June 12th, 2006


pattern request, and yes I googled.

Does anyone know of a pattern for one skein of Noro Kureyon that is not a hat or scarf? I'm on page 8 of the google results and so far that's all I've found. I have one skein left over from making a shawlish sort of thing, and it's not a yarn I could wear close to my skin, so scarves are definitely out and a hat would make my ears itch. I thought about freehanding some sort of little bag thing, but I'm hoping someone else has had this problem.

PS -- Also not the "one skein wonder" -- that would be an utterly pointless garment on me. My shoulders do not get cold, and it looks uncomfortable jammed up in her armpits, which is one of my pet peeves with shirts.
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Yarn twisting up while knitting is driving me crazy!

I'm working on a project using Karabella Aurora Bulky yarn, and while I love the feel of the yarn, and the way it's knitting up, it CONSTANTLY twists and coils itself into kinks and knots while working with it. I have to stop every few stitches to untangle it. It's really slowing down my knitting and driving me nuts!

What causes certain yarns to twist up like this and is there anything I can do to prevent it? The yarn comes wound into a loose ball like this. If I rewound it, would that help? Or is the twisting somehow inherent in the spinning of the yarn? If so, does that mean that all my balls of this yarn will behave the same way? Will it have an effect on the finished product, like slanty stitches or something?

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Isabeau Purse - FO

I made the Isabeau Purse in about 6 hours total knitting/sewing/lining time. It was spread out over a few days because of random outings and whatnot.

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Overall, a very easy pattern to knit, but I do recommend paying attention when doing the lace repeats. Also, steam blocking made a big difference in the way the lace and seed stitch look now. Yay for a cute and easy new purse!
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clutch purse

This weekend I knitted the "clutch you'll never give up" from Leigh Radford's One Skein. I used Alafoss Lopi 100% Icelandic wool (two strands held together) and felted it.

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One Skein is a good book for all those skeins of yarn leftover from bigger projects, or if you're looking for quick projects that can be knit up in a couple of days.