June 8th, 2006

Sleeve cap pointers

I am coming to the end of my knitting of Joan McGowan-Michael's wonderful pattern, The Shapely Tee. This is my first garment with a fitted sleeve cap, and would like to ask for some pointers from the experienced knitters here:

What is the best way to sew in a sleeve?
Should I pin it in place and try it on?
How does one avoid puckers or awkward looking sleeve caps?

Any information you'd like to pass along would be helpful. Thank you!
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WIP: New Orleans Square Blanket

So, i wanted a striped scarf... so i learned to knit, and i learned how to make stripes. And now, well, stripes just are not good enough anymore. ;) Now, i want to put graphics on my projects. So, i got some books and figured out Intarsia. I spent about three hours one night practicing, decided it was totally easy, and now... it's on, yo. ;)

So, i started a blanket for me.
It is a New Orleans Square blanket.
So... you have to figure on seeing some green and purple and mardi gras·ness in there.

But you also have to figure that there will be...

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Canadiana Superwash Wool vs Acrylic

I just got a pattern from a friend... it calls for "Canadiana Superwash Wool" or "Canadiana Sayelle"... I thought that the Canadiana yarn was only acrylic and when I went to the Patons website I could only find the acrylic... maybe I wasn't looking in the right places?

Does anyone know if the acrylic and the wool have the same gauge? Or fairlyclose?

Does Micheals carry the wool? I know it has the acrylic and they're the closest thing I have to a LYS...


yarn over questions

how do you drop a yarn over from a proceeding row?

i saw a pattern once that said k1 yo k1 yo skp. how do you do the yarn over
before the skp? do you just wrap the yarn around the needle and which stitch do
you pass over?

thanks, Kath
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A little help?

I hope the original poster is reading this one ;)

I'm working on a narrower version of this beautiful wrap as a skinny scarf.

I've done several rows now, and I'm pretty sure I'm reading this wrong because the lace isn't opening up very much - it all looks too tight. The pattern reads:

row 1: k2tog, yo, yo, ssk;
row 2: k1, k1 p1 into double yo, k1

I think it's the k1 p1 into double yo that's giving me trouble - I'm reading this as k1, then p2tog the 2 yos I made in the previous row, k1 but it's not opening up.

Can anyone help at all? :)

EDIT: Thanks everyone for all the advice - I'm new to lace and was getting confused, but I'm on the path to lacey righteousness now! :) I'll post when I've made some reasonable progress. Cheers!
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Pattern help!

Hi all!

My mom wants to make a sweater and I was hoping that y'all would be able to help me find a pattern (free and online please). Here's her specs:

*plain stockinette
*no belled sleeves, but with a cuff
*not cropped

Thanks. My google-fu is kind of broken....

yarn sub/gauge question

because i am so horrible with gauge, i was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction.

pattern calls for Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino (6 sts to 1 inch on US4). I would like to sub KnitPicks Shine Sport (also 6 sts in 1 inch on US3-5). Gauge required for the sweater is 6.25 sts per inch on US3.

I plan to do a swatch, but am curious what needles you would start with? Since both yarns are nearly the same weight, US4?

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Hello, everyone!
I have kind of a general question for all of you amazing knitters:
I am a really busty girl, but I am not at all overweight. I just have a big chest. Therefore, I have to be super careful when picking clothes - if they are not either form-fitting or super super bulky or have some sort of distraction from the chest area - I can look very large. Needless to say, I don't like this.
Now here comes the question. I am currently in the "research and development" stage of a new sweater - it comes from a Bernat pattern pook from 1983! Trust me though, it's awesome. The trouble is, I'd like to make the medium version, and I'm afraid that it would fit me fine except that my boobs (and therefore the rest of my body) would look big. I would consider making the sweater (a pretty straight design) more form-fitted, but I would actually like to have this sweater for the winter months etc. when I can layer something(s) underneath.
Basically, I would like to know:
Is there some sort of stitch pattern/design or SOMETHING that draws attention away from the chest? Or something that minimizes that area?
I would love to start making sweaters again with some sort of sneaky "trick"... I have shyed away for so long, with a basket of nice sweaters that make me look fat (stupid boobs).
Sorry if this doesn't really make sense.
Any help would be appreciated!


My Auntie Liz (she's actually a very dear friend of the family) used to own a shop in the 1970's that sold knitting machines (and other typical knitting goods). She's selling her house and getting rid of knitting stuff from her shop. Everything she has is so fantastically retro (which I love, some of you may not). I went to her house today and left feeling like I hit the lottery. I scored 10 sets of needles (1 dpn, 3 circs, and 6 straights), about 50 retro knitting books and magazines and over 60 cones of yarn!!! I stopped counting after 60. LOL. I laid everything out on my dining room table (barely) and was all set to take a picture for you guys, but the battery in my Mom's digital camera died. Lames!

My question is this: Most of this yarn was meant for a knitting machine, which means that the bulk majority of it is lace/fingering weight yarn. This is good for me because I own no lace weight yarn, but I have no idea what to do with this much of it. The yarns range in fibers from 100% acrylic, 100% cotton, wool, and wool blends. I also have some shiny acetate yarn. What are your favorite projects that utilize lace weight/fingering weight yarn? I need a lot of suggestions because I have a TON of yarn. Also, there's no "rule" or whatever that says that I can't knit traditionally with yarn meant for a knitting machine right?
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