June 18th, 2006

simple scarf

i made a scarf from this lovely moda dea yarn.. i think that's the name of the yarn. it was in a bargain bin at Micheal's for $1 a ball. so i bought 3 balls and made this! yay! it's just knit in basic stockinette. and add fringe! tada!

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Elastic bind-off

I'm finishing up the Hot Lava Cardigan, and I need an elastic bind-off that would work with this. My regular bind-off is REALLY tight. I searched the community and all I found was this post. I tried to find the sewn bind-off from that post on Vogue Knitting's website, but I couldn't. Does anyone have instructions for that, or know another technique that would work better?

Thanks in advance!

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It all started with an off-hand response to a question in knitting about felting and color work; the poster, if I recall correctly, was distressed that her lovely Fair Isle pattern bag had felted unevenly, the floats on the back pulling the work in to the point where what she'd planned as a cylindrical bag looked more like an hour glass.

I wondered (aloud, so to speak) if double knitting might be a good solution, since it's an easy way to produce tidy, two-color patterns without floats or gazillions of loose ends - and with the added feature of being reversible. Having had the thought, I decided to try it and see what would happen.

One month and six skeins of Cascade 220 later, I give you: The Pirate Booty Bag. Collapse )

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I've searched books, asked friends and scoured the internet all to no avail.

I'm making Knitty's Cheesylove and I'm up to the first round or so of K2P1 rib after the ruffle.

I joined the piece so that the right side faces out, that is, from the outside it looks like K2P1 rib, but I am actually purling 2 then knitting 1.

Is this a problem? When I get to my decreases, will I mess it up? If it's a problem, is there any way of fixing it other than unknitting all of my rib and joining the other way?

Where did you go to school?

Hey everyone! I volunteer for LiveJournal by helping to approve and clean the schools listing, which can be found here:


You can add what schools you've attended to your own user info via the link, as well as submit new schools.

So, what does this have to do with knitting? Well, I just realized that I could actually add various schools to the knitting community info. So, if you like, leave a comment with the name and location, and if you are feeling super crazy, the URL, of the last school you've attended. I'll add it to the knitting user info. :)

(For example, if you've attended a college of trade school, leave that. If you've attended a high school, but not college or trade school, leave that. Schools outside the US are fine, but use the actual name, not the name in english.)

Knit Picks Options

Has anyone yet invested in a set of Knit Picks Options (or individual needles, for that matter)? The set doesn't include as many sizes as the Boye and Denise sets, but they strikingly resemble (from the pictures only) Addi Turbo needles. Am I right? Is this truly an economical answer to my suppressed torrid love affair with Addi Turbos?

Looking for a pattern

Hi all,
I'm hoping someone can help me find this pattern -- I've looked everywhere I can think of on the Knitty website, and I haven't been able to find it. It's a pink top with very open stitches and a strip of much more solid, dark pink that goes across the boobs. It was definitely on Knitty, and I think it might have been one of the surprises, but somehow I still can't find it anywhere. Thanks!

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This is silly, but, I do not know how to 'join' when knitting in the round.

I picked up my circs, casted on, and started knitting away and realized that it wasn't joined, so I had to rip it all out :(
And yes, I know that I'll feel like an idiot once I realize how simple it is. haha.

And also, if anybody has any hat ideas that can be worked on size 6, 16" circs, please post. (They are the only size I have right now)
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Trellis - FO

I know that there have been quite a few people knitting this recently, so here's mine:

Pattern: Trellis, from Spring 05 Knitty [18 mo size]
Yarn: Cotton-Ease in Pistachio, about 1.5 skeins. (bought 10 skeins on a whim [who buys ten skeins on a whim??] last summer, and have been looking for a project ever since. Since it took me so little yarn, I still have a pile. Ah, well.)
Notes: Mods I wish I had made? Done at least the body of the sweater in the round. Made slightly larger buttonholes (but I am sure they will stretch a little with use). I didn't kitchener the shoulders together (used a three needle bind off), and I sort of wish I had. Seaming was a bitch - I backstitched (I just didn't have the patience to do mattress stitching on reverse stockinette, and I know that's silly). I understand the need for seams for support in larger cabled sweaters and arans, but I felt the seams created a lot of extra bulk for this sweater.

As this is a present, I included a little extra yarn and the spare button with the sweater, just in case. I started it in about mid-April, and finished the knitting a few weeks ago. It's been waiting for its finishing touches since then. Over all, a quick knit, as I completed all of the pieces except for the back in the span of two weeks. Then I put it aside, as I do, and started other things. Like socks.

I love how the cables came out in this sweater, too - the seed stitch really makes the center cables stand out. It was an easy cable to memorize, a great portable project (as the individual pieces often fit in my purse). I cable without a cable needle, and think that made the sweater much easier - they are cable crosses on many of the right side rows.

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Thrift store scores

While out combing through the local Goodwill store today, I found an apparantly untouched skein of Lamb's Pride worsted in Charcoal Heather for a whopping 99 cents!

I also got a big ol' cone of two-strand DK-weight dark charcoal wool yarn for $2. The yarn has other colours mixed in, bits of cream and brown, a smidge of orange, and actual black. It may be some other fibres than wool--it's definitely natural, but only felts with lots of effort, and doesn't act like superwash at all. I've made it into 15 hanks of just of 100 yards each, with a little 52-yard hank left over.

Third thrift-store find was a big ball, nearly soccer-ball sized, of something which feels like wool, just doesn't pass the burning or felting tests. Probably a mostly-acrylic blend. It's three strands, one of red and two of light grey, which together add up to about fingering weight--ok, maybe sock weight. I'm having stocking thoughts on this one, and maybe a shawl. Again, just $2!