June 10th, 2006



hi there! i'm fluffy, new to this community, and so i thought i'd make my first post. i was wondering if anyone knows of an snb or knitting circle of any sort in the phoenix area; i've no idea where to start looking, and i'll be moving there from the chicago area in about three weeks. any help would be much appreciated. :-)

also, while i was just getting to the end of my most recent shawl, my brand-new circular needle broke--the nylon cable actually broke right where it joined up with the needle itself. what the hell . . . ? so i reached in my bag and found another pair of size 10 circulars, which then proceeded to do the same thing, about two rows later. this has never happened to me before. does anyone here maybe know of a way that i can prevent that from happening? thanks in advance. :-)
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Yet another question on the Saturday Market Bag pattern!

Yes, another person making the market bag! What can I say, I actually DO go to a Saturday farmers' market here in San Francisco, so why not.

I know I am probably just being dense, but I cannot seem to get the pattern to work.

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Clarification from any who have worked on or are working on this would be greatly appreciated. I have a feeling I may be just confusing myself unneccessarily, so I would be grateful for the feedback. Thanks!!

EDIT: Thanks to everyone for their input! It seems to be working, so the problem was apparently my brain. :-)
I really appreciate that I got an answer so quickly, too--love this community!
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A question about the DNA Scarf

Pattern here!

Okay, I have a question about the chart (.pdf file here). On the third row, three columns from the right, there's a symbol which looks to mean slide 2 onto cable needle, hold in front, p1 then k2 from cable needle. However, the symbol goes across four stitches (and it only covers three stitches). Is this errata, or am I missing something?

Thank you!

Project Angst

I'm beginning to think the knitting gods don't want me to finish the Icarus shawl.

First, I had to wait to get needles from Knitpicks.

Then, I messed up a bunch on chart 2 and didn't realize it until halfway through chart 3 and had to rip back.

Then the cats chewed on my expensive Addi Natura needles.

Now? The needle snapped at the join.

I think maybe the universe is telling me something...

Has anyone else had a project like this, that just seemed determined to fail no matter what? Share your tales of woe and let me know I'm not alone....
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i have been searching google and i have not had any success. i would like to make sure that i am doing this correctly. k1inc1 is like increasing the bar? you knit into the stitch but you put that stitch back on to the left needle? if anyone could clarify this for me i would really appreciate it. thanks, Kath
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I cannot for the life of me figure out how to knit in the round.

I found a neat hat that I want to make, but its worked on straight needles and I don't even know how to join into a circle. Can anybody help me?

Here is the pattern.

Body of cap:
Cast on 72 stitches and join into a circle, being careful not to twist.
Work one inch of K1P1 rib, then increase 8 stitches evenly spaced around, as described above. (80 sts.)
Work in stockinette until total length is about 4 1/2 or 5 inches. Add contrast stripes if you like, as described above.
Crown shaping:
Decrease round: *k 8, k2tog* around.
K 3 rounds.
Decrease round: *k 7, k2tog* around.
K 2 rounds.(64 sts)
Continue decreases as above, and finish off cap as described.

Patterns for Kids (5 and up)

I've googled my brains out and have found very, very few patterns geared toward children kindergarten-age and up. Do them simply not exist? Do they grow too fast to bother knitting for?

I'm looking for a fair isle cardigan pattern for a size 7 child, to do a first sweater for. I have no problem purchasing such a pattern. If anyone has some links or references, I would be eternally grateful! :)
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need help with a yarn subsitution

I am making the Icarus Shawl from the IK magazine.

A friend of mine sent me a ball of Crystal Palace Kid Merino (28% kid mohair 28%merino wool 44% micro nylon)

The Icarus Shawl is made with The Alpaca Yarn Company Suri (hahah hello TomKat) Elegance (100% alpaca, 875 yd) on size 3 (3.25mm) needles

Would the Crystal Palace Kid Merino be a suitable subsitution? I really like the colour of this ( it is the 9801 pink blend. It would make a killer shawl).

This is my first dive into lace, I mean I have done little swatches but nothing on a yarn like this that has to be blocked. The thought of 500 sts is quite daunting though hahha.

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Van K.I.P. meet up.

Well, I brought my knitting with me to drop my other half and our friend off at the air port for the film shoot they're flying to, bummed around with the kids for a bit trying to geocache, and visited one LYS. When 2 'oclock came around, I found the three of us sitting in front of the art museum. Shortly afterwards, the first showed. Then the rest in fits and starts.

I just grabbed one photo. I'm working on either Icarus which I cast on during the meet, or Celty, a little pouch in a sheep wool I can actually touch, miracles of miracles.
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I had fun. I watched DS go nuts on the lawn and fountain of the art museaum. I had to leave early cause I had a 2 hr ride and I wanted to be home in case my hunny calls from the hotel where he's staying. I got back and glad I did. I've had a raging migraine since I got here made all that much more worse cause I had to frog Icarus. I didn't have markers on me and using bits of yarn just didn't seem right and when I tried to frog back to where I should have made a different set of increases, I messed up more. Thankfully, I had barely 20 rows and 36 stitches on my needles. I finished one full repetition of cables on my little pouch today both in the car and at the meet up and most of a second one specifically at the meet up. So a very productive day, imo.

I'm going to re-cast on probably tomorrow. I'm too tired right now to try to figure it out.
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Silky wool - spit splice?


I am working on the Branching Out scarf from knitty.

I think that I'm going to need a second skein, and am wondering how to join the two. I've never done a spit splice in a lace pattern before. Has anybody out there succesfully spit spliced this particular wool? Would it look weird in a lace pattern?

I googled for 8 hours, now I need HELP

This is my first post, and I am scared as hell of the moderators. If I don't get it right just tell me.

I am looking for a pattern to use with some bulky, textured, pink variegated yarn to make a scarf to donate to a breast cancer scarf donation drive.

I figured the scarf design needed to be somewhat plain because the yarn has so much going on. I saw one on line the other day (and no I didn't bookmark it) and now I can't find it for the life of me.

It was light pink and had a giant "almost cable" design, i.e. it looked like uncompleted cables, they never crossed, all the way down the scarf. Or, I could describe it as soft, short drapes down both sides of the scarf.

I know I linked it from here but I've been entertaining myself going though the archives. So, I have no idea where I was. But, I do know I am learning a hell of a lot.

Thanks in advance, I know you guys will help me.
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project ideas?

what can i make with 489yds of Regal Silk yarn in colorway 106 that would be an appropiate gift?

EDIT: for my bf , no special occasion, just....want it to be a special gift. there's nothing he WANTS knitted as much as he wants me to just think of something for him.
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