June 29th, 2006


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I'm eyeing to start this hat, but I want to size it for a toddler girl who is 1.5-2.5

I know I need to decrease it in sets of six, but I don't have kids of my own, and I have no freakin' clue as to how small their heads are. Other patterns for toddlers I've eyed vary big time and have been no help as far as a reference. How many stitches would you cast on to begin with?

For those in the Northwest - Bumbershoot


For anyone in the area who might be attending Bumbershoot I just read this little snippet on their webpage announcing the Literary Arts lineup:

Monday's Home Economics program brings together Shoshana Berger, editor of ReadyMade magazine; rock-and-roll crafter Jenny Hart, and self-proclaimed "Yarn Harlot" Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, plus the affable moderation of Kurt B. Reighley: music journalist, DJ, and knitter.


FO: Knitty's Katja

After my question about Sugar'n Cream cotton yarn the other day, I decided it couldn't hurt to try it for this project, since it's a quick knit anyway. I can see how this yarn wouldn't do very well for a larger garmet, since cotton in general is so heavy and doesn't keep its shape very well. I didn't have any problems with the quality of this yarn, however, so I'm not quite sure why it seems to inspire the hate. I didn't find it overly stiff (even without washing, just straight off the skein), I had no problems with it being splitty, and no shedding to speak of (unlike Cotton Tots, which was the bane of my existence on the one project I used it for).

So, on to the project...Knitty's Katja, a summer baby halter. I opted to knit this in the round instead of flat (as the instructions are written) and seaming up the back. I hate seaming. One note I'll make for anyone else who might think about doing it this way is to re-write the instructions for yourself, since the notations on when to knit all rows and when to knit in stockinette can be vexing if you're not paying close attention.

As you'll see in my pic, right after the cups are grafted to the body, there was supposed to be a section of garter stitch and the pattern instructions said "Rows 2-4: K all sts". I had a brain fart and did exactly that...knitted all the stitches on those rows, except that because I was knitting in the round, I wound up with stockinette for those rows instead of garter. By the time I realized I'd done it wrong, I was too lazy to frog, so I just moved the first section of garter stitch down a few rows.

This, however, left me with a new problem. Right after the first garter stitch section, there's a row with kfb increases every 4th stitch. This row of increases would have been hidden by being right along the bottom row of the garter stitches, but since I forgot that part, they're hanging right there in the open in my stockinette stitch. I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to leave it this way or try to work in some sort of embellishment on that row to hide it.

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New skills aquired on this project:

1. Provisional cast on - the cups are worked on their own by crocheting a chain and picking up stitches for the bottom edge along the chain. This chain of waste yarn is later snipped out and the piece is transferred to a dpn to be grafted to the body.

2. Grafting separately knitted pieces to main piece of knitting - I got this wrong the first time around, I knitted the cups on backwards (further confused by the fact that I was knitting in the round) and had to frog and redo. For the overlap of the cups on the front of the bodice, you're actually grafting from both cups onto the main body at once, similar to grafting sock toes using a three needle bind off. I think it came out pretty well for my first (OK, second, since I had them backwards on my first attempt) time.

Surpisingly enough, I've actually woven in all loose ends and have this totally finished (unless I decide to embellish over the increase row) in a timely manner. I started this Tuesday evening and finished Thursday evening, which is pretty good considering I spent most of Thursday pumping 5k gallons of water out of my basement (I live near W-B, PA...flooding, ack!)

Overall, a cute and fast project, and Sugar'n Cream worked fine!

Converting needlepoint patterns for knitting

I just bought a copy of Alice Starmore's Celtic Needlepoint book for the beautiful colorwork patterns. How do you convert these sorts of patterns that are designed for square units of needlework into ones appropriate for stockinette knitting and still keep the integrity of the designs? Or am I doomed to lusting after these patterns from afar?


Today the Yarn Harlot put up a very nice post about breastfeeding education and support, which is a topic I happen to feel pretty strongly about myself. In conjunction with this, she's providing information about a project to provide fruit and vegetable baby hats to low-income families, as part of a nutrition education program; if you're interested in making such a hat, contact Stephanie at the email address listed on her blog for the address to send your hats.

In support of this, I've put up a couple of free fruit hat patterns on my blog; you'll find them in the sidebar. I hope to also provide a few more, as I have time to work something out, but those should get you started.

FO: Celtic felted purse and potholders

Early this week I finished a felted purse and a few felted potholders I made as test swatches:

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The good news: I swore I was going to knit two items before I bought more yarn. This is my second item! More yarn! Yippee!
The bad news: The yarn I want (color-grown cotton to crochet a lacy cardigan) is apparently mostly sold in Canada. Additionally, after I ordered it, I learned it was backordered. I have started knitting a Christmas-tree skirt to tide me over until it comes. It is supposed to ship soon -- hopefully it won't get held up too long in customs. I shall console myself by noting that in NC, it should be warm enough for a lacy cardigan for some time to come.

Questions on yarn


I have been working on Knitty.com's Cozy but instead of using Reynolds Mandalay, the yarn it calls for, I have been using Lyon's Brand woolease. However, I'm wondering if it was the right choice, after several lines the lace pattern doesn't seem as crisp as it does in the site's picture. Part of me is hoping it is just the start of the skein (it was knotted big time) and will smooth out, and part of me is thinking it was a bad choice. But before I give up or press on, I was hoping for some input from the knitting community: Was wool as a yarn a good choice or bad choice for this pattern? What are your feelings on woolease in general? Any other recommendations?

Second question: Is there a cheaper yarn substitution for Interweave Knits Lotus Blossom Tank? I have just fallen in love with it but am finding the bamboo-type yarn it calls for is difficult to come by. The LYS owner said she won't carry it because Jo-anns has their own line of bamboo yarn, but that line has been discontinued.

Last one: I am moving to the Circleville, Ohio area. Does anyone know of an LYS or knitting group nearby?
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ball winders.

I am really interested in getting myself a ball winder, but as a beginning knitter, I don't really know what I should be looking for in a ball winder. Does anybody have a ball winder that they really like, and if so, could you describe it to me and tell me where you got it? Thanks!
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Okay, I posted this over at the KAL, but maybe you kids can help me out faster.

I am doing the icarus shawl from IK.

Okay I did chart one rows 1-42, now I am up to repeated rows 19-42 5 times. I am on the first row of the repeat and i am confused. I am knitting along and get to the point where I repeat whats in the box, well I do that and I still have sts until I get to the middle sts. Do I repeat the box until I get to the middle start the other row of holes and then get to the middle sts?

I am so confused, thanks.
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My first toe-up sock!!!

I've made some socks in my knitting career, but never toe-up. Also, these were the first socks I've knitted using smaller needles than a size 8 (my dad likes the slipper-esque socks that I knit for him). This is the patter I used and...

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FO: Boogie Vest

I just finished knitty's Boogie.

I used Plymouth Encore Chunky in Charcoal Heather, and I may make another in the future with a "nicer" yarn, maybe a splurge on cashmere. I love the way this fits me and I can't wait for cooler weather so I can wear it for real.

I added four inches to the total length of the pattern which I made in the largest size.

I learned to crochet for this pattern. I feel so accomplished.

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edit: I'm a 40DD and 18-20 size pants, if that helps with sizing.
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Question for Sock knitters

Once I finish the God-forsaken Dr Who scarf Im currently working on, Id like to learn to knit socks. More specifically, Id like to learn to knit socks toe up, two at once. Unfortunately, I've only been able to find this tutorial. I usually like to use more than one reference when using photos and text to learn a new technique (in case one tutorial explains things more clearly than the other). I have, after an extensive internet search, have found only this link. Im wondering if anyone can show me another link, or tell me if they think that the link I have is clear and concise enough that I wouldnt need another link.