June 16th, 2006


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I've searched the previous entries about this project and the only one that comes close to what asking about doesn't quite make sense to me, actually, the advice others are giving doesn't make sense to me.


i've casted on for the project using some old acrylic (i wanted to make sure i understood what i was doing and how i was supposed to do it before i used the nice yarn i got for the porject). what i am having issues with is row 2. when i go to drop the stiches, i am dropping a knit stitch, and by following the directions exactly, this creates big gaping holes across the project.

however, when i knit one, drop the yo, and repeat across, the swatch actually starts to look like what is in the picture. but there is still a problem, when i complete 2 sets of the lace pattern, it looks like the swatch is decreasing and i can not seem to figure out why.

can anyone offer some advice as to what i might be doing wrong?
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Knitting Cthulhu questions of sorts.

Hi, this is my first time posting on this knitting community and have come across a bit of  problem with my knitting or at least with the current project I'm fiddling with.  At the moment I'm knitting quite on a dare a Cthulhu doll (see cut pictures).
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As you can see from him he's missing a tail, legs, and of course his little wings.  I've got the legs and tail part down easily enough from just altering what I did to his arms for a leg pattern and just not coiling the pattern for his head into a mollusk shape for the tail.  I'm building a rather unconventional Cthulhu from a picture of a statue of him with a mollusk-shaped head by building off the nautilus "nautie" pattern by Beth Skwareckzi from Knitty.com.  Like I said, one of my friends dared me to turn it into Cthulhu because nautie looked like Cthulhu's head upside down.  

Well, I'm still missing how to do wings.  He's about ten inches tall from his squat little bottom to the top of his head for measurement's sake.  I've been trying to figure out how to knit wings but to no avail and wondered if anyone has come across a pattern or has any advice for knitting wings anywhere?  Particularily rather Cthulhu-ish wings?
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at the beginning of the choir seasons, we usually hold a huge silent auction. last year, i donated a bunch of scarves that i had knit, but this year i want to undertake something a little more daring.

my boyfriend and i had the idea to knit a big blanket, preferably made up of fairly simple squares that we could both knit together while watching movies or just chilling out. i don't really want it to look super complicated or distracting as i'd like to put our choir symbol (a kokopelli) in one of the bottom corners.

does anyone have any suggestions as to patterns for afghans or blankets made up of squares?

and also, if anyone is really good at making charts, would you be willing to chart out a kokopelli for me? i can't for the life of me figure out how :S

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First time poster, long time lurker

I'm about to finally attempt some socks. Been knitting for 30 years and avoided them the entire time. Now, after reading all the postings about socks I've got the itch.

Question. Does anyone have a really simple, really great first sock pattern I can try? I'm thinking I'd like to avoid 2nd sock syndrome so any great patterns out there using 2 circular needles?

I looked at the store today for a bit but decided to leave it in your capable hands.

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awkward pattern instructions for Evelyn Skae's Creeping Vine socks

The link: http://members.shaw.ca/misschief/Creeping%20Vines%202.pdf

I'm having a hard time following how to separate for the heel flap. For one thing, the heel flap will be 34 stitches, the instep will be 32 stitches, and according to the image, it seems that only one pattern repeat is actually used for the top of the foot, which is only 22 stitches wide.

I'd appreciate it if someone could clarify the instructions for the heel. Thank you.

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I was looking through a new knitting book called One Skein which I got out of the library the other day, and I saw this pattern - the Baby Bolero. I had also been reading Stephanie's new book, and a phrase from that one floated up about the ether - something about how a baby sweater is one of the fastest highs a knitter can get - and she's absolutely right. I wondered how fast the baby bolero would knit up, and I decided to find out. I cast on in Manos Cotton Stria on 4.5mm needles and by the time I got home from my mom's quilter's guild meeting I had both fronts and almost the entire body knit up. Unbelievable.

This is the finished product.

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Yup, so this was knit in Manos Cotton Stria, which gives a really interesting but subtle texture, and I got gauge on 4.5 mm needles. I know I totally read this community for the pictures =) but if you care to read more about this project, pop on over to www.libertinayarns.com, or subscribe to libertinayarns.
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Fingerless Pattern Help

I'm using this pattern, and I'm a little confused on the instructions for the thumb gusset. I can manage the left glove, but for the right glove it just wants you to reverse the pattern for the left thumb gusset. Huh? I'm not quite there yet, so maybe it will become clear, but I'd really rather have some idea before I get there since tearing out work on DPN's is such a pain.

Thanks a lot!
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placing markers

I have a question.

When you place a marker (pm in the knitty abbreviation guide), and then make a yarn over (yo), does the marker move?

example below:
Row 2: Sl1, k1, pm, yo, kfb.
Row 3: Sl1, p to last st, pfb.

After I did this above, I notice that the marker jumped from being after 2 stitchs to being after 3 stiches on the needle. Is this what is supposed to happen?

Thank you so much! I know I can always count on my fellow knitting enthusiasts!

Patterns for knitted lips?

Hello, I am new here and I am trying to find knitted lips to make for my friend. She's a little eccentric, she has a keychain that is a pair of lips that blows kisses at you when you squeeze it. I am looking into making her a pillow or something along that line. When I googled I found some crocheted lips(a fridgie), and a pattern book for purses that may include a purse made to look like lips. If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great. I have been knitting now for about 18 months and while I think I knit pretty well, I have not ventured out to make up my own patterns. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Help Request: Hand Knit Holidays Stained Glass Scarf

I am at my wits end, I swear to GOD. I'm working on the Stained Glass Scarf out of Handknit Holidays, my first project from the book. It's to be a Christmas present for my dad, in colors he picked out. I have frogged this damned thing 5 times already in the first 2"'s because I just can't get it to look the way that it does in the picture!

After googling and checking out Knitter's Review Forums, the HKH Knit Along, and elsewhere, I just can't find anything about errata, so it must be something I'm doing wrong. I'm doing the two-stranded method, which is comfy for me aside from the fricken' problems.

Now, I have two problems here:

1. I always end up with an extra stitch at the ends if I don't knit them together when I knit colors AB together.

2. I can NOT get the contrast stripe to work out correctly. I wanted to show you a picture, but I can't get my camera to communicate with my pc at the moment.

I keep getting both colors on both sides of the stripe. I'm making sure to split the two strands when making the purl, and I'm 'trying' to make sure it's not 'crossed', but what does that MEAN? Either which way you bring the yarn forward it 'crosses over' the other! *fumingfrustrated*

Now I'm not an idiot. I can make socks, lace shawls, and have tried my hand at color knitting before. But this is just kicking my butt and I really wanted to work on this tonight. :(

Anyone have any ideas? Comments? (aside from how obvious my mistake is and how obviously slow I must be) Thank you. I really appreciate it.
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Just in time for summer... LB Bulky Sweater

This is the third incarnation of this sweater - third time's the charm! I have to say the LP Bulky held up better under the frogging than I would have expected. I used 4 skeins of blue, 2 of gray and 1 of cream. I made up the pattern as I went along with some help from Ann Budd's Sweater Patterns book. I guess I was somewhat inspired by the Fairly Easy Fair Isle, but eh, not really... Anyways, here be pictures:

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Also, I think the humidity has stolen all my inspiration. If you were 4 balls of Cascade 220 superwash or 5 skeins of brown sheep cottn fleece, what would you want to become? Nothing's capturing my imagination.
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Knitting question

I'm practicing a pattern here and part of it says to "purl into the same stitch twice".
Anyone know what that means? I'm pretty sure it doesn't mean to purl into the front and back of the same stitch, because it also gives THOSE directions a paragraph up. Also, going immediately back into the same stitch just causes weirdness.

Needless to say, I'm confused.

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I've really been bit by the lace-knitting bug. Some people do cables. Some do socks. Lace is my thing.

I want to make my sister a lace wedding stole - I already have a few patterns in mind, but where to find yarn fine enough escapes me. I My LYS carries very little laceweight - most of it is about the size of Knitpicks lace weight yarns (it may as well be fingering-weight, to me). Does anyone know where I can find nice, white/cream, "cobweb" weight lace yarn? Wool is preferable, but I'm open to blends with silk, alpaca, and merino. Google mostly yeilded -patterns- for lace projects, as opposed to the actual yarn :/

Also - if you know any good brands or places to find needle sizes 0-0000, link me, please! Thanks!
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Help with forming P tbl or P2tog tbl

Hi everyone,

Is anyone aware of somewhere there might be a picture or diagram of making a purl stitch throught the back of the loop? Or ideally purling two together through the back of the loop?

None of the ways it seemed intuitive to me to do it have worked (admittedly, my spatial reasoning is laughable). Through experimentation, I have worked out *a* way to do it, it just seems like it can't possibly be as hard as I'm making it! One stitch isn't so bad, but p2tog tbl just seems like a ludicrously difficult undertaking.

Heaven knows if the following explanation will be useful, as these things are so hard to describe, but:

[Background: I knit holding the yarn in my right hand, and the right needle held under my arm.]

The way I've worked out is that I turn the left needle around clockwise until the back of the work is facing me and the needle is pointing to the right, and insert the right needle through from the back of the work.

Does this sound vaguely familiar?

Again, links to diagrams or images would be particularly gratefully received.

ETA:I have a diagram! That was quick! And yes, I'm doing it right and it's exactly as awful to do as I thought it was! Ergh. :D