June 28th, 2006

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Shepherd Sock - Pattern Suggestions?

I finally caved in and bought some of the Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn in the Black Purl colorway that I'd been eyeing for three weeks. I started knitting Knitty's Hedera but have concluded that it just looks really busy and somewhat pukey.

That said, does anyone have any suggestions for some (preferably free online) sock patterns that work well with dark variegated yarns? I Googled a bit and checked the usual online knitting mags, but didn't see much that interested me. Jaywalkers are a possibility, but anything with a gauge of 8 sts/in is difficult for me since I can't seem to attain it even at small needle sizes and I'd rather not mess with the math ;)

I saw this basic rib sock as well. It's nice but not very exciting though!

Thanks in advance :)

Edit: Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! They were a big help.

Yo Weirdness

I have googled and searched the community, but I can't find anything that addresses the problem I'm having. If this has been covered before, I'll delete it.

Anyway. I just started Branching Out and I'm having a problem with my YOs. When knitting the next row, it's like the YO is coming forward across the knit stitch in front of it, and I can't tell if I'm supposed to push the YO back and knit the knit stitch, or knit through the YO and then the knit stitch that it looks like it's pulled over.

Am I YOing wrong, or is it supposed to be that way? And if it is supposed to be that way, should I be knitting through the YO and then the stitch, or vice versa?
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(no subject)

So I'm relatively new to knitting. I've started a bunch of scarves but never have been able to finish them.

My problem is, after I cast on and begin knitting the first row (I just do straight knits because I'm still learning), the length of yarn between the needles keeps increasing. I don't understand where this yarn is coming from, and when I finish the row, it just kind of dangles there in a big loop. I really do not understand this at all, and I'm probably doing a really bad job of explaining it-I'm sorry! If you guys need pictures of what I'm talking about, I can take some and post them after I get off work tonight. This is really frustrating!!

Also, I just wanted to say that I've been lurking for a while and all your work is fantastic! You guys are really talented and at the risk of sounding creepy or four years old-I want to be able to do that someday!

The Lace!

So, the lace is coming along very nicely! I started Liesel today on my lunch break with some inexpensive yarn that I had hanging around in my stash...here is what it looks like...Collapse )
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FO: Lace Shawl

I finished a shawl for my sister-in-law for her wedding on Saturday. It was my first large lace project. The pattern is my own design.

Pattern Details: The lace field is 35 horizontal (216 stitches) repeats/30.5 vertical (488 rows) repeats of Starlight Lace from Barbara Walker's Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns. The lace edging is 176 repeats of a modified version of the Rosebud edging with an additional sawtooth edging.

Yarn: 6.3 ounces of Jagger Spun Zephyr

Needles: Inox Express US 3

Shawl Size: Approximately seven feet by three feet

Blocking Method: Wet blocking method (pdf) In addition, I used a piece of checkered fabric underneath the shawl like graph paper so I could guarantee the shawl was blocked perfectly square.

Knitting Duration: Approximately five months of on and off knitting

Techniques I Learned: I learned how to chart lace, fix lace without ripping, attach edging, turn corners, block lace.

Things I would do different: After picking up a zillion stitches for the lace edging, I think I would rather knit a square shawl so I can attach the edging to live stitches. The process would be much quicker. However, I don't plan on knitting lace on such a large scale for a while so it could be like pregnancy and I forget how painful it was.

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Blocking a Moebius?

Hi All!

It's been a while since I've asked a question or posted a FO *hides*, but I wanted your collective advice on this new venture.

I've figured out Moebius knitting. Sorry Cat (Bordhi), I did it on my own. I'm working on two of them, but I know I'll be done with one of them probably today. It's knit with Noro Cash Iroha (silk/wool/cashmere/nylon) in an open stitch (YO, dec1 all around) on size US10 needles so it's been a super quick knit! So here's my question:

How should I block a Moebius? Should I pin it out and block in sections? If I can block in one go, how do I deal with the twist? I've got a handle on my basic blocking technique, but tips on the mechanics of it would be awesome.

Any advice would be helpful. Thanks and I promise to post pics when I'm done!

(no subject)

I have a question about selling your knitting. (I know some people are morally against this, but bear with me.)

I know that if you get a free pattern from someone, say, Knitty, that it's illegal to sell items you knit from that pattern (copyright, etc., it makes sense).
What about if you buy the pattern? Are you then buying the rights to make and sell items from that pattern as well?
For instance, I really want to make some knitted toys. I want to make them largely for fun, and I am sad that I have no one to give them to. No (little) kids in my life, etc. However, since I still want to make them, and there are a number of little boutiques around here, I was thinking of making them and seeing if any of the little stores here (say, my LYS) wanted to sell them. I don't, however, want to get in trouble/break copyright/be illegally profitting, etc.
I have kinda been under the impression that if you buy the pattern, you can sell items made using the pattern, but I'm not sure.
Also, what if you take a free pattern and heavily modify it and then sell items made that way? I modified Knitty's Very Tall Socks a lot when I made them, and I was thinking of making even more variations (say, with lace instead of stockinette). Would that be illegal?

Very curious, so TIA!
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(no subject)

Sorry for posting again so soon, but I have another question. Obviously. D:

This is a question about the Elizabeth I scarf patterns, so if you don't have those, then you probably can't answer it. ~_~;

On the Key for the patterns it has the whole ... key thing, going on, and the second line has the \ symbol and then it says "ssk (or".

Does that '(or' refer to the next line (which has a / symbol which suggests it doesn't relate to it) or is it a typo and if so does anyone have any idea what it's supposed to mean? It's some kind of bizarre mystery. D:


Actually the more I look at this.. another less pattern-specific question. What is "k through back loop of st"? Isn't that how you're supposed to knit?
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cabled handwarmer pattern?

I'm a mid-level knitter (I do mostly hats, legwarmers, and handwarmers, and I'm about to start on my first sweater), and I need help finding a pattern. I had one on my computer, but I threw it away, thinking I would never use it. (D'oh.) The pattern I'm looking for is for cabled handwarmers; I got two skeins of a beautiful pink silk-blend yarn that I want to knit up, as I'm moving to Oberlin, Ohio at the end of August and hear that it gets quite cold in the winter. If you know of an online pattern, please send the link on over; if you know of a book that has a pattern, I'd love to know the title so that I can buy myself a copy.

Thank you!
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Needle question

I am thinking about getting the Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set tomorrow.But I love wooden needles.(I will NEVER use the metal ones!My stitches fall off them.)The only problem there is its $100 for a set of wooden!

What are your thoughts/comments about the Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set.Are they worth the $40 something dollars?Do they break easy?Is there everything in the set that I need or may I need to pick up a few odds and ends?Are they real slick like metal ones?

Please let me know all and any comments you can give me!
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pattern confusion

hey, ya'll. just a quick question.

i'm working on the woodland connection bag by laura irwin [a pattern i picked up from articlepract in oakland]. and i've got a quick question about the pattern.

i've gone and done half of the front panel of the bag but the next part is right confusing and i was hoping someone could help me make sense of it.

K1, SSK K until last 3 sts, K2tog, K1
Work 3 rows ST st
Repeat Decrease Row
Work 3 rows ST st
Decreasing on only RS rows continue in this way until you have 34 sts*
Ending on WS row
BO on RS

so the question... on the bolded part does it mean to continue the decrease pattern as such--

K1, SSK K until last 3 sts, K2tog, K1
Work 3 rows ST st
Repeat Decrease Row
Work 3 rows ST st

or to just decrease with the K1, SSK K until last 3 sts, K2tog, K1 on every RS row?
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