June 11th, 2006

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Gauge swatches?

I am planning on knitting the baby hat from the One Skien book, and for the gauge swatch, it says that it is 21 stitches by 28 rows in the round in st st. Would it be ok to knit the swatch by using straight needles to calculate gauge? I think it would be much too time consuming/difficult to knit a gauge swatch in the round...

Also, is there any way to visually tell if a yarn is DK or worsted or light-worsted? I have some yarn that a friend gave me without a label, and I know it is cotton, however I am not sure exactly what the thickness is, and it is very close to being worsted without me being entirely sure...

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Lace Charts.

Okay, I posted about my dive into lace. Well I am about 8 rows into it (yay me) and now I switch to the chart. BTW this is the Icarus Shawl from IK. Now my problem.

A few ladies tried to help me with reading the chart in my other post, but I have NO CLUE about this. I have been knitting a long time but I have never knitted with a chart. I am confused as hell.

I have 19 sts on my needle. I look at the chart and there is 3 sts worked then 20 sts that are marked no stitch. Then 7 sts worked and then another 20 sts marked as no sts, 3 sts worked(the middle), 20 sts marked as no sts, 7 sts worked, another 20 sts no stitch and then 3 sts worked.

Umm what the hell do I do?

And then because the shawl has points on it, there are increases. The first row there are groups of 7 sts worked in between the 20 no st sections and the next row there are 9 sts. What type of increase would I use?

I am soo confused.

I have a picture of the chart on my computer, but since it is copywritten I do not know if I could post it here.

LACE & cast off questions/help needed

I really want to knit lace, so I gave it a try.

I started doing:
k yo k yo ... k
p2tog p2tog ... p

But then I switched to:
k yo k yo ... k
p p2tog p2tog ... p2tog
k yo k yo ... k
p2tog p2tog ... p

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Does it look like lace? Even a little bit? Am I on the right track? Do you have any advice, or links to good information? I'd appreciate it a lot.

While I have you, what would you recommend for a stretchy cast off? I find that my ribbed cast off is nowhere near as stretchy as my long tail cast on, but I don't know any other way. Also, speaking of long tail cast on, I always wind up with two loops on the needle when I make my first stitch. I'm not sure whether to count that as one or two stitches, or if I'm doing something terribly wrong. Thanks!
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What sock yarn would you recommend?

Two weeks ago, my aunt told me she had uterine cancer and would be getting a hysterectomy on June 12 - tomorrow. I had decided to make her a prayer shawl since I couldn't be there for her as she lives in another state. I know her favorite color is dark purple, so I started this oddessy using Homespun and could not get any pattern whatsoever to make it look good. I had posted here about a substitute, and you fantastic people told me to use Caron Simply Soft doubled. It looked so much better! Thanks you, guys!


After I got a foot into it, it started to fuzz, shed, and ultimately felt like attic insulation. I am now a full-fledged convert into natural fibers or blends! I decided that this was not turning out very well, and decided that since it's summer and she'll be in the hospital several days, and since socks are very quick to knit, I could knock out some comfy "prayer socks" for her to wear around the house during her 6-week recovery. Guess what? I have no LYS, and Michael's, Joann's, and Hobby Lobby here do not carry any sock yarns.


1. I have checked out elann.com's Collection Esprit yarn, and it looks like a good and has the color needed. Has anyone tried this? How is elann.com's shipping?

2. Is there other yarn you would recommend instead? It would have to be purple and a relatively reasonable price. We're talking chamgpagne tastes on a Kool-Aid budget. :)

3. Is it too tacky to tell my aunt I have something for her, but it'll be a week or so? Or should it be a surprise? Since it will be late anyway, should I even bother?

I apologize for the long post, and I thank you all wholeheartedly in advance. This community is so wonderful, and everyone here has been fantastic!
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thanks to everyone who commented on my post about knitting in the round. i understand the general gist of it, although i'm still unable to create a hat, because i can't find 16" circs ANYWHERE.

i went to walmart and joann fabrics and they didn't have them. they only had various 29" and 36" ones, so ebay it is. i'm just a little confused because i don't know which size to buy. like 8's, 10's with the 16" length or what? for hats.

sorry for sounding so stupid but this whole thing is new to me. haha.

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I have been to three different stores, and Michael's tice looking for green yarn to comlpete my prayer shawl. I could not find it anywhere!!! The yarn I was working with was donated from my church. I was told the yarn was old, and not being made anymore. Could this be true!? Do "they" stop making specific yarn after a while. this is a major brand, "Red heart". I am crushed.
I ended up getting three skiens of "something" similiar, but I am not happy with it...Sois this a similiar problem, has anyone else had this happen???
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FO - Satuday Market Bag

I was kind of worried about the variegated yarn when I was half way through, but I like the way it turned out. The bag is going to come in really useful for the Saturday farmers market. I plan on making more, but maybe trying to do the pattern in the round.

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Finished Object - Li'l Turtle

About a week ago, one of my co-workers mentioned a) that his birthday was coming up and b) that his favorite color is green. I figured I'd knit him the turtle from Kath Delmeny's World of Knitted Toys. Unfortunately, when I got home I realized that I'd already packed the book away. I did a short search online, but didn't find anything too promising. I decided to cast on and see what I could manage with my (very) basic knowledge of increases/decreases.

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Blocking question

I knitted a quick mobius scarf out of some old lion brand homespun I found in a drawer. The scarf is curling horribly because it's stockinette and I really want to block the scarf.

I have gone through a number of sites that have information on blocking. I know that Knitty's blocking article says that human-made fibers should be pinned, spritzed and then allowed to air dry. I attempted this method. I pinned and sprayed it. Once it was dry I pulled it up and it immediately curled back up. I know that Knitty's article said not to iron or steam the acrylic. I'm really at a loss as to what to do. I'm half pondering frogging the scarf and attempting garter stitch. Help.
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reinforcing thread for socks

Has anyone used regular old polyester sewing thread to reinforce the heels and toes of socks?

I bought some reinforcing thread (75% wool/25% microfiber) at my LYS, but it's kind of expensive to have to buy a different color thread for each different color pair of socks I'm making. (I thought that since it was so thin, it wouldn't really show. But it does, darn it!)

As I understand it, the reinforcing thread gives a "skeleton" that makes it easier to mend the socks when the wool wears thin. So it seems like any type of non-protein fiber should work for that.

Would polyester sewing thread work, or cotton thread or something else that's cheaper than the reinforcing yarn sold at the LYS?



I am knitting with crystal palace kid merino and I need to frog like 2 rows. In another post, someone told me to put it in the freezer. So It's with the peas right now. How long do I keep it in there until I frog it?