June 19th, 2006


Pattern Search - Fruit

Recently I found a site that offered for sale an on-line pattern for knit fruit. Evidently I failed to bookmark the site. I've googled every form of the words knit/food/fruit/pattern I can think of and can't seem to find it. I also checked my browser history and checked the tags and still couldn't find it. Anybody know what site I'm talking about?

EDIT: SUCCESS! Thanks to everyone who replied. A big thank you to Bertha79 who found the one I was looking for!
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n00b here

hey y'all.

i'm new here. I'm just learning to knit so I'll probably stay quietly over in the corner most of the time.

by way of introduction, i'm from Pittsburgh, took up crocheting (again) when I quit smoking back in January. I'll probably always be primarily a crocheter, but I do want to learn knitting as well and get some proficiency at it.

When I was in the worst parts of my nicotine withdrawal, I took up spinning, first on a spindle, then I got a wheel. I found that I loved yarn in and of itself. I found that I loved wools and alpacas and llamas and camels and silks and so on but could not afford, even without smoking, to buy them in the LYS. So I decided to learn to make them myself. holy cow. so even more than a crocheter, I'm now a spinner.

(here's the non-introductory content)
I got a kit at Barnes and Noble that was a "learn to knit" thing. The yarn in it just isn't working out for me so I balled a hank of my handspun magenta wool and it seems much more cooperative. It's about a sport-weight. it's a bit easier to work than the yarn included, so today I'm actually making some progress instead of just getting frustrated. Does anyone have recommendations for what size needles are best to start learning on? the ones in the kit seem a little small for me, especially because I feel like my hands are really, really stupid when I try to knit. I know, it will get better.

now for purling...

(nice to meet everyone.)

World of Knitted Toys by Kath Dalmeny

I'm really thinking of buying Kath Dalmeny's World of Knitted Toys. I've heard alot of good things about it, and seen some great projects made from it.

But I'd really like to know exactly what's in it. I've seen a few very abbreviated lists, and I've searched several online stores, but haven't been able to find anything that gives me a table of contents for the book. So while I'm probably going to buy the book anyway, I'd like to ask you guys if you know somewhere that gives the full table of contents for this book, or a full list of the projects, or if y'all wanna tell me what's in it...

And if not, I guess I'll just get it and be surprised!

Thanks, guys!

P.S. I've searched the community, Amazon, and a bunch of other online book sellers, and Googled. I also look for this book every time I'm at a bookstore or general craft store. Never seen it. Haven;t looked in yarn stores, because they close way before I get off work, and lately I'm working weekends, too, so...

P.P.S. Also, if anyone has any dire warnings about this book, or things to look out for, please let me know!

ETA: NEVERMIND! I'm a moron. There's a table of contents in the Amazon.com link. DUH!

FO: Knitty's winecozy (and my first FO post! woot!)

At an absolute loss for what to get my dad for Father's Day, I ended up buying him a bottle of nice wine. (He doesn’t play sports, watch sports, fish, go crazy fixing things and or anything else that falls into the stereotypical Father’s Day gifting categories. And his birthday was two weeks ago. Sigh.) And at 10 o'clock Saturday night, I realized the only wrapping paper I had was from Christmas. So what to do? Knit a cozy!

Pattern: Knitty's Winecozy
Yarn: Lion Brand’s Jiffy in El Paso. About 3/4 skein.
Needles: US size 6 aluminum straights
Time: About 8 hours. Not counting when I had to frog the ribbing/eyelet holes. Bah. I thought it would take 3 or 4...I was wrong.
Modifications: After the aforementioned frogging, I winged the part where you make the holes for the cord by just doing k1 ktog, p1 p2tog around. After doing what the pattern told me to, the ribbing ended up being off and I didn't have enough stitches on my needle...though it's probably my fault and not that of the pattern.
General notes: Apparently, I'm a tight knitter. This was my first time following a pattern where gauge mattered. I learned THAT lesson when I realized 4 inches in that it would be best suited as a beer bottle cozy. Instead of knitting on size 4's like the pattern recommended, I used size 6 AND cast on an extra 12 stitches. Sheesh. But, as you'll see in the photos, the cozy is a tad loose. Though now it will work for both 750mL bottles and bigger ones, so maybe it's a happy accident. I also think that next time I won't use a variegated yarn and instead use a solid and do some embroidery. But this was the result of a stash raid, so it's excusable!

But enough of my yammering.

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New to knitting - best beginner books?


I'm VERY new to knitting. I just started last week. So far I can bind on, decrease, do a knit, a purl, and I was accidently increasing, so I just have to figure out how to that on purpose. :) And I can combine the purl/knit into a stockinette stitch. :)

I learned with a beginner kit that my parents gave me. It comes with a dvd that teaches the basic stiches as well as increasing, decreasing, and binding on/off.

Anyway, I am loving it! And I want to get better and better!

My birthday was on Friday and for a gift, I got a gift cert to Amazon. I think I want to spend it on knitting books. Does anyone have any suggestions for beginner books? I don't have any books. Something that has some easy patterns, and something that will help me teach myself some new kinds of combos of stitches and so forth so I can eventually do some fancy things beyond scarves and hotpads. :) But still definately easy, not too difficult, and something I can use to teach myself.

Thanks!! I love this community and I can't wait til I am as talented as all of you are! :)

Sampler Sweater

I've been doing a lot of knitting lately with two goals in mind; first to finish up my many works in progress and second to use my rather sizable stash before making any further yarn purchases. So here is a finished sweater made from stash.Collapse )
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Help me with my math!

Having no desire to buy more needles, or yarn, I want to knit this hat with worsted weight wool.

I usually use size 6s and 8s to get about 5 stitches per inch on my hats. This calls for a cast on of 128 stitches, over 4 repeats of the pattern. I'm thinking if I simply take out one pattern (chart) repeat, it will work fine to use the larger needles and worsted weight wool.

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(no subject)

Some friends have mine have just had their first baby, and as one does in such a situation, I made them an item of baby clothing.

The cardigan is Daisy from knitty.com made in the largest size (6-12 months). It's a very easy pattern and knits up extremely rapidly. There are three minor errors in mine, which I am irritated about because I wasn't paying enough attention to do something about them at the time, but I defy you to spot them in these pictures :)

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I made it with almost exactly two skeins (give or take a gauage swatch or several which pushed me into a third ball) of King Tut mercerized cotton, from my local A C Moore, as suggested by astragali in this post. The pattern's gauge is 20 sts = 4 " on US7 (4.5mm) needles, the yarn suggests that it knits at 4.5 stitchs an inch on US7 needles. Many swatches on many different size and material needles later I finally managed to get the right gauge using US5 (3.75mm) bamboo needles. I have no idea why this was such an extended excercise!

I must admit that I didn't much enjoy working with this yarn, though I do like the results. It had an irriating tendancy to twirl itself up into the sort of loops I've only previously seen in telephone cables and then split like crazy. I hand washed it to block it then ran it through the washing machine and it behaved extremely well and came out looking more blocked than when it had gone in! It did take ages to air dry, though it's been quite humid here which may be why.

The flowers are just embroidery thread in a shade of somewhere-between-red-and-pink. I wibbled about actually putting the flowers on because embroidery has never been my strong point but did in the end mainly becuase it covered one of the small errors. Only one flower was needed for this, of course, but it didn't look right without the extra ten or so! One thing I have learnt from this experience is that if you plan to put embroidery or the like on sleeves, it's probably be a good idea to plan it in advance, as sewing the flowers onto the outside of a narrow tube is really not easy!

I've been eyeing up Trellis from Knitty as a present for another set of friends and new baby and seeing a number of people's posts with pictures of theirs over the last little while, I've decided that this is indeed going to straight to the top of my list of things to do. I think I might work it as one piece having read people's comments, but on the other hand, it might turn into an aeroplane project, in which case, individual pieces might be more convenient. *Ponders*

newest creation

This is the first piece of clothing I have ever made. I got the pattern from Creative Knitting. Alas, my daughter was so excited she wouldn't let me weave in the ends so i could take the picture. I used the Knitpicks SuperShine Cotton Yarn. I am going to make her a matching kerchief! Collapse )</font>
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Question concerning frogged yarn

I apologize if this question is rather silly, but I frogged a partial sock I was making out of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock. It has all sorts of kinks in it, so I wound it back into a hank using my swift. I have it tied in several places, and it is soaking as I type. My question is, how do I go about drying this? My thinking is to just hang it over a coat hanger in the bathroom, but should I weigh the hank down somehow?
If so, how would I go about doing that?


Pattern help!

Crafsters I am on a mission.  I would like to knit my first hat after I learn to cable in the class I am taking at my LYS (Hill Country Weavers).  My teacher happened to send this Coronet hat as an idea to practice picking up stitches and cabling and it kinda reminds me of the hat I want to make but from the image of the one I want to make you can see the cables are different. 

The hat I want to make is the one that Drew Barrymore wears in Fever Pitch

So, the questions I pose to  you: 

What kind of fiber does this hat look like it is made of?

Do you know of another pattern that more closely resembles this hat?  Or, once I learn to cable (as if that is easy) will I be able to adapt Coronet to look like the Fever Pitch hat?

Thanks in advace for your help, I am so excited to be branching out by taking my Beyond the Basics class where we are learning to make this bag and now I have a real project in mind for after.  I know there are much more advanced knitters out there who can share a bit of wisdom with me. Thanks everyone!


Thanks to everyone who replied.  I have printed the picture of the Fever Pitch hat out and am going to my LYS tonight with it in hand to match the yarn.  I have also printed your suggestions on what it may be and am sure that will get me somewhere.  Also, unless the rain keeps me away I may get to my first SnB meeting!  If anything, once I am done making my bag my teacher may be able to guide me through adapting Coronet.  You all have really given me confidence that I will be able to learn cables, so thanks for that too!  I'll keep ya posted.
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(no subject)

I've googled my butt off and can't seem to find a pattern to my liking.

I live with my aunt and her birthday is coming up, so I want to make her a really nice blanket, because she just loves stuff like that. The thing is, I'm still somewhat of a beginner, but can follow patterns to a point. I have a ton of Red Heart yarn and want to use it up... Can anybody suggest any simple patterns? or links?

Thanks so much and sorry for posting so often!

Casting on/casting off

I finally finished my first project. YAY ME!
At my knitting group tonight I ws taight how to cast off, but I still had odd strings hanging off the ends and some dropped stitches that had to be weaved under, and hidden.
What is a better way to "clean up" after casting off?! I had a horrible mess to clean up, and had to borrow a needle to do it.
I have learned a lot here, thanks to all posters, and moderators!
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