June 5th, 2006


New Yarn at Hancock Fabrics?

So, I was at HF the other day, looking for some snap tape. I wandered back into the Lion Brand section, poking at the skeins as I am wont to do, when I can across these:

Dynasty Yarns

The selection was mostly novelty and textured yarns in bright colors. I picked up two skeins of Thailand and headed up to the register.

- Hey, I see you're carrying some new yarn! Can you tell me about it?
- It's Lion Brand.
(long pause)
- I don't think it's Lion Brand. See, it doesn't say that on the label, and besides, it has a totally different look that Lion Brand. (That, and LB would never miss a chance to put their brand on something)
- But we only carry Lion Brand...
- (sigh) Okay. Fine.

I started up a Feather and Fan scarf this weekend, and though I'll be ripping it to make it skinnier, I really do like the feel of it. It has the look of a smaller distributor, which I hope it is. Anyone else seen it?
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anniversary shawl

hello knitting! :)

My parents (dad and stepmom)'s 10th anniversary is coming up in August, and I really want to knit my stepmother a shawl/stole.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to patterns, yarn types? I'm looking for anything pretty, but also useful - as they live in Newfoundland and a shawl can come QUITE in handy!

Thanks a lot!

Entrelac in Garter Stitch

Can anyone teach me to entrelac in garter stitch? I haven't tried entrelac before, and I'd like to make a reversible scarf (similar to Knitty's Danica, but in garter stitch) for a friend. What must I modify in the entrelac tutorials recommended previously by this community in order to have them work in garter stitch?

Knitpicks questions...

I'm about to order some yarn (YAY!), but I had a couple questions first. I want to make Under the Hoodie from stitch n bitch, and was wondering if anyone had used Wool of the Andes and if that would be a comfy yarn for that. Also I was wondering if "cloud" is as pale yellow as it's coming up on this monitor or if it's more of a cream color. I just don't know.

ETA: Thank you everyone whos responded. Now I have another question. Has anyone used Elann's Highland Wool, and is that cozy and comfy?

My goal is a hoodie I can basically live in.
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I have a friend who's baby is due in a few months and she's set a theme for her little boys room - sailboats. Does anyone know of any online pattern/s (free or otherwise, but need to be available through email or download)for baby blankets etc? Any help would be SUPER appreciated!


Knitted guitar?

I really want to knit a guitar. I'd like to find a pattern, or something to at least help me get started. I've searched for patterns, and I found a picture of a knitted guitar on knitpro, but no pattern for it, and a book called New Knits on the Block, which has a "guitar pillow" (it didn't specify whether it was guitar-shaped or intarsia) in it, but I couldn't find any more information than that. Is the guitar pillow shaped like a guitar, or just a pillow with a guitar on it? I'd love suggestions. Thanks!

Short Sock Pattern Request

I've recently frogged a pair of jaywalkers for what seems to feel like the billionth time. I have two skeins of Shepard Sock in the custom Purl Soho colors & I'm a teeny bit disappointed in it. I expected larger stripes & I get very thin, like, one row of each color stripes. I love the jaywalker pattern, but I'm not crazy how the yarn is striping. I adore the pattern, but I have to use up this yarn & I'd rather not do it as a jaywalker.

What I'd like to try & knit is just a pair of short socks. The little ones that sit below the ankle bone with a small amount of ribbing along the cuff? I've been googling, magknitting, knittying, diynetworking, ljtagging, etc & I can't seem to find a plain, simple, short sock! I know there has to be one out there. I have seen some for toe up, but I haven't quite grasped that technique yet, so I'd prefer just a pattern on double points.

Anything you can lead me to would be great! Thanks in advance!

Clap question - Sl1

I suppose this is more of a general question, actually. When a pattern, such as Clapotis, calls for you to sl1 at the beginning of a row, I'm always wondering if I should slip the stitch purlwise no matter what, or slip the stitch in the same manner that the row calls for (sl purlwise when purling, sl knitwise when knitting).

I keep coming up with this question, and wondering if it matters that much whenever I have a sl1 at the beginning of a row. Does this break down to a preference thing or is there a super secret knitters method to this madness?


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seems like everyone i now are having babies this year! so here are some quickie booties that i whipped up, pattern is from Simple Baby Knits by Erika Knight. Made with rowan wool/cotton, this was completed in 2 hours. my mom says booties aren't that practical because the baby always kicks them off but i figure these can be a keepsake and sit on the shelf or something!
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I am working on the neck down long hooded cardigan by Knitting Pure and Simple. I cannot figure out how to start on the arms. Can anyone explain what this means:
"Cast on to the right tip of the needle 14 sts and join to the back sts. K across the back sts to the next marker, k 1, slip all the sts between ehre and the next marker on to a length of yarn to hold for the right sleeve. Cast on 14 sts as before, join to front and k to the end of the row."

What does all of this mean? What are the back stitches? Where am I casting 14 stitches onto? lol

I'm sorry, but I'm fairly new to knitting. I appreciate any help.