July 5th, 2006

baby pattern book recommendations?

Hello all,

I've checked the past tags and found nothing, so here's my question.

Can anyone recommend a good book of baby patterns? I've got a Borders gift card burning a hole in my pocket and I'd really like a collection of GOOD baby patterns all in one place, hence the book.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

FO - Bristow (cabled cardigan)

Pattern: Bristow (size small), by Melanie Gibbons
Yarn: Merino et Soie (worsted weight 80/20 merino/silk), recycled from a sweater gone wrong. (I will never complain about having to knit with this yarn twice. It's like butter.)
Modifications: If I made any major ones, they're slipping my mind. I did opt to do stretch out the sleeve increases, so the sleeve didn't reach its full width until right before it reached its full length, but that's fairly minor in the big scheme of things. There were a few obvious errors in the pattern, but it's a well designed sweater that fits my body shape very nicely. Mods weren't necessary. I need to pull out my notes to remember exactly what the errors were, but they were along the same lines as the bits of the pattern highlighted in red on Knitty, presumably because they've already been corrected. Things like saying knit to last 4 stitches, k2 tog, and then k1 instead of k2 more. Little things that would be hard to miss if you're paying attention.

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Knitters of Color? - discussion

So, in putting up a knitting blog and surfing other blogs, I've noticed that knitting seems very self-segregated. I know of no other knitters of color, nor crafters even, IRL. I've seen a handful online, and a very small handful at that. Webrings seem to have any kind of knitter under the sun, from dog owners to regional rings to people who just like to drive certain cars. Is it too far-fetched to think a webring for Knitters of Color would work to make us more visible and more connected?
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I need help ...
I taught myself how to knit , and I can do the basics , but I am not sure how to do something .

I am knitting a blanket , and I want to put a very basic cat on it . I am not sure ; do I knit the cat shape and sew it on ? Can I embroider the cat on with yarn ? I tried this once and it looked crap-tackular so I am gussing if this is method I did it wrong . Thank you for any help you can give , beacuse I am pretty confused.
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glove patterns?

Anyone know of a free pattern for gloves with fingers, preferably plain because the yarn I have is self-striping? If it requires sock yarn that'd be even better, but since they're for me I can probably convert them to the weight and gauge I'm using as I go. Patterns for an adult or an older child should be fine.

Also, is 85g (350 metres, 380 yards) of yarn likely to be enough for two gloves, bearing in mind I have really small hands? If it's not, is 100g (420m, 450 yards) enough? The last 15g requires frogging a project I'm unlikely to ever finish, but I don't want to frog unless it's necessary.


summer voodoo (FO)

here's a slightly modified version of knitty's voodoo.

i've made them with cotton yarn, meant for 4 mm needles & i've then used 4.5 mm needles, to make the gauge less tight. therefore i've also decreased the number of cast on stitches, to 28 instead of the original 36 (i think it is).

they are made for a friend, as she saw my red, acrylic voodoo (meant for autumn/winter use) and wanted a pair that was better suitable for cool, summer nights. i hope she will like them :) they are knit very fast, btw.

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