July 4th, 2006

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I'm confused over this pattern.

It says to cast on 36 stitches... won't that be a SUPER SKINNY blanket?! And it says to always bind off after row 3... after I bind off, do I just continue the pattern into the bound off stitches? and I'm still confused over gauge and the math that goes with it. If I wnt to make it wider, say, wider than 40" but under 50", how many more stitches do I cast on? I'm so sorry to bother you guys again with my ongoing afghan battle.. haha

thanks so much!

Increasing/decreasing in the round

Yarn Goddesses -
Okay, I'm trying something new - a bottom-up tank that I'm freehanding. I'm using elann.com's Endless Summer Collection Connemara (100% mercerized and gassed cotton) that I ordered a couple of months ago (deep red ... mmmm yummy), on a size 6 needle, so the stitches are pretty small (22 per inch or so). I'm knitting in the round, and trying to decrease a bit for the waistline, and I'm using a k2t when I come to my "beginning" stitch marker (right side), and a SSK for my "midway" stitch marker (left side). But now, I need to increase and my mind is just blank. I went to knittinghelp.com, and they gave me too many choices for the increase - I'm used to doing a bar increase on flat pieces, but I'm not sure what increase I should to do in the round so that it doesn't show. Suggestions, please? I looked through memories, but what I found was increases on flat pieces.

BTW, in my mind, I'm envisioning a tank with a one-inch crocheted detailing on the bottom. Not sure what I'll do when it comes to the neckline - I'll know by the time I'll get there. Maybe square neck with more crochet detail, or maybe a little something more daring :0  Wish me luck

Getting sheared

 My family and I went to the Magical Marin County Fair and we witnessed a sheep shearing!
Yes this is how we get our wool for our knitting projects. My thoughts on the shearing were...
Wow what a stong back and legs that guy must have....Hello Chiropractor!

For this sheep they only got 2.5 lbs of wool----One lb goes for 30 cents!
Imagine how many sheep you would have to shear to make any cash!
It give s you a whole new perspective on the price of wool!

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pretty in pink

FO: Two One Skein Wonders

I finished the first one a few weeks ago, a very very very belated Christmas gift for my sister. The second (pink) one I finished just this morning.

The rust one is made with ggh soft-kid in a color I don't know the name of, double stranded with Rowan Lurex Shimmer in Bronze on size 9 and 6 needles. I don't care for the look of ribbing and the moss stitch wasn't working for me so I did both the sleeves and body border in garter stitch on both shrugs. The pink one was knit on size 8, 5 (sleeves), and 6(body border) needles with an unidentified recycled wool I found at Goodwill.

On the rust colored one the instructions had me starting the body border at the top shoulder 'seam' which I didn't like because it left me with a 'seam' at the top, so with the pink one I started picking up stitches at the bottom under the armpit where it wouldn't be visible.

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I'd like to thank the owner at Close Knit for being so helpful in yarn selection and gauging questions, hers is my favorite yarn shop in Portland. Also I'd like to thank emmacrew and cuidado_llamas for helping me here on LJ when I was having technical problems a while back.


Combined Knitting Experiment

There have been a number of discussions lately, regarding wrapping one way or another and twisted stitches.  Unfortunately, my unorthodox style of knitting doesn't wrap; it picks.  I've finally Googled my way to a simple pattern sans purls, so I could push the envelope of my combined style.  The free, unisex Faggot Stitch Scarf pattern, offered by Crystal Palace Yarns, uses only knit stitches and yarn overs, so I thought it pretty unlikely that I'd be able to readjust knit stitches with correcting purls.  I found the results pretty amazing.

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ok, i want a debate here (a nice one, mind you)

what are our favorite sock yarns? it can be a favorite for many reasons, bang for the buck, quality, range of colors, availability, anything.

i have to say my favorite WAS knitpicks sock memories because it was great value and quality for the money and came in such a great variety of colors, altho that seems to have completely died lately, with the only color left being easter bunny, which i think is yukky, but whatev.

what are other peoples favorite sock yarns..... on your mark, get set....go!
Art Girly

Grandma's felted rose bag FO

This gift is late but I did let Gran know and she said that "anything that I made would be worth the wait" aww.

The pattern was taken from Pursenality Plus by Eva Wiechmann - it's the "Jackie O" purse from that book.
The main color is Cascade 220 used doubled throughout.
However- I didn't use a bulky weight yarn as the second yarn as was called for in the pattern but used two strands of Noro 124.
The hardware for the strap (D-rings and clasp) was found at Jo-Ann Fabrics and the magnetic purse snap was found this last Saturday at Churchmouse Yarns in Winslow on Bainbridge Island. I wasn't really planning on putting a snap on there but when I was finishing the bag it just seemed to need it. I'm sure with the weight of the felted rose that it wouldn't really have needed it but it's a nice extra.

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I can't wait to see what my Grandma thinks of it!
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newbie progress report and stupid questions

So I took a class and that went pretty well-it was a beginner/advanced beginner class. not bad except there were only 2 students and the other student who was knitting a sweater (beginner? i think not) was asking a lot of very specific questions about her pattern and I was like, but how do I hold the yarn when I purl? so there was a bit of a gap in comprehension there. All in all I learned a lot but wish the class had been a bit more structured.

One of the things I got from the class is a pattern for a basic shawl in "dishcloth" stitch, basically knit two, yarn over, knit to end over and over until it's big enough. I think it's a good pattern for practice and I love how it's coming out with the yarn I'm using, it's a rayon/cotton/silk blend that's a little slubby, a little bumpy, but still easy to see the stitches. Good yarn for a basic project, in other words.

my stupid questions are these.

1) what do you do when the project is too big for the needles? Do you just keep smooshing it down and hope you can tell when it's big enough? This one is just a "go on and on until it's long enough for ya". I'm using the shorter bamboo straights in a nine. It's getting pretty hard to manage at this point and while I know I should probably be using circulars, this project is on straights now and it's staying on straights so I need to deal with it. It's also getting hard to see if I've made any mistakes because the project is all smooshed up on the needles. That's probably not a problem for this particular thing but I can see it being an issue for a more involved thing.

2) are there any tricks for knowing where you are in a pattern? I'm used to crocheting, so I'm used to working off the previous row etc which is a lot harder to do in knitting. I'm afraid I won't be able to keep track of patterns because I do have a dreadfully short attention span sometimes. I know about markers but haven't used them yet. I guess i'm just afraid of biting off more than I can chew, but I try to remember that all kinds of people knit so I should be able to do it too.


Really, I'm at a loss.

My boyfriend's family just refinished their basement and his mom found her old knitting stuff from when the kids were little or even maybe not born (my boyfriend, the youngest, is 23.) She doesn't knit anymore and gave it to me.

There are: a 3/4 finished pair of mittens that I have no desire to finish but probably will and give to her, and...

a bright neon green (maybe glow in the dark) skein of acrylic fingering weight yarn. The pattern with that is a baby sweater, and at 19, I sure as hell am not pregnant and I don't know anyone who will be. My extended family is all really old (parents, aunts, uncles, etc) or 20 or younger.

I wouldn't wear anything made out of this yarn, but I'm kind of intrigued by it and would like something. I'd feel bad telling his mom that I didn't use it for something.

Winter, Spring....

I looked back a few weeks in this community and I didn't see this mentioned before.

Where has the Summer issue of Knitty gone? Or rather, where has it been hiding? It's July 4th, after all. It does come out in June, right? I even tried Googling it or adjusting the html in the address.

Am I missing something major?
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skins || could you ever love a mistress?

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I'm knitting this, and as usual the lace is giving me a hard time.

I can see that the yo's are supposed to be one on top of the other, between rows of straight knitting. But mine aren't. They're one or two stitches to the left of where they should be. So rather than getting this:


I'm getting this:


I'm following the pattern exactly how it says, but still it doesn't work for me. This is my first attempt at lace (I've scrapped all other tries), so is there something I should know? I guess it has to do with the number of stitches (with all of those yo's, k2tog's, psso's!), but shouldn't the pattern already have all of that figured out? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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frogged yarn question

I did an LJ-seek, but when you search "frogged", well, you get every third post ever.

I am working on Eunny Jang's Deep-V Argyle Vest and managed to lose track of the chart and misplace a CC stitch about 2.5 rows back. I've frogged back, but now I have a few yards of kinked yarn (Knitpicks Merino Style 100% merino). The yarn was sitting knit in humid weather for about 2 weeks before being frogged. I've heard a number of times that one should soak and dry frogged yarn before re-knitting it, but am reluctant to do that because it's attached to half a vest! Could anyone give me testimony on whether I will be totally screwing myself if I keep going without soaking or steaming the yarn?

Snape waiting

Problems with short rows

Hi! I'm most of the way through my first pair of toe up socks and am learning how to do short-row heels. The technique itself is pretty simple, and I picked up the concept of wrapping, etc., pretty quick. The problem I am having is that when I turn and do a purl row, the stitches are then twisted when you turn to the knit side. Is this supposed to be the case? Most of the short-row heels and toes I have seen have looked like stockinette, not twisted. I was very careful to be sure that I was purling correctly (I wasn't before), and they still turned out twisted.

If the stitches are definitely not supposed to be twisted (as I suspect), would purling through the back loop untwist and make this work correctly?

Thanks in advance for all the help! It is much appreciated. I apologize if this is a little vague, etc., as I'm about to go to bed and have a cranky, squirming 5-month-old on my lap.

ETA: I am also knitting via Magic Loop and used Judy's magic cast-on for the toes if that makes a difference. I'm a continental knitter, and I knit and purl (now) by the book.
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An FO: Summer tank

This pattern is "Diana" from the book "Hot Knits." I made it out of Rowan denim, which is beautiful stuff. Soft and plied so finely that it doesn't split while you are knitting with it. I converted the pattern to be in the round which I think made it work much better. There is a twisted rib in the front and the sides, so this has a really flattering shape to it. It was challenging enough to not get bored with it, but simple enough to watch TV. The top shaping is just a little puckered but I haven't blocked it yet.

Definitely worth all the time it took. I haven't made myself a garment that was a DK weight, preferring to work with yarns that are faster to knit up... but this drapes very nicely and I would consider making it again.

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4th of July socks

My 4th of JULY Socka Color RED WHITE and BLUE-(two socks at once on two circulars) socks
are now going to be Labor Day socks as they are only half done.
Actually they may end up being wrist warmers...I am still undecided about it. I was thinking of modifing them to the Voodoo Wrist Wamer pattern on knitty.com. They don't match exactly but are close enough!


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Someone once told me that there was I way to figure out how much yarn you need to leave before you start to cast on, so that you don't run out of yarn and then have to pull it all off the needle and start casting on again.  I was told this before I started knitting so unforunately I don't recall who said this or how they did it.  This is particularly frustrating when casting on 100-200 stitches for a large afghan.  

Does anyone know this trick?