June 25th, 2006



I finally started the decrease rows on my Clapotis. I knew that I was running low on yarn so I started the decrease rows at 12 dropped stitches instead of 13. I figured I would probably be able to sneak by and get to the end with probably just enough to bind off. I ran out of yarn with only a small corner left.

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Has anyone tried to frog this scarf? I'm sure if I go back to the straight rows and rip it out until I had 11 dropped stitches, I would end up with plenty more yarn but I've never tried to rip out a drop stitch piece. Would I have to fix the stitches I dropped? Or should I just give in and order another whole skein of yarn?
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Just a quick yarn question

I'm making a striped sweater. I have quite a bit of black Shine worsted, and I want to use that, but I need some other colors to have stripes (...obviously). I wanted to know if there was anyone with a color card for shine worsted that could tell me if Ebony-Sea Spray-Bachelor Button or Ebony-Wisteria-Bachelor Button would work well as stripes.

Petal Bib

Hello everyone!I just got the new One Skein book and Im trying the Petal Bib.Only problem is I have never made anything like this before and I need some help please. ^.^
I am at the end of the Small Petal and it says "Place sts on holder." My olny question is how long of a tail should I leave?

Also my next question is once I get to the point where it says "Rejoin yarn" do I just do it like I would if I was starting a new ball of yarn?

And one last question....How do I hide my wraps as I come to them?

TY all for the help im sure I will get.I really want to make some baby items and you folks always help me! ^.^

(I was working on some baby shorts but the crotch looked all wrong so I froged them and im just going to wait on starting them again till im with some fellow knitters!lol)
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A question on chart reading

I've googled this issue and read a few articles, but none answered my specific question — so I turn to you fine people!

When using a chart for a project knit in the round, do you still alternate reading lines from the right, then left, or do you read all the rows from the right?


bad counting = frogging

i have to share my sadness someplace, and i figured you all would understand more than all my non-knitting friends

so i decided to knit my friend Erica an afgan for her wedding in August. I made up the pattern myself, and i started it the other day, cast on 180+ stitches, did 10 rows of seed stitch, and then finally got to start on the cable/seed section. i'm going along, seed for 10 sts, 12sts for the cable yada yada yada. i got the the end of the pattern and realized i had cast on 8 extra stitches when i started knitting, dispite the fact that i counted and recounted.

so needless to say, i just ripped out the entier thing, and it was the most painful thing ever. its amazing how quick it is to rip out hours of knitting.

i will be posting pictures when i have a decent amount of it completed so you all can see it :)

Spectator Grand lace hat pattern question

This is a question that's rather specific to the pattern, but I was hoping there might be people who have knit this before, or perhaps people who understand knitting enough to know what I'm talking about.

I'm knitting the Spectator Grand hat by Annie Modesitt. The pattern starts with a bunch of garter stitch, and then the brim is knit from the inside out. After finishing the brim, you pick up stitches in the middle and do a bit more garter stitch before you start with the crown. So the garter stitch is the part just covered by the ribbon. My question is this: Why, after all this beautiful lacey business, am I to dirty it up with common, ungainly garter stitch? (I'm being a bit melodramatic here, but I'm still curious.) Is it for comfort or sweat absorption or something, or just because it's faster? I'm knitting this for someone with a very sensitive head (read: chemo) and I want to make sure it's as comfortable as possible.