June 27th, 2006



I'm not sure if this technically counts as a finished object. It's a sock... but it's only one sock. I have yet to make its partner. I'm very excited because I have never been able to complete a sock before. Now all I need to do is get up the motivation to make the second sock.

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Sleeve Issue

Hello I'm new to this community and have knitted socks and scarves, but have just started working on more complicated garments.

I am working on a sweater from a magazine, but the sleeves were much to large when finished. The pattern called for 2 needles sizes, but didn't specify switching for the sleeves. Should I have done that anyway. The gauge was correct with the larger needles, but there is WAY too much ease for it to fit properly without huge gathers.

Thank you!

anybody good at math???

i hate to ask, but i've *never* been good at this sort of thing . . .

i'm making a pair of knee-length socks, and since i'm doing them with worsted weight yarn and size 6 dpn's for *my* short fat legs ( :-) ), i have to decrease gradually from 84 sts to 44 over 58 rnds of work. how should i do this? where should the decreases be? help, somebody, please, before i wind up in a tangle of yarn! :-D
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So a while ago I posted a red purse, and I never knew what exactally I wanted to do with it. But it needed a lining, and I think that's all it needed. I'm very happy with how it turned out. I want to make another one now. haha. And my cabled little purse needed a lining too, so I just used the left overs from the red purse. Enjoy.

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First time "lace"er

Hello everyone, I just bought my first lace weight yarn and would like to complete a lace shawl/shrug/wrap. I bought 1750 yards of turquoise merino, but I have no idea where to start. All of the lace patterns I see (and like) look really complicated and scary to me. I was hoping someone may have a simple, but stylish, lace pattern that they could suggest that would be appropriate for a beginner.
I appreciate any help, thanks!

ETA: Thanks to all of your wonderful tip, suggestions and pattern links I have decided to start with the Liesel Scarf in an inexpensive yarn. Then swatch and block the shawl pattern of my choosing (it will depend on how the Liesel Scarf goes) and then get started. I'll post with any progress I make...thanks again for all of the help, support and encouragement! You all rock!


I found out today that my mother is getting married Sept. 1. I think it would be nice to knit her something pretty for the wedding. I've only been knitting since March, but I follow directions well, and am willing to take on a challenge, as long as that challenge can be finished in the 2 month time frame I have. I like lace. If anyone has any suggestions for what I can do for her, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

with all the talks of headbands lately

I was inspired! a link was posted to the Wendy Bernard Dream Swatch Headband. So I checked it out, loved it, and then tweaked it! here is my spin... :) she had it made so it was a little more like a scarf. i decreased stitches on both ends in SS and then I-corded for a tie instead. i also added an extra 2 rows in between the YO rows. I used sock weight yarn.

i need to figure this out. ill repost when i do. shoot.
nevermind. its not working, it always has in the past and im getting super frustrated with the whole thing. sorry all, but i just cant get it tonight!

HOLY CRAP!!!!! IT FINALLY WORKED! I WAS IN RICH FORMAT AND I BOOFED!!!! thank you for all of your help and im sorry for all the bologna!

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KnitPicks - yarn porn

I'm kind of crazily addicted to KnitPicks. I wanted to order some color-cards and then I decided to get some yarn to get the order up to $40. I went over that, of course, as I always do. I got color cards for: Palette (fingering weight, 100% Peruvian Wool), Crayon (DK weight, 100% Pima Cotton), Spinnaker (bulky, 100% Pima Cotton), Twirl (bulky, 71% Superfine Alpaca, 26% Wool, 3% Nylon), Shine Sport & Shine Worsted (60% Pima Cotton, 40% Modal), Main Line (worsted, 75% Pima Cotton, 25% Merino Wool), and Merino Style (DK weight, 100% Merino Wool).

The color cards are going to be so very useful because I can already tell that the pictures aren't always accurate. They're also great cause I can feel the yarn without having to buy yet more balls.

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I now have way too much yarn and not many plans for most of it. I'm getting ready to pack up my apartment & move (within the next 2 weeks or so) and the last thing I needed to do was add more yarn to my stash. Once I do move, however, I will sort through all of the yarn I have and probably a) have a stash-busting sale and b) take more yarn porny pictures to share with you.
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tutorial site?

I've been Googling, to no avail. Can someone point me to a site that explains how to correctly pick up the stitches to continue on the bottom edge from a crochet cast-on? If the site has pictures, I'll love you forever. I've found a few places that explain the casting-on part, but I've got that, and I can get the sts to release properly. It's when I have to pick them up that things go wonky. Help?

socks--opinions on heel and toe styles?

I'm kind of new to the whole world of making socks, and so far have only successfully made one pair.

I thought socks would be a great thing to knit during my commute on the bus until I realized that my guage changes dramatically when I knit on the bus (same number of rows but one sock was 1" longer than the other!). I found a link in an earlier post on knitting two socks simultaneously. I might give that a try.

The only sock pattern I've used is "Priscilla's Dream socks" from Interweave Knits (available on the website), which uses short row heels and toes. I've looked around to find various heel/toe styles and Knitting Vintage Socks and Folk Socks feature more different styles than any other books I've seen.

LJ knitters, your opinions please. What heel/toe styles do you like and why? Is it comfort, or easy to knit, or easily adaptable to fit your foot's unique character, or just plain fun to make?
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Knitted sock question.

I have never knit socks before but would love to try, especially as I see more and more knitters on this board making their own.  But I do have one question?  Do socks always have to be done with four needles?  I have never tried knitting with four before and find it a bit daunting actually.

gah~ lace chart help please.

So I joined the Icarus KAL and asked this over there, but I havent gotten a helpful response yet, so I am asking you lovely people.

Here is the chart

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Okay I am at row 19 of the chart. All my stitches have matched up beautifully and the pattern is going great. I get to row 19 and there is that box. The key at the bottom says that the box is a pattern repeat. Now, does that mean I repeat the pattern again, you know do the work in the box then go back to the begining of the box and then do it again? Or do I just keep knitting in the box when I get to the end of the box, just continue the pattern?

I am confused and I want to knit some tonight.



I am just looking at this again and I think the light bulb went off. In the pattern it says to complete chart one, and then go back and do rows 19=41 again. I would imagine that is where the box for the repeat is used. I am a dolt.