June 17th, 2006

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Here is the issue:
I am currently in the middle of the back to a sweater. I started making the medium size for the pattern, but am realizing now that I should have gone with the small (this comes from being 30 pounds heavier last summer and not getting out of that mindset)! So here is my dilemma: I would LOVE NOT TO HAVE TO FROG THIS because I have already done this twice for separate reasons (once to change the thread I am knitting along with the yarn, and once because I misread the pattern), but both were WAY earlier on than where I am now. My question is: can I just go along with the rest of what the pattern says for the back, up until the armholes, and then use the smaller pattern from then on in, including the front and sleeves, and then just "take it in" when I'm sewing up? And make sure the seams are super tight, and - dare I say it - cut off the excess from inside? Or maybe not, I don't know... or should I just suck it up and frog it? I'm beginning to think this sweater hates me before I even finish it!

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!!

I knew there probably wasn't another solution other than frogging it, but I knew I had to at least try! I was kind of hoping there'd be some sort of magic trick that someone could throw my way, but alas! Oh well, it's probably for the best anyway. I'll be happier with the sweater in the long run.

Thanks for your help, all!
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Here are a few hand knitted items that I have finnished in the past week!
I am hooked on making hats!Tho the very first one that I made,not seen here,was getting ready to have its pic taken I noticed that there was a droped stitch!!! grrrr So now I only have 2! lol
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Yarn Porn

Had a wonderful day trip to the Estes Park Wool Market today and got some yarn. :) Before leaving the house I was given strict instructions "NO Alpacas, NO LLamas, NO livestock" My husband is a party pooper.

Anyway here's what I came home with today:

Top row, left to right:

-- 6 skeins of Dale Baby Ull to make Pink Lemon Knit's Hot Rod/Flame Socks for my husband.
-- One balled hank of Alpaca with a Twist Fine (70% Baby Alpaca/30% Silk) that I had already, but needed to take with to match up the color for a second hank.
-- 1 metal "LLama" cookie cutter. I couldn't pass this up.

Bottom Row, left to right:

-- 3 hanks of SuperWash Wool, Silk Vicose from Brooks Farm Yarn (http://brooksfarmyarn.com). I'm thinking it will make a beautiful clapotis. Everyone else seems to have made one, and I'm such a lemming, I'm jumping on the wagon! I love the colorway and the feel is *amazing*
-- 2 skeins of Fortissima Colori Socka Color to give a whirl at casting two socks at once with Magic Loop; and I love the sparkles!
-- Second hank of Alpaca with a Twist Fine (70% Baby Alpaca/30% Silk) purchased today and needed for Mystery Stole 2006 project.
-- New set of no. 3 needles for making the Mystery Stole 2006.

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Thank the gods that the person I went with bought a ball winder and swift today, because I've got a lot of yarn to ball up. Since we took a bus trip, both of us and I started our "Race for the Cure" stoles that we are doing with a local group and the pattern is super easy, looks great and I'm in love with the alpaca yarn we are using for it! Pictures to come!

Icarus try 2

Well, I've started Icarus again. It took me a bit to figure out the graph pattern and now that I am working on it, it is starting to make sense. I'm at about row 5 of the first chart.

I've added two stitches to the first row so that I can slip the first stitch on any row I do. As I said before I like a slipped stitch border. It just makes it look nicer, imo.

I also finished my little bag in the previous post - the KIP one I made last weekend. I just have to find a closure for it now. LOL I felted it and actually enjoyed doing so. It is just the right size for a small wallet and some money.

Anyway, I'm making Icarus out of Alpaca Drops from Garns Studio in "White" (colour 1101, dye lot 2). I have 5 balls and I'm hoping that's enough. Depending on how it turns out, I might even add a fringe to it. I like fringe in shawls. Makes them more sensual somehow. I have about 900m of yarn and that means about 980yds which should leave me 100yds spare.

I'm also working on a brainless pattern knitting bag at the same time because I have to focus too much to knit Icarus and I need something that is just an easy pattern to follow. At row 19 for Icarus, I plan on doing a lifeline. And then whenever I finish a set of repeats. Any recommendation for lifeline threads? Sewing? Cross stitch? Any idea? I've never done a lifeline before, but I can tell with Icarus, I'm going to need it!

I've also just recently finished "Knitting Rules!" by the Yarn Harlot and bought her self titled book Yarn Harlot yesterday. I haven't even gotten past the intro on that one yet. ;) I was also looking at her third book Mediations for Knitters and Folk Bags yesterday, but only got Yarn Harlot. I figure one knitting book is enough. I also scored at a garage sale. 3 knitting/crafting books and a cook book for a dollar.
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semi-FO: I need help with Felting/Fulling

I completed the knitting part of the small striped satchel from Knitty.

Yarn: Paton's Classic Merino Wool

I followed the directions (although next time I would use a provisional cast-on which would have made picking up the stitches on the cast-on edge MUCH easier). I swatched. I felted the swatch. Everything was great.

Now here's my problem. I felted the bag and parts by throwing it in the wash with towels (hot/cold cycle). I pulled it out and Voila! only the main colour parts had felted. I threw the bag back in the wash. No improvement. I didn't swatch the contrasting colour. The one that didn't felt. They're the same brand, same product line, different colours, but same fibre content (100% wool). It didn't occur to me that I might need to!

My questions:
1/ does anyone have any idea what happened here?
2/ is there anything I can do to fix it? This is my first felting project.

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