June 2nd, 2006

Gwen Stefani-inspired hat pattern

I love this hat (though I can't crochet...yet). I've searched the internet trying to find a pattern for something similar but with no luck. I even saw on the Lion Brand website under the customer gallery that someone had made one so I KNOW someone has intrepreted this into a pattern. Does anyone know where I can get a pattern for this type of hat? I would especially love if someone knows of a pattern that's knitted (the pattern doesn't have to exactly like the photo). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your input.

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Q. re: shaping the neck of cardigan

I'm making my first cardigan where the directions read:

Left Front: Work as for right front, reversing neck shaping.

For the right front, you bind off the first 10 sts, work to end. Work WS even. Next row (RS): dec 1 st beg this row, then 1 st beg next 2 RS rows to 10 sts.

Three big questions:

1. How would you reverse shaping - does that mean bind off LAST 10 sts, etc...?

2. The front of this cardigan is in garter stitch - does it really matter in this case if I work them differently?

3. What is the best dec. to use for those single stitches? Should I just bind them off like the first 10?

Thanks for helping. I can hardly ever post but I get so many pattern/yarn ideas and techniques from you all!
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FO - Embossed Leaves Socks

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Yarn: Koigu KPPPM, from a trade with tvini about a year and a half ago. I wound the yarn into balls right after I got it and promptly lost the ball bands. Oops.
Needles: 2.75mm Birch DPNs
Pattern: Embossed Leaves Socks
Modifications: Lots.
- Regular long tail cast on.
- Only twisted every other row in the twisted ribbing.
- Twisted the vein stitches on the leaves to make them stand out more.
- Regular slip stitch heel flap, French heel, didn't cut and reattach yarn after turning heel.
- Made the socks mirror images of each other, which involved reversing the toe detail for the 2nd sock.
- Only did the toe detail on the top of the foot.
Impressions: This is a pattern that I liked in theory but felt suffered from problems in execution. I'm very happy with how my heavily modified version came out. They fit great and are super comfy. It's my second time knitting this pattern, and I don't think I'd knit a third pair, but I was entertained through two.
Timeline: These socks were very quick to knit, about 3 days of actually knitting per sock. Of course, I took a two month break between the first and second sock.
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simsbury, ct yarn stores?

does anyone know of any cool yarn stores around simsbury, ct? even a joann's or something. i'm looking for stuff to do tomorrow but i don't know the area. i think it's near hartford. also, if anyone knows a comic book store 'round there, that would be cool too!

emily the strange

Question about lining bags...

I searched the memories and past entries, but I couldn't find anything, so here is my question:

Please don't make fun of me, but how does one go about lining a home-knitted bag? Conceptually, it seems very easy to me, but in practice...well, it never turns out all nice and pretty like I want it to. I guess what I'm asking for is, does anyone have any how-to's, tips or tricks of the trade?

I'd appreciate any help! Thanks!

Lovin' it.

I embarked on long projects, so none of my posts actually have any FOs. Damn.

Anyway, I still thought this could be interesting.

What do you guys like to knit to? Do you like to read or listen to music or watch TV? What TV shows or movies are particularly great to knit to?

Here's my big bad confession: I love to knit while I watch daytime TV court shows. Especially Judge...I don't remember her name, but it starts with an H and she handles all sorts of bootsy cases like girls suing seamstresses for not making prom dresses on time and the like. It's kind of hilarious. I tried knitting to Y Tu Mama Tambien...eh, not so much. Do I want to read or do I want to knit? I eventually gave up on the subtitles and lost the plot entirely.

FO: Wandering Leaves shawl

I picked this up last night from the woman at my local yarn store who does blocking. I have a cat and not a lot of floor space, so as much as I hate paying someone to block something....

This is a shawl I made for my Grandmother. It was originally going to be a Christmas present, but why wait? She'll get it as soon as I visit.

Now if only the lace repeat weren't so mind-numbing, I'd make another for myself!

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KnitPicks yarn porn!

I got my second-ever KnitPicks order in the mail today. I tend to be incapable of self-control when it comes to KnitPicks yarns, so I kinda went a bit overboard. Anyway... Collapse )

So the Shine Sport has a future as a Picovoli Tee for my mother (her birthday is next month). I don't really care for the coral color, but it's one of her favorites.

I bought the other skeins of Shine because I wanted some to play around with, I'm not sure what they will become.

The Ambrosia seemed irresistible and it is divinely soft. The lavender is destined to be something cuddly for one of my sisters. The Mint might go to another sister, but I'm not sure.

The only thing I'm not terribly fond of is the Sierra. I expected it to be A LOT softer than it is (I can't feel the Alpaca in it at all, it's not worth the $4.49 because other stuff is not too much more and so much softer/nicer). I think I'm going to use it for a felted bag eventually.
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Knitted Gir and Windup Bender

Knitting Toys: A Tutorial

I enjoy designing extremely dorky fangirl toys; namely Gir from Invader Zim and the Brain Slug from Futurama. The combination of this request for a dragon pattern and Fillyjonk's discussion of the main different construction methods for knitted toys yesterday got me thinking about how *I* set up patterns for these slightly odd 3-D projects. So if there's a pattern you've been looking for and you'd like to take charge,

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FO: Newsboy Cap from Stitch n' Bitch Nation, Modified for Dreads

I started "Headline News" on a whim, just to de-stash and see how the suggested pattern modifications would work out. I've had dreads for 4 years, and hadn't found any hats that I was happy enough with to wear often, until I made this one. It came out great! This kind of hat came up in discussion on a thread earlier today, and since I haven't seen any other large, dread-sized versions of this hat on the web, I thought I'd share.

Pattern: "Headline News" Cabled Newsboy Cap from Stitch n' Bitch Nation
Yarn: 2 skeins Classic Elite Flash in 'Crocus' & 2+ skeins of Rowan All Season's Cotton
(I had just enough of the Rowan to finish the top of the brim and turn, most of the brim's underside is actually a different color!)
Needles: Size 6 & 8 circulars to meet suggested gauge

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Thank you for all the help on This thread. I found a very similar pattern, online, for free (of course!) that did not use the slip-1 method for the edges of the instep. I did do the Sl-1 for the second bootie until I reached the cuff and that greatly reduced the hole I was getting.

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first sock crisis

okay. so i'm knitting my very first sock ever. i actually took a sock knitting class in two parts, the first was the cuff, then the second class was turning the heel. she gave me a paper in order for my to do the toe by myself and said to call or come in if i had any problems. however, my LYS is (obviously) closed right now, so i hoped you guys could help me.

i read through the toe-shaping directions and this didn't click until after i'd started working the toe decreases. the directions read as follows:

- Beginning at center bottom, knit to 3 stitches, k2tog, k1 (this is needle 1).
- One next needles k1, ssk, knit across needle to 3 stitch remaining, k2tog, k1. (This should be the needle with half of your stitches, now known as needle 2).
- On next needle, k1, ssk, knit across needle. (you should now be back at the center bottom of the foot, needle 3).

now here's where the problem arises. i'm using 5 needles. 4 plus one working needle. is there a way to work the decreases on 4 needles, and if not, how do i divide my stitches onto 3 needles? should i have half of my stitches (i.e. the heel stitches) on one and the other two thirds on the other two needles?

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hi guys,

i want to knit up a guitar strap, and i'm wondering if i do it in stockinette stitch, and then line one side of it, will that prevent it from curling? i noticed only one pattern for guitar straps, and in addition to the lining there was eyelash yarn crocheted around as a border, but i'm not into that look, so i'm wondering if just the lining will do the trick?

thanks a lot!

how to modify one skein wonder

I *like* the one skein wonder. My only problem with it is that it just looks like partial cap sleeves from the front. I just dont like the look, its hard to explain what I mean. Nevertheless, how could I modify it so that it has more of a front. I mean could I just make it as written and extend the ribbing 2 more inches? Would that work or just flop around? I want it to be about two inches under the sleeve, sort of more like the bolero by debbie bliss, although I am not sure what techniques are used. Can anyone help me to modify this so that something more than sleeve caps show with a front view?
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Mobius Cast On

I have the newest issue of "Simply Knitting" the UK magazine about knitting. "Newest" to North American is always an issue behind the UK. So I'm struggling to cast on a mobius scarf that's featured in the issue including the "how to cast on"

Small problem...

I keep on twisting my stitches!


I'll probably figure this out on my own, maybe use a second circ to cast on the cast on row, but gez, this is driving me nuts.

If a second circ doesn't work, then I don't know what to do!
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Heel Woes

I am working on the Autumn Leaves sock pattern out of the book: Socks, Socks, Socks, and I got to the turn heel part and having some difficulties. This is suppose to be a “easy level” sock pattern and I have never had a problem with the “turning of the heel” so this is pretty frustrating and I am not sure what I am doing wrong. *sigh* I have frogged 3 times and still can’t seem to figure out what is going wrong. Here is the pattern:

TURN HEEL Cont on 30 sts: Row 1 (WS) p17, p2tog, p1, turn. Row 2 Sl 1, K5, k2tog, k1, turn. Row 3 Sl 1, p6, p2tog, p1, turn. Row 4 Sl 1, k7, k2tog, k1, turn. Cont to dec in same way, working 1 st more between decs on each row until 18 sts rem, end with a RS row. Do not turn.

All goes well in the first round, but things start to be off particularly with the 3d round and the Row 1 p17, p2tog, p1 (would be p3 on this round, right?) I don’t have enough to make the p17 and have to fudge to just have the p2tog and p1. When I finish the last Row 4 I end up in the middle and have to knit to the end of row to finish it. The finished heel looks weird, with all the heel pushed to one side of the sock, as if no decreasing happened at the other side. I know this can’t be right and I am very sorry my camera isn’t working at the moment so I can snap a photo of it.

Any suggestions or ideas as to what is going wrong? Many thanks for any help.

Lil Miz Cheezcake
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FO: Fiber Trend's Peace Shawl

Pattern: Fiber Trend's Peace Shawl
Yarn: a little under 4 oz of Jaggerspun Zephyr Wool-Silk (what the pattern called for) in Ice Blue
Needles: US 5 circulars and one double-pointed US 7 for the i-cord edging

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I knit this in April/May, rather to the detriment of studying for my final exams. I'm not sure if I'll ever wear it - I'm a not a big shawl wearer - but the pattern was quite easy, and I love how it turned out. I think the only thing I changed was to use a different provisional cast-on than the pattern called for, as it reccomended something using crochet, which I have no intention of learning at the moment.