June 3rd, 2006


a few questions all at once!

OK, so I'm working on a few things...a felted bag, about to start a shrug...another felted bag.

1. I made my felted bag out of the dye-your-own wool of the andes from knitpicks. does anyone have experience with both the natural color and the already dyed ones? Are they as soft as the natural colored? I find that the processing /fiberon that didn't irritate my wool sensitivity much, so i'd consider ordering some other colors if it's the same feel as the white.

2. I'm ordering more dye-your-own and I can't find certain kool-aid colors around here. If anyone has access to lemon-lime and blue berry(blue moon berry? not the blue lemonade one, just berry)..I would like to set something up with you. I forgot to stock up before I left school...I know that many people have more kool aid available to them than I do. I can pay for them, send you something from my stash...comment and we can work something out! :)

3. I'm planning on using cotton fleece for my shrug(80% cotton, 20% merino)...I want an openwork pattern that isn't too complicated that I can carry over the sleeves as well as the back. I was thinking of using a zig-zag lace on the sleeves, but it didn't seem right for the back...I thought maybe something with more of a diamond shape for the back, more symmetry...Does anyone know of a great stitch pattern, or a great (generally available) book of stitch patterns that would have something like this? I am not sure what I want, I just know that I don't want it to be flowers/leaves, but something more geometric. I've not done any lace before, so I'm not sure where to look, though I have checked a few stitch library websites and lace knitting patterns online. I already know how I will be knitting the shrug(like the top of knitty's Tubey, which I have already made) and it's easily customizable to other stitch patterns.

thanks a lot! I'll post pictures of my bag after I felt it and make an icord handle.

Knitting Magazines?

I was at the Barnes and Noble the other day and noticed the vast array of knitting magazines. I picked up Vogue Knitting. Do any of y'all have subscriptions to any knitting mags? Which do you recommend?
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all done

here is a picture of a FO i just completed, a little baby tank top/vest from The Baby Knits Book by Debbie Bliss. It was pretty easy, I used Rowan/Wool cotton (2) and size 4 and 5 needles. i can't wait to give it to the recipient! he's only 6 months old so he'll grow into it (i made size 9-12 months).

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I'm usually envious of those of you that find great yarn at yardsales, or on freecycle or whatever.

i hit paydirt today. my semi-local spinners-weavers guild had a booth at the fair in the next town over, and spent $20 on yarn. most of it is coned, a few are balled. my husband made some off hand comment about buying the whole table. If only he'd been really serious! :P they told me that someone donated it all to them. there was some handspun, but not enough to do anything with. if i didn't have a ton of little balls of handspun all over my house i would've gotten some.

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Highland, Socks, Odessa, Throw, and Teaching Teens to Knit

Here are some of my recent WIP and FOs. If I left out any detail that you are interesting in knowing, let me know!

Highland Vest from RYC Classic Weekend, using the "new" Mission Falls 1824 wool instead of the suggested Cashsoft Aran. Collapse )

Blueberry waffle socks (google will find you the pattern) in RCY Cashsoft Dk, 1 ball per sock. I knit these at a tighter gauge than the pattern suggests. Collapse )

I can't remember if I posted these, but they're Boyfriend/Girlfriend versions of Odessa from Magknits, for my good friends, in Cashsoft Aran (gray) and DK (pink). For the aran version, I think I took out one ten stitch repeat of the pattern. Collapse )

Ruched throw from Handknits for the Home by Caroline Birkett, in woolease seaspray instead of the recommended dk weight wool. It curls at the edges since I can't block it, but I knew that would happen and don't mind. 6 balls got me a lap blanket size, about 35"x40"
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Most importantly, however, I am looking for some advice on how to teach teens (age 9-17) at a Boys and Girls club to knit. We live in Hawaii, so warm weather apparel is not really an option. My first lesson is tentatively going to be Casting on, the Knit stitch, and Binding off (to make either a dishcloth, a headband, a change purse, or wristbands) but the main goal is to teach them to make beanies, probably seamed on two needles. Do you think that the Purl stitch, Ribbing, and Decreasing is too much for a second lesson?

Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated, thank you!


so, im working on Glampyre knits' minisweater aka boobholder. so far, i've gotten the back almost done, and im starting the sleeves. problem is, i dont know how many stitches to cast on for the sleeve part.

the pattern in it's entirety:

the actual instructions for the sleeves:

Sleeves (work the same):

Worked flat and seamed together:

Work in stockinette for 7 rows.

Rounds 8 and 10 (RS):  k3 k2tog to end.

Round 9 and all odd rounds (WS): purl

Round 12:  k5, k2 tog to end.

Garter stitch for 5 rounds, cast off loosely.

where it says "work the same". does that mean "worked the same as the body" as in cast on 50 stitches like i did with the body of the sweater? aww help me, im so confused.

thanks so much!

eta: thanks so much for all your comments. now i know where im coming from on this project.


 i realized i made a mistake with my boobholder and where i should have increased in the sleeve section, i increased in the first and last sections, which i guess are the front of the sweater. bah. ripit ripit.



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Gift Scarf


This is a great and super quick scarf pattern. I've made two and they took about 3-4 hours each. And it takes a little less yarn than it says in the pattern. I used two 3 oz. balls held together and had left over for fringe. And it can be updated with snazzy colors, too. It's one of my faves for satisfying friends who want me to make them stuff. :)
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Warm weather fibers

What fibers do y'all use for knitting warm-weather garments?

I don't have a specific pattern in mind, but I'm thinking of well-fitting tees and tanks.

Wool seems too heavy and warm to me, but has the obvious advantage of being stretchy and lending itself well to fitted garments. Cotton and linen seem like obvious summer choices, but don't necessarily hold shape well. Acrylic...the thought of it alone is enough to make me sweat.

However, I've never actually TRIED any of these for a summer garment, so for all I know, none of this is true. What have your experiences been?