June 9th, 2006

2 FOs - shawls for supervisors

hi to all,

so i'm getting M.D. in 2 weeks and i decided to make 2 shawls for my supervisors coz they helped me a lot during my research and coz they're simply great. i used a lace pattern from Knitty's Convertible for the 1st one and the 2nd one was Ella. my Mum helped me with crocheting the edges (and i knit both shawls rather quickly - the 1st one in like 10 days and during listening to my fellow students' thesis defences and the 2nd one in 4 days and finished yesterday coz i was really hurried by my conscience which is more aware than me that i've got a final state exam very soon and that i should be revising medicine 24h a day).
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just wanted to share and now have to go to read some traumatology :)
best of luck to everyone!
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help me find a cowl :)

Hello everyone.
I had been working relentlessly on a sweater now for awhile, and now i realize that i am really never going to wear it...so i am taking it out and starting over. I came to the realization that i wear this old red cowl neck sweater everyday (even in the summer, its so soft), and i would like to make another. The yarn that i have knits to 5 stitches an inch on size eights.
Now i know this is an extrememly narrow request but does anyone here have any idea of something that could help me.

Thank you all in advance.

Nicky Epstein's Chameleon hat

I am a fairly new knitter so I apologize if this seems like a dumb question. I am working on Nicky Epstein's Chameleon hat and I have just gotten up to the decreases for the crown which has got me a bit confused.

The directions say "Rounds 5-9: Work even in rib as established." I think this means the Reversible Diagonal Rib used for the body of the hat, but to create the rib you are supposed to knit 16 rounds, and it is meant for an even number of rounds. Should I just do the first 5 rounds of the rib?

Thanks for any help.

Fair Isle nOOb

I finished a class in Fair Isle (two color, really) knitting this week. If you're in the Minneapolis/ St. Paul area, Crafty Planet in NE Minneapolis is the place to go! I learned to knit there and have always come away with confidence in a new skill.

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Both were made with Paton's Classic Merino wool on sizes US6 & 8 Clover Bamoo needles.

I love learning new things; keeps a girl from getting bored. :)
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Baby cardie/hoodie with rowan 4ply cotton?

I have six balls of rowan 4ply cotton in aegean and nearly two in zest. I wanna make a gender neutral cardie/hoodie (probably with a matching hat or booties) for a baby shower gift. She doesn't know what she's having.

I can easily fuss with the gauge, so a pattern done in a thicker yarn would work. I'm looking at Rowan's Maisie, Rowan's Pumpkin (both from Pipsqueaks), the placket-collar pullover from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, and the Checkered Past set from Monkeysuits, but none of them are screaming "knit me!"

My head hurts from googling online patterns. Anything you can recommend? A baby set you've knitted that was well received? I'm in Florida, so the cotton is really the best choice. I figure on making it six month size or better to allow for wear in fall/winter. Help me please!

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I'm hoping that someone here might know of a "cheep" source of Baby Ull by Dale of Norway. I've found lots of places that sell it online ranging from $5.90 - $6.90, but I need a lot of it and I'm in the UK, so buy the time you include postage it starts getting expensive. I've found two UK sites that sell it, but at twice the price. I'd count cheep as anything less than $5.90 (every little helps).

Alternatively I'd be glad of another yarn recommendation instead of Baby Ull. I was thinking of using palette by Knitpicks, but I'm not sure it would be very comfortable next to my skin.

Can anyone advise?

Many thanks

P.s. Hi, my first post, etc. etc. :o)
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question about inca organic cotton

i found inca organic cotton on ebay for insanely cheap, and i've been wanting to make a wrap/shawl. originally, i was going to use a herringbone stitch (sort of like the poncho in last-minute knitted gifts), but because it is a thick/thin yarn, i think i'll just do a stockinette tube like the wrap in AlterKnits (minus the fabric in the middle). the thing i'm worried about is the weight. will it be WAY too heavy? i live in the south (southern north carolina), so i'd rather not use wool, and i've heard this cotton is very soft.

any input is appreciated. :)