June 22nd, 2006

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Hello everyone.I just tryed to go to knitpicks.com to look at the yarn but its saying something about "memory pressure" problem! (is confused) Is anyone else having this problem?I need some yarn!
Does anyone know of a different low priced yarn store on the net with good shipping fees?
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any suggestions for yarn to use for a patchwork blanket?

would a super cheap acrylic (such as red heart) be a bad choice?

also, would it be a good idea to line the back of the blanket, and how would i go about doing that?

Source for buttons?

I have recently finished the parts for the Dale of Norway Erle baby cardi. All that is left is to sew it up and finish the collar and sew on the buttons. The problem is that the button selection in my local fabric and yarn stores stinks, to say the least. Does anyone have an online source for buttons that they'd like to share?

Here's a link to a picture of Erle, in case anyone is curious:

What would you do?

I was recently given 3 balls of yarn for my birthday. The problem is that they total 735 yards of fingering weight unwashed virgin wool, which is very scratchy and unpleasant on the skin. What could I make with it? If it helps, the wool is rust colored. I'm not limited by skill, but I am relatively pattern-dependent.
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What to do with old yarn?


I recently acquired a whooping FOURTEEN one-ounce skeins of vintage yarn from my grandma. The problem is, I have NO idea what to do with it!!

Here is what I DO know about it:

  • The label says Lorraine Flaky-Sheen Boilproof. The weight is 1 oz. That is all the details that are provided on the label.
  • There is NO info about gauge, type of yarn, total yardage, care needed, etc. It doesn't even list the color (it's a medium shade of pink).
  • There is about 14 total ounces of yarn, give or take 1/2 an ounce, because it looks like some of the skeins have already been used.
  • The labels look very old. I am guessing from sometime in the 1960s to early 1970s. There is no year printed on the label, so I have no idea how old it is. The label is yellowed and has that classic 'old paper smell' that shows up with old paper.
  • It is a really weird-looking and VERY thin yarn. It is probably best used in a crocheting project, instead of a knitting project. If I were to knit something out of 14 skeins of this stuff, I would need super-thin needles.
  • I have NO idea what I could do with it -- I am at a total loss here. A light, airy shawl, maybe? Or would I be better off donating this yarn to a thrift store?

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FO - Picovoli Tee

I just finished my very first garment! It's the Picovoli Tee from Magknits.

Yarn Used: Knit Picks ShineSport (60% Pima Cotton, 40% Modal; 110yds/50g skein) in Coral, 4 skeins & a couple of yards from a 5th skein (for the last four rows... which kinda makes me feel silly for buying 8 skeins)

Size/Needles Used: I got gauge with the needles called for in the pattern: US4. This is the second-smallest size: 32.

Modifications: I worked in garter stitch for the first & last eight rows, because I know that blocking stockinette in cotton wouldn't work out too well. I left the sleeve edges in stockinette because a) I didn't feel like doing the math to get the corners to look nice and b) for the upper edge of the sleeves, at least, the rolling is put to a minumum when it is worn.

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Comments: I knit this as a birthday gift for my mother (her birthday is July 5th, I was surprised I finished it so early!). It took about 2 weeks of steady knitting. She picked the color (I don't really care for it) but she doesn't know what she's getting. My one big hope is that it FITS her (especially lengh-wise) because it seems a little short. I still have to weave in all my ends and block it a bit. I really like this pattern a lot and I'm thinking about making one for myself (once the other projects I've got in my queue are finished). It seems really versatile and it's really a simple design.
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Warm Weather Baby Knitting

I’ve got a question for you ladies and gents. After much googling, checking the usual places like Knitty and MagKnits, as well as checking out over 20 baby knitting books from my library in the last month… I’m still on the fence. What does one knit for babies in Arizona? And what with?

I have a friend who’s expecting, and from what she tells me it’s 110 degrees there right now. Too fricken’ hot to even think about putting wool on a baby. I’m not really a fan of cotton to knit with, though I’m sure that’s the best option. I’m considering Knit Picks Main Line, or maybe Shine? Does the Modal in Shine make up for the evil of knitting with cotton? It comes in great kid colors and I'd like the versatility of having both worsted and sport weight options.

If it’s a girl, I’d like to make a tank dress like the one at MagKnits. If it’s a boy, I’m not sure. Perhaps I could skip the whole issue and make toys or a blanket? What are your favorite warm weather baby knits? It seems like hats and sweaters would be out of the question, no?

Thank you for the help, and patience, especially when I realized just now that the Picovilli T post talks about Shine. But more than one opinion is still good. ;)
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razor shell pattern?

Hello Knitting!

A few months back someone posted a photo of a green handspun/hand dyed scarf they were working on in a pattern called "razor shell".

I'm having a hard time finding the original post, I'd love to ask the original poster what the exact pattern she was using because each razor shell pattern I find, looks kinda crummy & I really enjoyed what she'd done! The silly thing was, I thought at the time that I'd done the pattern correctly & written things down right & I can't for the life of me remember her on here!

If I can't find the original pattern could someone suggest a simple, wavy/lacey design that would be ok with hand dyed yarn? I know a lot of times the yarn over-powers the lace, so something simple & nice to knit would be great!

I recently was dumped by my fiance & had a bit of a breakdown & a blogging friend sent me the most amazing "feel better" package, a skien of brown sheep wool & a bunch of koolaid packages, so last night I spent the night keeping my mind off of things & learning how to dye! I took some photos & if your interested at looking, they are located
here: http://flickr.com/photos/frenchtoastcake/172747927/ sorta dorky, but I figured a fun link might be better than such a blah post :D

Thanks so much!!!

fairly easy fair isle

so, I'm trying to knit the fairly easy fair isle sweater from stitch 'n bitch nation. my first sweater! such excitement. unfortunately, since I'm not bosomly gifted, a rectangular sweater makes me look a little (okay a lot) boobless. point being -- I need to do some waist shaping and I'm a little sketchy on the sizes, so I have a couple of questions.

firstly: I'm actually a size small, according to the chart in the book (bust: 32-34"). however, the knitted xs sweater proportions end up being 32", which fits me perfectly. is it better to knit the small (36") or the xs? or even, should I attempt making a middle size between the xs and the small?

secondly: my waist, measured, is 26.25". so I can take in about 5 - 5.75 inches. the book, however, suggests taking in only about 4 inches. seeing as how I'm a newbie to sweater knitting, is it better to defer to their advice?

lastly: I have to increase and decrease in order to shape the waist. my numbers are coming out at like 5.3 and 2.6 rows between increases and decreases, respectively. is it better to round up or down? I'm thinking that this would probably make my sweater longer or shorter, but I'm not totally sure.

okay! totally done! thanks, guys.

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Ok, so I can't find one single afghan pattern that I like (for a birthday gift for my aunt), so I'm just going to make my own. I just have a quick question...

I'll be using red heart and a size 8, 29" circular, and stockinette stitch. Now, I'm going to cast on 200 stitches and I know that it'll most likely curl on the sides, so with there being 200 cast on stitches, how should I do a border? Would 10 on each side in garter be ok? Or maybe a seed stitch border?