June 6th, 2006

2 Hour Scarf FO and question on selling your goods

Sometimes you just need something really quick and gratifying.

I'm working on a tank top with twisted rib, out of Rowan denim. It's turning out great and the yarn is gorgeous, but really dragging. Sportweight yarn in adult sizes can take a while.

Anyway, invaderjenn posted this pattern last weekend. I decided to do this scarf for my father in law and it literally took me about two hours. Seems to be an easy way to make a gift if someone around you has been asking for knitted treasures. It's funny how non-knitters just don't know what it takes to make something. :-)

I think if you wanted to do something similar to this pattern it would be really easy... just find the stitch pattern you like, cast on close to 20 stitches, slip the first stitch of every row to prevent curling. Oh and double the worsted weight yarn and use huge needles (I used 15).

pics and an interesting knitting story follows:

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Boye Master Needle Kit - $30

I just picked up a Boye Master Needle kit for $30 at Tuesday Morning - it's a special sale(today only?) . The kit is regularly $65. They were flying off the shelves - so if you're near a Tuesday Morning Store and want one - drop everything and go now.

I also got Boye "I Taught Myself Knitting" and "I Taught Myself Crocheting" kits for $5 each (regularly $15) - I think they'll make great gifts for curious friends.
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FO (knitted gauntlets)

because god knows, nothing else is going to be finished anytime soon! the shawl that was going to be done in kidsilk haze for the wedding has been ripped, a new one started, that one put aside because I don't have green bridesmaids dresses anymore, wool cotton bought to make knitty's "I do" instead, nearly half of that knit, ripped because I decided I didn't like it anymore, a weird lacy illegitmate child of the bolero from "1000 knitted sweaters" begun and now half-finished....sigh.

so here's the last thing I finished before all this, and probably the second to last thing for a while, since after throwing myself into this bolero I might have to take a knitting hiatus (at least until I stop having nightmares about non-matching dye lots)

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Blocking the Pacific Northwest shawl

My sister's getting married in a couple of weeks, and mentioned to me at Easter that she's love a shawl to take on her honeymoon - they're taking a Mediterranean cruise, and evenings may be cool. I thought I'd try the Pacific Northwest shawl - a nice marine theme, done in silvery-grey, perfect for a Newfoundlander woman. Back home, she'll blend in with the fog. *g*

I'm almost done - I'm a little over halfway through the border - so I'm hoping to have it finished before I leave for her place on Saturday. My biggest problem right now is that I have no idea how to block it.

The bottom edges should probably be soft, circles rather than points - they're supposed to be seashells, after all. But I have no idea how to block in a curve, without pinning every single stitch. Or maybe just pinning the points will be okay, since the increases/decreases for the edge are only 5 stitches wide..

Has anyone made this shawl? Any hints/tips as to the best way to block it? Any suggestions at all? I'd really appreciate it!


Knitting companies in europe

I am really really sorry to post this - I posted awhile back with the same question and cannot find the answers anywhere. My question is this: I am currently in Geneva, Switzerland and I need to buy yarn. I am wondering if anyone could tell me about online yarn stores that they know of that have a good selection and reasonable shipping prices. Thank you so much and I apologuze again for my repetitiveness.

FO: Feather and fan baby blanket

The last of the blankets for my cousin's twins, the pink special blanket for Miss Emily:

Pattern: Feather and fan stitch from here, 172 stitches (132 for pattern and 40 for a 20 stitch border on each side), 40 rows of garter stitch on each end
Yarn: Plymouth Dreambaby DK (50/50 Acrylic/Nylon) in color 103 (pink)
Needles: Size US6 Clover 29" circulars
Comments: I love the feather and fan stitch, it was easy to memorize since there's only 1 pattern row that's not just knit or purl. I'm really happy with this blanket, I hope it will be well loved.

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french ad


Hi everyone! My name is Jen and I'm a fairly new knitter. I'm just starting to branch out into different scarf patterns, besides the old purl 2 rows and knit 2 rows. I'm almost done with the scarf I'm working on now and I was wondering how to add fringe. I think I understand the basic idea, but I'm not exactly sure where it goes on the end. Any help would be greatly appreicated! Thank you!

♥ r x m

ps. terribly sorry if this has already been posted//discussed//etc
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Pattern Search - (iPod) cord cozy.

Sometimes you see a pattern/FO on here and think "cute, but I'd never need that" and you dismiss it. Then months later your mother NEEDS it! I have googled, I have LJ seeked, I have whined and clicked blindly looked everywhere I can think to look (i.e. Magknits, Knitty, etc). Really need to see a pattern/specs for those nifty cord cozies... specifically those for iPod cords. I know I've seen a pattern for one made from sock yarn. Point me?

newbie question

Hi everyone!

This is my first post ot the community, but I've been watching a long time.
I'm starting on my first hat (a Jayne hat nonetheless), and I have a question about gauge. I cannot find anywhere, either in the archives or on google.
After you've made the swatch and are ready to measure (and I have one of those handy needle/gauge measure), what exactly do you count as a stich? I'm checking stockinette. Do I count each "v" as a stich or is it one half of each "v"?

Thanks in advance! When I'm done with the hat, I will post pictures!