EDIT: I just now was looking through my f-list and saw the post made earlier today about asking for help. If this post is out of line, please feel free to delete it. In the interim, I have been looking at the pictures and descriptions at Lion as well as the instruction in my SnB book and at that knitting help site. I just don't always trust my interpretation, and the pictures seem to make it more confusing than before. But I will keep looking!
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an easy baby banket

i have seen a couple of posts lately asking about quick and easy baby blankets. i made this for my daughter who will be 4 in june, it is big enough for toddlers too. i did modify it a bit by knitting the center panel in stockinette stitch but other than that i followed the pattern exactly. the pattern can be found here http://cache.lionbrand.com/patterns/khs-diagonalBabyBlanket.html

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(no subject)

Pattern: Circular Shrug developed on Crafster; PDF here.
Yarn: Plymouth Encore, I forgot the color #, but it's black; 2 1/2 skeins.
Needle: Size 8, but with this pattern you can use any size as it's based on gauge.
Changes: I knit the middle with stockinette instead of mock rib.

This is really an easy knit. I had to rush at the end due to laziness. I knit this shrug to wear when I went out to dinner with my husband on our anniversary. I started 3 months ahead of time, and was halfway done a week before I needed it. So I rushed at the end, and finished it the night before. I chose an acrylic/wool blend because I wanted to wear this in warm/humid weather.

It's really hard to take good pictures of something black, but I gave it my best. Collapse )

Cross posted to my knitting journal.

FO: Round/Pinwheel Baby Blanket

Pattern:Round/Pinwheel Baby Blanket (free).
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Orchid (4 full 3 oz skeins), and Moda Dea Cutesie in Pink Frosting (1 1.76 oz skein).
Needles: Lordy. Size 8's all the way, but Clover Bamboo DPNs to a Clover Bamboo 16" circular to a Susan Bates 32" circular to an Addi Turbo 47" circular (see notes).
Time: A little under two weeks.
Notes and Such: This was my second baby blanket. I was hoping it would be larger, but decided to just stick with the yarn I had due to some dye problems with Caron. The yarn is supposed to be "no dye lot" but I learned that doesn't translate to "it all matches, so you can buy more later". I went back for more, but the yarn at the store was much pinker than the Orchid I had started with.
I didn't do a garter or seed-stitch border, which turned this into more of a snowflake blanket than a round one, and the acrylic can't be blocked, so it will stay at 36 inches in diameter.
The needles were quite a drama, from fiddling with five stitches to packing everything onto a 47" circular. These were my first Addi Turbos, and I have to say, I'm not too impressed. I actually liked the Susan Bates better, but to each his/her own, right?
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Talk to me about socks

All you knit sock lovers, please talk to me about socks. I just made my first sock and I really enjoyed knitting it. It's a basic ribbed sock (from the book "Socks Soar on Two Needles" or something like that) in Koigu. I think it looks great.

But it's so much thicker than the mass manufactured socks I usually wear. I don't think it will comfortably fit in my shoes and I can't imagine buying a larger size shoe just to accomodate a hand knit sock. And I don't want to turn them into slippers because they're not anti-slip on the bottom. So I don't get the hand-knit sock love and I'm hoping you can help me see the light. :)

Do you use even lighter yarn most of the time? Wear big shoes? Only use them with ski boots? Please - I really enjoyed making the sock and theoretically want to make more, but not if they're not going to be worn! How do you use your hand knit socks? Let me in on the secret, let me feel the love! :)

adventures in lace

yes, i am a first time poster. i would have to call myself an intermediate knitter; i read patterns well, but i don't have much experience. i spend a lot of time designing in my head. i decided i needed a lacy hair wrap, mostly because i recently cut (as in took some scissors and cut) my hair really short. i wanted to mess around with lace and patterns too. it was my first time blocking. so, here are some pics of my endeavors.

yarn: red heart luster sheen "vanilla" (no opinion on red heart; i merely bought it because it was $1.50 american)
needle: us 6
pattern: based loosely on lace pattern 1 in the spring 2006 interweave knits

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