June 20th, 2006

Honeymoon Here


Hi all. I'm pretty new to knitting and I want to make a headband to hold my hair back while gardening. Most of the patterns I've seen are intended to keep the ears and forehead warm in the winter. I made a sample out of "Sugar 'n Cream but I'm not sure how much it will shrink in the wash. And it looks kinda goofy, rolling up on itself. It's all stockinette with a serious decrease to make a tail for tying. Does anyone have any suggestions. Thanks.
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FO: The Well-Dressed Wheel

Now that summer and the Vehicular Greenhouse Effect are upon us, I've been wanting to knit a steering wheel cover, admiring Knitty's Wheelie, and yet just never getting around to finding the yarn for that and doing it. I started trying out the pattern in some scrap yarn, something that lacked the elastic content of the Fixation that Wheelie calls for, just to see how it worked, yet still never got around to doing the real thing. Instead...I got to wondering if a wheel cover couldn't just be done in the round, as one big circular band, rather than knitting a long strip and then joining the ends into a circle. Eventually, sock yarn convinced me to try it: I had some Knitpicks Dancing (which does have some elastic content) and I set out to see what I could do with it.

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