July 1st, 2006

basic knitting-in-the-round question

If I want to take a pattern for a round object that was written to be knitted flat, and I want to knit that object on circs or dpn, should I subtract two stitches that would have been used for seaming, or will the fact that knitting in the round tightens gauge make up for that? For instance, if a hat calls for 100 cast on stitches when knitting it flat, would I cast on 98 stitches if I knitted it on circs? Or perhaps it will be different for every project, and I should let my faux-round swatch tell me the answer?

S&B Nation has a "tip" for changing flat sweaters to round, and it includes the advice to subtract two stitches, but somehow I'm having a hard time trusting that advice completely. I'm trying to be more brave by making patterns work for me more than I work for them, but being brave is scary. :-)

hourglass sweater question

Hey everyone. I am finally completing The Hourglass Sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts and i think i'm going blind. I feel like i'm just not reading this pattern right anymore. (Personally i feel it could have been written clearer, but then again i usually re-write many of my patterns on portable index cards to tote along with me)

Okay my question. The raglan decreases after you attach the second sleeve- Should there be stitch markers on both sides of the sleeves- 4 mrks total? So i decrease on the front and back before and after each sleeve?

Please point out where i am right/wrong and help me finish this cursed sweater i began in December!

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Also, just for postings sake...
I love the cable pattern for Celtic Icon in Inspired Cabled Knits and i don't have the yarn cash right now to go knitting the sweater so i went stash diving and thought I could use a nice warm scarf. After the swatch i just didn't feel it so i'm saving the pattern and the yarn for another day.
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At any rate, please hep!

Completly Confussed

Alright, so I decided to try out Knitty's Branching Out.  I just finished a simple lace scarfe and I want to do something a little more advanced.  

The pattern says to cast on 25 stitches and work garter st for 5 rows.  No problem there.  Now, here's where I get really confussed ..... the first row of the lace pattern ... when I work it, I don't have enough stitches to complete the row.

Before I lose my mind, can someone out there help me?
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Braided cast on:

I love this cast on; it creates a lovely braided effect that is stunning on mittens or hats. It's perfect for two colour knitting, no need to fumble to add the second colour, it's already there! And it sets up your stitches perfectly for corrugated ribbing!

The site where I originally learned this technique did a terrible job at explaining it, and it took me forever to figure it out. I decided to make a better set of instructions after several people on another list asked me how I did it.

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If you have any questions or if anything is unclear, let me know and I'll try to explain better.

Mon Clapotis, c'est fini!


I have finished my first clapotis!

Yarn: Noro Silk garden in colourway 203. The 203 in my LYS had purple in it, but the batch I bought from e-bay didn't. I'm happy anyway.

Needles: My trusty Boye interchangeables, size 8 circular.

This was a great pattern for me because I have been a combined knitter and this had so many k1 and ktbl that it was a good way to learn "switch knitting". I think I'm comfortable with both methods now.


in the yard

from the back

as a scarf

purl side up

stolen by the evil gnome

with the kitty

I love the curliness of it, but I would like to wash it to make it softer. If I wash it and "block" it really loosely, do you think it will keep its curl?

HAPPY CANADA DAY! (a link to Canadian Silliness)

Squashed yarn balls

I have just received several balls of Knitpicks andean silk in the mail. I don't know how many of you are familiar with the squashed little balls but at the risk of sounding like a complete and utter idiot, are these balls center pull? I have never used these kinds of yarn balls before and I don't want to go digging around inside for a center pull if it doesn't exist. On a small side note, how do you find the end inside a store bought center pull skein? I usually end up digging around inside and yanking out a tangled mess before I locate it. Any suggestions?