July 3rd, 2006


Men's Aran Pattern?

Hi all,
I want to knit a sweater for my Dad, preferably in Cascade's Ecological Wool. I haven't been able to find a pattern I like though! I want a somewhat traditional Aran cable pattern, with (mostly) all-over texture. A little stockinette or seed stitch wouldbe fine though. I'm thinking regualar drop-shoulder, crew neck.
I've been all through Knitty, AND Knitting Pattern Central, and didn't like anything there.
I have Barbara Walkers Treasury of Knitting patterns, so maybe if I just found a good tutorial about creating your own Aran I could go from there? As it is I don't know how to account for cables when trying to get gauge to figure out the measurements I'd need.
I'm open to purchasing books or magazines, please share your knowledge!

I found some great FREE sweater patterns at GarnStudio! I nearly forgot about that site :)
I think I'm going to make this: http://www.garnstudio.com/lang/en/visoppskrift.php?d_nr=85&d_id=6&lang=en

My brain has ceased to function...

I'm going to be having baby girl #3 in about 8 SHORT weeks, and have knitted nada for her yet (though, she does have quite the stash in store from elder sisters 1 and 2.)

I want to make a sweater. I have just about every yarn imaginable, especially some Classic Elite Premiere, which is one of my favorite smooshy-soft yarns to make things for babies (worsted weight stuff.) Anyhoo... I've gone through all of my IK's, Knitty, MagKnits, About.com, everywhere I can think of and have bookmarked, and am coming up with nothing that floats my proverbial boat.

That said, I love Reid from the Spring 06 ish of Knitty. Problem is, it's sized for a 2 year old and my pregnant brain cannot wrap itself around any sort of mathematical equation to resize it to a newborn sort of size (being an 18-20" circumference in the body.) I think I figured out that the pattern is a multiple of 10 sts plus three, but again... not quite sure. I'm realizing that this lack of brain function is probably the reason why daughters 1 & 2 are so smart... they stole my brain cells.

Can someone please help? I tried to email Brooke, but I can't get the linky on Knitty.com to work (which I'm sure is my browser's fault.)

Oh, and if you can provide new sources for stitch libraries, free (please) baby patterns, etc, I would be all the more grateful.

Muchos Besos in advance!
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FO: Deep V Argyle Vest and Stash Sale

I just finished Eunny Jang's Deep V Argyle Vest, and I'm really proud of myself! It was a lot of firsts for me. First pattern I paid for (that wasn't in a book). First fair isle. First real swatching. First blocking. First steeks. First wool garment. I could probably go on.

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And, while I'm at it, I'm moving in a week and am having a stash sale. Check it out!. Feel free to haggle; I wasn't sure how to price things.

Knitty.com's 'Cigar' gloves

Finally the recipient (my brother) has these, so I can post a photo :-)

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I know it's the wrong time of year for gloves, but... I'm not flush with money, and I know he'll find them very useful when autumn kicks in again. He part-owns a glider, so there's lots of long days on windswept airfields getting chilled to the bone - with these gloves he should be able to keep them on even while fiddling with bolts and stuff.

I made a pair for my dad at Christmas and he loves them now, it took a while to persuade him they weren't to be saved 'for best' cos his little girl had made them, but that they were supposed to be used for working on cars and gardening etc, which was why the main colour was black, and they're super-washable being acrylic.

The original pattern had just the one pair of stripes in the contrast colour, and the ribbing at the wrist was the same as the main colour, but he loves red, so I added some extra in there for him :-) I'd have liked to have done the second pair of stripes around the little fingers to match the rest, but joining the yarn using an overlap for a few stitches leads to too much bulk around the base of the finger. I did the other stripes by carrying it up behind the main colour, even when it hopped up for the additional pair of stripes, and that's worked really well.

I have found some errata with the pattern, so if anyone wants that, I'll append it in an edit (it's not much, and only applies for the number of stitches in the finger area for the large size, I think the maths adds up for the medium and small).

I cast on for a Kiri shawl as I cast off the gloves, and I'm 1/3 of the way through that now and loving how it's going so far, so I'll post some pics of that at some point and some waffle about how I'm finding it to work (I still class myself as a newbie knitter - the gloves are the most complicated thing I've done so far in terms of shaping stuff, and Kiri is the first lace in lace-weight yarn - previous lace was done in doubleknit and was a baby blanket).
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Hi There,

I know a few days ago I saw a post with some really nice knitting icons someone was sharing, but now I can't find the post.  Can anyone help me find it?  Or are they no longer available?

W& T Together

Folly cardigan from Knitty winter 03, help required

Hi all
I started this cardie around 2 years ago and have just picked it up again. Now I haven’t done short rows or a shawl collar before, so no doubt I am confused.
But I just don’t know what is meant by
**Continue until all collar stitches have been worked**

How do I know when all the collar stitches have been worked? Do I keep decreasing the size of the collar? Are there a certain amount of rows that need to be done and I can't see for looking?

I joined the Knitty forum to search for information, but no luck, I've googled, again no luck. I've used LJSeek on this community without any luck.
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SN Dean Sam bitch pie now

An FO to share with all y'all...

I made a purse and I thought I'd show it off. I had originally gotten dowels that were too thick and had to go back and get smaller ones.

I got the pattern from Easy Knitting (Family Circle) Spring/Summer 2006 edition. I made it with Lily Sugar n Cream in black with size 10 needles. When I saw it I thought, 'I gotta make that'.

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