June 30th, 2006


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On the needles:
A knitting bag
Alpaca knit apron dress
tunic for DD
Icarus from Interweave knits
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Haven't done much knitting today. Just a few rows on the tunic. "Iky" has dissapeared under a pile of stuffies (see my LJ about why there is a pile of stuffies in my living room). I plan on knitting more tomorrow. Honest. ;)

Sleep bellows.
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FO: cabled lined hat; four questions

So I finally finished the hat to go with the scarf I posted last week.

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And four questions:

1. Even though I'm a reasonably experienced knitter (although not very much so, as will become evident from this question), I really don't know how to weave in ends. On seamed garments, I usually just run them into the seam up and down. On other things, I weave it in mimicking the stitches -- over and under like the yarn of the stitches went. Of course, that becomes pretty obvious. Is that the right way to do it? Does anyone have a better, less conspicuous way, preferably illustrated somewhere?

2. I can do cables and lace without a problem, and figured out intarsia, but I am scared of Fair Isle. I tried knitting a Fair Isle scarf for my friend, and it worked ok in the middle, but edge stitches were terribly loose. I noticed that alot of Fair Isle garments are knit in the round, and I do have a bit of an easier time doing that. So is Fair Isle just meant to be worked in the round? CAN it be done flat, without looping the yarn all the way back around?

3. Also, my tension on Fair Isle is pretty terrible. Is that just something that comes with practice?

4. Finally, to practice Fair Isle, I got yarn and these socks. All was going great down the leg -- I even figured out the two-handed stranding method, but when I got past turning the heel into the foot, I tried it on and it wouldn't go over my heel because the short-row heel is not as tall and so doesn't go over my foot as well. I was making the smaller size, because I don't want these to be floppy around my ankles -- again, no elasticity. How do I fix this problem? Can I increase in the 2-3 round before the heel, knit a larger heel, and then decrease a bit more for the foot? Should I just knit the larger size? I'm wary of knitting a standard heel flap because it would affect the striping of the yarn.

apology and thanks

I'd like to apologize for the cross-post last night. I neglected to check the community rules before I did so and then went right to sleep, and so missed the request to remove the cross post. It won't happen again.

However, I would like to thank those that helped me last night. I think I now have a good handle on what I'm doing with my Sox socks:) I'll post pictures or links to pictures when I finish them....
knitting is hot

a few things i did on vacation


Just got home and I am about to walk out the door so colton and I can go to Six Flags. Just wanted to post this picture of a few items i knitted while on vacation. I haven't knitted in at least 2 months and it feels good to get back into the swin of things.

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Boobholder for fat chicks

I want to make Glampyre's Boobholder, but Im a chunky girl and I have a feeling the one size provided wouldnt fit.

The widest part of my upper arm is 18", and my bust measures 52". I vary between a size 20-22, depending, and I wear a 44DD. So yeah, Im grainfed.

I am a chickenshit knitter, so I am not quite sure where to start on this one. Is there a page where the measurements are provided for the size provided, and I figure I can work from there? Advice from anyone who has knit this for a chubbier figure would be appreciated.

Advice for beginners


I've been meaning to learn again (first time being when I was 6 or something, and it didn't hold my attention sadly).

I just want to start with the real basics and wondered what everyone here made as their first project?

Also, any recommendations as to the kind of basic yarn and needles I should go get? I'm in the UK if that makes a difference!

Thank you everyone in advance!

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To dye before or to dye after?

I'm planning on making a shawl with some Knitpicks "Paint Your Own" laceweight wool. I want a black (or possibly dark red) shawl. I have acid dyes and have done some dying of yarn and of roving so I'm pretty comfortable with it. However, I've never dyed a finished object.

In the case of this shawl, I'd prefer to knit it up in the natural color so it will be easier to see my work as I go along, then dye it the dark color after it's finished. Can anyone comment on this process? Am I worrying for no good reason? Any cautionary tales of accidental felting I should heed?

Also, I'm planning on a solid look, not a hand-painted look.

lengthening sleeves (for a gorilla=b)

Hello, it's me again. I'm working on the sleeves of my Rogue. I finished the first one and tried it out...
It's not even halfway past my elbow...oops
Here's how I plan to correct this, let me know if something sounds wrong here.
The sleeve is 7 inches too short. After the cabling, there are 4 sets of increases, one every 10 rows, plus 4 rows after the last set. I checked my gauge and I had 6 stitches to the inch, which means I'll need to add 42 rows, which isn't divisible by 4 or 5, so maybe I'll add 9 rows to each set of 10, plus 6 after the last set. The width is fine, I just need more length.
I just thought I'd check this with the community.
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color recommendation?

I realize this request may be a little odd.

I'm currently researching yarn possibilities for an upcoming project--a Harry Potter scarf in book Ravenclaw colors, which are blue and bronze. At this point, the blue yarn will probably be Plymouth Encore.

My problem is with the bronze. The (pretty much) exact color I want to use is Maple Syrup in Wool of the Andes, but I really don't want to use WotA for a variety of reasons.

Can anyone recommend a worsted weight yarn that comes in a reasonably close color? For those people who haven't seen Maple Syrup in person, it's a warm brown that I have seen compared to DMC floss #300. Another similar floss color I like for a possible bronze is the similar #975.

I realize this is quite a long shot, but does anyone have any suggestions? I'd really appreciate them, as I appreciate you taking the time to read this post.

Many thanks in advance for any help and for just reading this post. =D