June 23rd, 2006

Stitch Counts?

I was just given the link to a library of knitting stitches & I'm anxious to try some out.

If a pattern is written in 13 stitches +2 & I wanted to do instead of one panel of lace, two, would I cast on 26 +2 or 26 +4?

Also, when reading from a pattern when the stitch number changes, on which row does one count to make sure they haven't adding any or lost any stitches accidently?

For reference, the one I think is great is found here: http://knitting.about.com/library/blscallop1.htm

Last night I attempted to work on http://naiveknitting.typepad.com/naive_knitting_blog/2005/03/knit_report_ech.html
that lace pattern, I casted on 31 & within 3 repeats I had 34 stitches. It just kept growing. I'm not sure what I was doing wrong!

So today I'm going to frog & hopefully restart. This is my first foray into lace, although I know this isnt really a huge lace project, I'd like to make a simple scarf :D Any suggestions would be awesome!

thank you!
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Changing sock patterns

Hello, everyone!

I have been teaching myself toe-up sock knitting using Magic Loop and Wendy's Generic Toe-Up pattern(http://wendyjohnson.net/blog/sockpattern.htm). I am wanting to make some nice lacy socks for my best friend of almost 12 years as her birthday is in a couple of weeks, but I have 2 questions:

1. I like the Hedera pattern from Knitty (http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEspring06/PATThedera.html) but I would rather work it toe up. Would I just reverse everything or is that not possible to do with sock patterns? If I can't work this in reverse, are there any lacy toe-up socks that you would recommend that are similar to this pattern?

2. My friend has freakishly large, wide feet, and I want to make sure they will fit her as she has trouble with socks and shoes. She wears a size 10 EEE. I found the length width to make on the web, but I couldn't find anything stating how wide a EEE would be. I know for sure her feet is at least twice the width of mine if not more. (I wear a 6 regular). Would you have any recommendations? A search of the knitting archives stated that the pattern creater wears a 6 EEE and the large size pattern fits her. Should I follow the pattern directly or perhaps make it a bit wider to be certain they will fit my friend's feet?

Sorry for the horrid post, but I've been Googling for days and not finding much that helps.

Thanks in advance for everything!
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How many times?

How many times do I need to count my 129 stitches before I can be absolutely sure there are 129 and not, as apparently there actually are, 126? I mean, is 5 times sufficient? 10 times? Every round for the last 12 rounds of 250+ stitches on size 2 needles? What?!? Argh!

A very quick question

Sorry, my google-fu is extremely weak tonight.

Does anyone have any links to tutorials that explain double knitting (or if someone wouldn't mind giving a description here, too, that'd be brilliant!)

So far, I know that to cast on I need to cast on the number of stitches for one side, then k and ktbl every stitch to increase the number to make a tube, but beyond that, I couldn't find any tutorials! Maybe I'm using the wrong keywords or something :) I know that I slip and knit stitches, but...arrrgh!

Thank you so much!

EDIT: to be a bit more specific, I'm trying to find double-knitting tutorials for mostly single-color knitting :)

Felting and Hats

Dear experienced felters and pattern drafters,

I've not tried felting yet (well... unless you count forgetting that you've thrown your favourite wool cardigan in with your whites and it comes out the machine looking like it was made for a baby...) and I'm the brave/stupid type of person who likes to start with a challenge.

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I'm happy with my ability to make the majority of pattern myself, but I do have one question - please see below.

I can get a hat shaper from here but I was hoping to get away with not spending the extra money.

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Kind regards

Elbly the ambitious
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Pacific NW yarn crawl?

Hi! I'm a Minnesota gal who will be on vacation soon. As we know, vacation is a word we knitters use to describe excessive yarn purchasing behavior ("they don't HAVE this at my LYS!!!").

Anyone up to taking a tourist on a yarn crawl? I will have the use of a vehicle, but I'm not scared of public transit either.

Here are the dates/places:

July 2-3: Vancouver/Port Moody, BC (I'm thinking Urban Yarns for sure)
July 4-5: Seattle (The Weaving Works? I've heard good things!)
July 6-7: Portland (?)

I'm fairly confident that no rapists/murderers lurk on lj's knitting community, but if you are one, I don't want to hang out with you.

Please email jennakittykate AT hotmail DOT com if you're feeling like showing off your knitty-hometown pride, or have some recommendations for must-see shops. We will be driving, so if you know of any shops on the road between these cities, shout out.


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I'm so sorry for posting so often, but I'm stuck again.

I've been searching for an easy afghan pattern, but have been unsuccessful in finding one that I like... maybe you can help?

I really want to make a ripple afghan, but I want one thats wide, like 50 inches wide. All of the ones that I've found are baby blankets, and I'm not smart enough to figure out how many extra stitches to add to make it the same and just larger.

Can you post any links that you might have to ripple patterns, or any easy blankets period?

Thanks so much and hopefully my next post will be photos instead of a question. haha :)
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How much yarn in a sock?

I have one 50g skein of Regia sock yarn. I think it's Regia Jacquard Color although it's hard to tell without swatching. I do know that it's some variety of their standard sock yarn, which is a 75/25% wool/polyamide blend, 230 yards in 50g, 7 stitches per inch.

My problem: I'd like to use it for a project that is not a sock, and I'm trying to estimate if I can use what I have rather than buying two new skeins. I'd swatch, measure, and put the swatch on a scale, but I don't have access to a sensitive scale. I know that the rule of thumb is that it takes 100g for a pair of typical adult-sized socks. Is that because it takes all of 100g or simply because it takes more than 50g? I know that this is vague and that the answer is probably "it depends on the foot/pattern/yarn". I'm just trying to decide if I'm in the right ballpark before I start swatching so that I don't break into this skein if I definitely won't be able to use it.

ETA: Got it. Thanks, everyone.

FO: IK Mini-Poncho, Kiddie-Sized

Although I learned to crochet eons ago in 4-H, I only began knitting at the start of this year. I've just been lurking here 'til now, soaking up all the knitting wisdom!

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Pattern: Meema Spadola's Mini-Poncho (scroll down to pg. 2)
Yarn: Berroco Cotton Twist in Blue Lustre and Frankenberry
Modifications: I made this for my 5 year-old fashionista, so I cast on fewer stitches and knit fewer rows. I also opted out of the edging, as a little of the rather vibrant Frankenberry goes a long way. ;)
Final Thoughts: Cotton Twist is a shiny, pretty yarn (perfect for little girls' knits!), and it lent itself well to the stretchy purse stitch. I do wish I would have paid more attention to the finishing, as I bound off both incorrectly and too tightly, but most of that got hidden when I joined the pieces together. All in all, it was a fun learning project, and my daughter loves it. :)
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Knit Picks Needles

Several people have been asking about these needles and I got a pair in the mail yesterday, in short, I LOVE THEM!!!  First off I should say the brands of needles I have is not extensive (I have Boye, Susan Bates, and Clover), I've never knitted with Denises or Addis, which seem to be pretty popular around here.  I wanted a size 5 needle and since they don't make those in the classic circulars,I chose to get a set of size 5 of the Options line and a 24 inch cable.  The join is very smooth, I'm having no problems with my lace weight yarn getting stuck on them.  I have had no problems with the point of the needles splitting my yarn and the cable is very flexible and smooth.  I often have trouble with stitches coming off of my other needles when I'm knitting lace, and have not had that problem with these at all.  I think that is a combination of the needles and cable though (I don't know about the rest of you, but a lot of times I'm trying to untwist the stupid cable or get it situated and stitches just seem to pop off the end).  I had apparently skipped over the part in the description that said you get 2 cables for the $3.99 price so that was a nice surprise, and they of course come with the cable key (which is much sturdier than the one that came with my Boye set)and then 4 of the end caps.  I also have read on here that some people have had problems with their sets of interchangeable needles coming undone - well this join seems much sturdier than my Boye set, of course I can't speak for the Denise's, but if definitely took more work to get it screwed in (which is definitely where the stronger key came in!!)

I hope this was a little helpful.  I will definitely be trying out their DPN's and probably investing in the set at some point.  I know so far it has made my lace knitting much less frustrating and less intense (what with not having to hold my breath and wait for the little tiny stitch to come off the needle and be lost forever) so I'm hoping it would just make all my knitting that much more enjoyable.