June 13th, 2006

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So I am making the Icarus Shawl from IK with Crystal Palace Kid Merino.

I'm going nuts. This wool is just sticking soo much, I can't see the sts and it's just pissing me off. I haven't gotten more than 12 rows into it, and I have frogged it about 7 times. I kid you not.

So I have decided to use another yarn to knit it with. I am thinking baout using something from http://handpaintedyarn.com/index.php

I need 875 yards. If I remember correctly, doesn't HPY sell on ebay?

The gauge is 21 sts and 38 rows make a 4" square in stockinette st. On a size us 3 needle. Do any of you ladies have a suggestion for a yarn that isnt too bank breaking?



i'm always overwhelmed when faced with shelves of knitting books, and even when i want to buy tons, i usually leave with just one. i'm obsessed with charlene schurch's sensational knitted socks, and tonight i picked up stephanie pearl-mcphee's knitting rules (really good so far). i want more books...patterns, stitch dictionaries, anything, so i thought i'd ask.. what are some of your favorite books about knitting?

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I finished the blanket yesterday. Fell a little bit behind. Oh well.

The color is a silvery blue color, knit in carons soft (the only yarn I've really knitted with), and it's basket weave, with a seed stitch border, and I casted on 105 stitches.

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And since I'm at it (on a knitting spree), I have a question for you all. My boyfriend and I currently do not have a table cloth for our dining room table. It's an old family piece of my boyfriends family, and he wants to protect it, which I'm all about doing, but he has this table protecter on it, and it adds about two inches, so it's pretty uncomfortable to eat off of or write, or do anything. Plus there is no good place to put it when we want to hide it. Soo..my question is, is there any free *easy* knitting patterns out there for table cloths? And if you know of any can you share? :) I tried googling but it's only coming up in patterns for crochet. I'm in no rush to get it done, I just want something to be over that table. lol Thanks for all your help.

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I'm working on the cropped jacket from the Summer Knit 1 and I can*not* get the gauge right! On size 8s, 18 stitches by 24 rows (stockinette) should be 4". Mine was 3". Sooo I decided to see if they would work as the smaller needles. 24 stitches by 30 rows of k3, p3 rib (which the pattern has done on 6s, but I did on 8s) should be 4", and mine is just under. ::sigh:: I now have to go get some new needles. Do you all think 9s and 11s should do it?

knitting a hat: to starch or not to starch.

Hello, fellow knitters. I have a question, and though I've tried to Google, I'm apparently at a loss to hit the correct search term that'd bring me the answer.

Here's the thing: I want to knit a sunhat with a wide brim. Not the kind of brim that you fold up over your ears, but a wide semi-floppy brim that sits out from your head and shades your eyes. Sort of like this hat, but maybe slightly less wide a brim.

Here's the question: Is there anyone out there who's knitted a hat like this? Did you have to starch it for it to keep some semblance of shape (or some other method), or did you find that by just tweaking your gauge you were able to obtain enough stiffness to keep it from falling onto your face like a bucket hat gone terribly wrong? The yarn I'm thinking of using is a simple worsted-weight crafter's cotton, and I swatched on US 5s (which got me 6sts/8R=1", and a pretty solid looking fabric). I don't need the brim to be so stiff that it won't move in a gale, but it'd be nice if it had enough strength to stay up and off my face.

(Note that I'm making the pattern myself, so there is no guide with suggestions or instructions to refer to.)

Also, I've never starched a knitted item before. Are there any tips or tricks, or brands, that I should be aware of if I do have to go that route?

EDIT: For southern Ontario locals: MacFab at 952 Queen West in Toronto apparently sells millinery supplies! Hurrah!

Brown Sheep Cotton Fine vs Knitpicks Palette?

It appears these two are very similar in weight, and I'm considering substituting Palette for the Cotton Fine:

BS Cotton Fine is 222 yard/50gr, fingering weight, wool/cotton blend
Knitpicks Palette is 231 Yards/50gr, fingering weight, 100% wool

Has anyone used either or substituted either way? The BS is slightly more expensive, though I've found it online for $2.99 a skein on closeout (meaning I might not get all the colors I want.) The Palette is only $1.79 a skein, hence the substitution.

Pros/cons of either?

I'm thinking of knitting a few pairs of the mismatched Fair Isle socks from the new Interweave Knits: http://tinyurl.com/f9smn

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Lace Pattern Question: Interweave Knits 'Molly's Headband'

(Pattern is on page 4 of http://interweave.com/knit/interweave_knits/web_projects/sum_06/Sweet_Somethings.pdf)

I'm ready to poke my own eyes out with my size 6 needles...This is my first go round with lace and I'm making 'Molly's Headband' for a friend. I have ripped back to row 1 more times than I care to think about and everytime it's from the same point in the pattern -- row 7.

The row is:

k1, k1, yo, k1, yo sl2 sts as if to k2tog, k1, pass 2 slipped stitches over, yo, k1, yo, k1, k1.

Everytime I wind up with 1 less stitch than I SHOULD have to go on with the next row.

My only conclusion is that I am missing something about what sl2 sts as if to k2tog, k1, pass 2 slipped stitches over means?

Basically, I am slipping the 2 stitches like I would be knitting together to the right needle, then I knit one, then I pull the two slipped stitches OVER the one I just knitted? I can't see what I could be doing wrong.

And here's an even dumber question -- I'm reading the pattern right to left, right? Even though it's symetrical I want to make sure for future reference that I'm not backwards.

EDIT: A HUGE thank you to everyone who replied and especially to kathrynt for pointing out that I was most likely dropping the YO just before passing the 2 slipped stitches over. I've successfully made it to row 13! However that bottle of Pinot Noir is still looking like more fun than knitting a lace headband. Oh, the decisions that life tosses your way!

Diamond Fantasy Scarf

Pattern: Diamond Fantasy Scarf or Shawl by Sivia Harding, "Scarf" size.
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Pure Silk, 3 skeins. (Sport weight, 175 yds/skein)
Needles: Size 5 Denise circulars for the body, not sure what length. Size 5 and Size 7 denise needles for the attached I-cord (see more under modifications).
Time to Knit: 1 week.

Modifications: Nothing intentional. I found a mistake in the second to last RS row after the shawl was already blocking, which was frustrating. I only had size 5 needles on me when I finished the body of the shawl, so I used those for the first half of the attached I-cord. I knitted really loosely and it came out just fine. I've misplaced my size 8 needles, so I used size 7s for the second half of the I-cord. This didn't seem to make much of a difference in the final product.

Overall thoughts:
- Instructions were clear and well-written. The pattern comes with both written instructions and a chart. I used the chart for the most part, and I didn't find any errors in it.

- Yarn: Debbie Bliss Pure Silk is a soft, single-ply silk yarn, so it tends to fuzz and pill (not excessively, though). Other than that, this yarn was a real pleasure to work with, and being silk, it gives the finished product a really lovely drape. I'll definitely use it again if I get the chance. Also, it's supposedly machine-washable. I don't have any plans of putting this through the wash, though!

Difficulty/construction of the pattern - The scarf is knit entirely in one piece from the bottom point up, and the borders are knit as you go along. Lace shawls don't come any simpler than that. The lace pattern is easy to follow and would probably be easy to memorize, if one wanted to (I didn't bother). I would recommend this as a good pattern for someone just starting out on lace knitting.

Blocking - The scarf had to be blocked rather severely in order for the pattern to emerge. Silk is pretty fragile when wet, so I decided to go with a pin and spritz method. I wove cotton string along the edges of the shawl and pulled it tight to bring out the lace pattern. I used T-pins to pin out the points of the border and pin down the top edge of the shawl.

Would I knit this again? - absolutely! In fact, I cast on for another one immediately after I finished. It's not a terribly complicated lace pattern, but it still kept my attention and was a really fun knit. I knit the scarf size, but it's big enough to be a shawl for those of us who are short (I'm just barely 5'4"). This is a great pattern for a light summer shawl. The Yarn Harlot has more thoughts on this pattern here (summary: she liked it!).

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Problem is now fixed!

UPDATE:Ball of yarn problem is no longer a probelm.

I discovered that I could make the hat with only one ball of yarn.

TY tho to the 2 people who replied.

This info will be important for the next one I make because I WILL have to use 2 balls for the larger size hat.
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Advice sought on how to alter patterns

Hi there, I'm a relatively new knitter who decided to take on the Kepler Cable Sweater as a project. Unfortunately for me, my measurements don't match those of the pattern. I can't just size the pattern up from where it is because the proportions are wrong for me. Does anyone have suggestions on a good tutorial (online or in a book) on how to adjust pattern sizing?

In the meantime, I think I might work on the Elann Sonata Crest of the Wave Tank. (I have a bunch of South West Trading Co. "Bamboo" yarn, which is made from actual bamboo fiber, in Butter color which will be perfect for this! Thankfully, the Elann pattern does come in sizes large enough for me.)

Yarn preferences

I want to make my next project a black cardigan, with a pointelle pattern. Since I am about 48 inches at the bust, it's going to take a decent amount of yarn and so price is of concern to keep it from becoming a $100 sweater.

I like the pricing of Knitpicks, but I've never touched it - how soft is Merino Style, Andean Silk, Andean Treasure? I went to my local yarn store and looked at the Cascade 220 superwash and the Lamb's Pride, but Lamb's pride was a little too itchy for my taste.

I've heard good things about Knitpicks - how well does it wear in comparison to Cascade? Are there any other soft merino wool/wool blends that are comperable in price and wear that anyone would like to suggest?


Seeking yarn reviews

I am playing around with a couple of yarn choices for a sweater I'm designing. The two yarns I'm currently considering are Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, and RYC Cashsoft DK. I like the feel of both, but am currently leaning toward the Cashsoft as better suited to showing off the design.

What I'd like to hear about from you folks, though, is durability. I can tell from swatching, of course, how the yarn feels, how it knits up, how it shows detail, etc., and I can get some idea of performance by washing my swatch. I can't, however, really get a good idea of long-term durability. I have check the reviews at both Yarndex and Wiseneedle, but they're sparse and in some cases conflicting. I'd like to get a broader set of opinions and some more targetted information, if possible.

So, here's what I'd like to hear, if you've used either or both of these yarns:

--What kind of project? (because a pillow gets different usage than a sweater, for instance)
--Did you work it at standard DK gauge (5.5 st/in) or tighter or looser than that?
--How long ago did you make it, and how much have you used it since?
--How are you caring for it? (washing/drying methods, and how often, would be helpful)
--How's it holding up? I'm especially concerned with pilling, but if it's fading or something, I'd like to hear about that as well.
--And any other comments you wish to share about either of these yarns.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Yarn storage idea!

A while back, I bought this thing from Ikea (in the children's section) that was meant for holding stuffed animals. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, and I promptly forgot about it. Usually, I keep my yarn in a large plastic container. It gets unwound and tangled and I end up having to take everything out to get to a certain yarn. Well, I hung that thing today and I sorted my yarn by color and/or type...Here is the finished project: Collapse )

FO: topi

I cast on for this last night and finished today. It's topi from knitty. I just knit it in some Caron Simply Soft I had lying around. I don't usually wear knit hats, but I think this one is pretty fantastic.
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ETA: Thanks for all the comments! You all are super sweet!
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Ok....so Im trying to learn entrelac, and I think Im doing ok so far, but this next step has me in a bit of a pickle:

"p1, turn, inc in this st knitways"

ok...Im good until I get to the increase. other than yo's, I havent done *too* much in the way of increases. Im wondering what this step is calling for. A name would work, since I can look that up on knittinghelp, or an explanation if its something not on the site

Help is appreciated

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Finished Object: Somewhat Cowl

Submitted for your consideration: Knit and Tonic's Somewhat Cowl.

Pattern: Knit and Tonic's Somewhat Cowl
Yarn: Seven and a half balls of Knitpick's Andean Silk in Bluebell
Needles: Size 5 29" anonnymous aluminum circs for most of the body, size 5 Clover 36" circs to magic loop the sleeves, and anonnymous aluminum size four dpns for the sleeve ribbing.
Project Started: April 2nd
Project Finished: June 11th (with lots of other projects in between)

Modifications: Nothing intentionally. Lots of like things that just kind of happened as I tried to make a sweater with a nice fit. Notably, the stockinette part of body is knit at 7 rows and 6 stitches per inch - looser than the recommened gauge. I also used size 5 needles for the body and cowl ribbing. Because I'm impatient.

Notes: Andean Silk is great fun to knit with. As soft as it is, I do find it to be a little scratchy around my neck. Additionally, this is definately not a summer sweater. Merino and alpaca is warm, durh. :P I'm also wondering how this yarn holds up over time - does anyone have insights into how it wears?

My yarn choice made following the pattern exactly difficult. So I didn't. I approximately followed the pattern, transfering it to long circs and trying it on several times to assure that it didn't become hugely large or tinily small. I tried to make the cowl and the sleeves shallower, but on this I failed despite not knitting as long as the pattern suggested - I was working by instinct and not by math. I added some decreases in the upper body, and some fraken-decreasing in the arms area.

All in all, I'm relatively happy with it. For being such a monster of gauge it fits surprisingly well. I didn't knit the body as long as the pattern says, nor the cowl. These two alterations were the result of sheer impatience. I was antsy to get finished.

Wendy now offers an update to the Somewhat Cowl with modifications to make it a more form fitting garment - I found those about halfway through this process.

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An FO!

Project : Crafster Circular Shrug
Yarn Used : Caron Simply Soft - 'Blue Mint'. ~500 yards
Needle : US 9, Clover Bamboo 29" Circular

Changes? : Pattern calls for decreasing from ribbing to body of piece by exactly half. I decreased from 180 to 93 to accomodate my stitch pattern. I chose 'Quilted Lattice' isntead of the mock rib called for.
Problems? : My sister, who this is made for & who is modeling in the pictures, lives about an hour away. My challenge was to figure out her shoulder & torso measurements without being able to see her, her clothes, or ask. (Hey Britt! Can you measure your shoulders for me? Why? Oh, just wondering. ) She's also rather...hard on her clothes, so I chose to use acrylic instead of something nicer fiber-wise. I can just see doing this in something nice, and then her accidentally washing it and it becoming a shrug for the dog.

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Free mitten pattern


I know it's early to be thinking about mittens but I want to use my malabrigo to make some nice mittens. I want to use dpns and I want a pattern with a ribbed cuff, recently all I have been able to find are either two needle mittens and some which are akwardly pointy at the top. If anyone knows of any patterns please help me! Thank you in advance.
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Suggestions for laceweight yarn?/FO

I posted a while back about a friend who's getting married. I'm making a kippah/yarmulke for him (had to settle for a crocheted pattern), and have spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect colors. It's been so hard to find a nice dusty rose, that when I found a hank of Alpaca With a Twist Fino in Rose Petal during the Puget Sound Shop Hop, I couldn't resist. I won't be able to use it for the kippah (too bright of a contrast with the navy blue I finally found), but I'd like to make something for the bride.

I've talked to people who know her well, and we don't think she'd wear a shawl. I'm not sure she'd use a lacy scarf, either. She lives in California (where she rarely needs a scarf), and has family in Canada (where she would need something thicker). If I made a rectangular shawl, she might wear it in Cali on special occasions, and treat it like a Clapotis in Canada and scrunch it up to use as a scarf.

Still, I feel like that's a stretch. Any other ideas for 875 yards of laceweight alpaca?

The nice thing is that she's the type of person that will appreciate and adore anything I make for her. I really can't go wrong here, but I want to get as "right" as possible.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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Happy knitting!


I've been using my Boye interchangeable needle kit for over a year now, and I love it-- but I've just managed to BREAK the tip on one of the chords inside a needle!

Anyone have any tips on salvaging the needle? Also, could someone point me where I can get a replacement cable? I lost the paper that comes with my kit just recently, and am now severely kicking myself.
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Meet Stanley

Burlington's local Arts & Business Association has a yearly event where they ask supporters to take a lawn flamingo and "re-finish, re-imagine, re-fine or re-construct" it so they can auction them off as a fund raiser. I only had about 4 days to come up with something because I got in on the game a little late....but this is what I came up with:
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