July 6th, 2006


knitting blogs.

I am in the process of redoing my knitting blog. I never posted in it and now I have the urge to knit lots of things and post post post.

But I need other blogs to browse to get inspiration.

So, what are your favorite blogs to read?

My blog is


Yarn and Sizing Standards and Guidelines

Noticing a lot of posts that ask questions that could easily be answered by reading yarn labels (can I sub this yarn for that) and questions about sizing (how long is a large woman's arm), I thought I'd share a link that I use a lot. It's the Craft Yarn Council's standards. Unfortunately, it doesn't go as far in the range of sizes as I'd like, but it covers a lot.

It's an excellent online reference for interpreting those pesky yarn weights as well as giving needle conversions and standard knitting abbreviations. The only other thing I find missing besides extended sizes is the interpretation of the care symbols but that can be found in many places like this one.

Not all yarn manufacturers are using this, but when they do, it makes your life easier to know what the label is trying to tell you.

emily the strange

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Does anyone know anything about this yarn? My mother bought it for me at a yard sale while she was in Massachusetts. It is Tivoli Tweed, DK weight, 100% wool. I looked on the spinner's website, but this exact type of yarn wasn't listed.
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I want to make something felted...I've never done it before and all the yarns I buy end up being either superwash or a blend, but I have this here, so I thought...why not give it a try? I guess what I'm asking is: Does anyone know anything about this yarn, and how well it will felt?

Wanted: Shoes!

Dear all,

I'm visiting a friend later in the year and I thought it would be nice to knit a dish cloth with "W.W.F.S" and a picture of a shoe on it for her as she's mad about shoes and it's an on going joke between the pair of us.

Does anyone know where I might be able to find an intarsia chart for a shoe? Preferably a high-heeled shoe...

I have googled this but nothing's come up.

Elbly the hopeful.

P.s. w.w.f.s = will wash for shoes
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just a general knitting question

ok so i have not been knitting very long.
I taught myself how to knit.
So I recently finished a baby blanket for a friend of the family.
well I was so proud of it and that i actually completed something that was NOT a scarf.
But now as I look at it, when i finished it... binding off.. it looks tighter, or is it looser.. then when i casted on.

any tips on how to get them to be the same in tightness for lack of a better word?
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pale frail lovely one

piano key scarf?

hello hello hello!

i was wondering if anyone knew of some free patterns for a piano key scarf like this one:

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i found that someone on craftster made one, and there were some helpful sites listed on that thread (like this pattern and a link on how to do intarsia), but i'd like to know if there are any other patterns similar to the linked one that aren't as difficult to decifer. actually, almost any other pattern will do!

i've knitted before, but i'm not exactly an "expert knitter" and diagrams like the one in the link mostly just confuse me. i realize that this project will probably be more difficult, since i've never knitted with two colors before, but i'd really like to try it! :)
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Prayer shawl yarn suggestions

My MIL, who has been battling liver cancer for almost 4 years, found out earlier this week that it has spread to her lungs. Thus, she's going to be spending a lot more time at chemo soon, with more powerful drugs, and I want to make something to comfort her while she's undergoing treatment.

I have the prayer shawl pattern from http://www.shawlministry.com/instructions.html but...I really don't want to use Homespun. I've made some cat snuggles with it, but it shows it age really quickly, and well, I want something nicer than Homespun for my MIL.

Does anyone have suggestions (and yardage needed) for yarn that is soft, preferably machine washable (since the chemo can cause nausea), and looks decent? I'd like to make it in a solid medium or navy blue. Cost isn't really too much of an obstacle, and I live in western NY, close to the Ontario border. Of course, I want to get started ASAP.

Thanks so much, all!!
Knittin' Again

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Recently I taught myself how to make socks and it's turned into a minor obession. They are small, easy to tote around and something I can USE!

My husband loves anything with flames, so I started searching for a pattern for some socks for him and was thrilled to find Melanie's pattern on her blog.

So, off I trotted to the LYS to get some appropriate yarn (Dale of Norway Baby Ull as recommened in the pattern). I have not yet tried making socks on DPN, so I made these on circulars. However, this was also my first foray into "fair isle" type color changes. (sigh) In theory it all sounded so easy. I ripped out the cuff more times than I care to think about, but in the end it all turned out well. (And I am so grateful to everyone on the Socknitters Yahoo list, Melanie (the pattern writer), the ladies at The Lambshoppe, the Denver Knitting Guild and random online strangers for answering my million questions!) The pattern called for the flames on the foot as well, but I since I was knitting these with size 3, they were already a bit too bulky, so I went with stripes on the foot instead.

My solution to the flame portion being too tight due to the color changes was to switch up to ONE 16" size 5 circulars. This eliminated the ladders and stretched out the cuff's stranding to a equal tension. Ideally, I would have loved to have 12" circular, but I just cut off the ends of the size 5's to make it a bit shorter. Sometimes there have to be sacrifices.

(I also made a short row heel instead of the gusset one in the pattern because I'm a knitting retard and couldn't figure out how to translate the instructions for DPN to 2 circs and was so frustrated with the whole ripping the sock out 6 times adventure it had been thus far)

I have cast on for the second sock and have most of the black at the cuff completed and hope that the next sock goes as quickly as the first one, once I got my 'sock groove' on.

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WWII patterns?

I was wondering if anyone could point me to a source for World War II

Specifically, I'm looking for a cap like this, featured in the Band of
Brothers miniseries
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A friend of mine is a big fan of the series and I'd love to make them
that hat this autumn.
handspun yarn

Branching Out - preblocked length

I am working on my first lace scarf, Branching Out. I am using size 7 needles, and worsted weight wool (Lana from Bernat). Now, on the pattern it gives the blocked length.. but I am not sure how long I should knit it pre-blocked. The repeats are not the same size as in the pattern, probably, due to the smaller needle size I am using (the pattern calls for a size 8).

So, in other words, Im not sure if blocking will make it alot longer, slightly longer, or if I am just worrying over nothing. Could anyone guide me as to how long I should knit this scarf, which blocked should be around 60"? And as a side note, I would not mind it being a little bit longer, but I have a long torso, so I am too scared itll be too short.

FO clapo-lapblanket

i'm sure maybe you've seen plenty of clapotis... well, i've been working on this for my world cup project, and i'm finally done, so if you want to look, here it is! it turned out a lot larger than i expected, but i like it that way. it is my clapolapblanket!

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So I am taking a break from Icarus. The mindless knit x amount of sts, then k2tog YO k1 YO ssk is driving me batty. I need to work on something else, because I am finding that focusing to much on it is making me make mistakes I wouldn't normally make. Oiy.

So I started Knitty's Nautie last night and I have made pretty good progress.

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I wasn't feeling the "make it from silk and turn it into a shoe" idea, but I was kind of into the look of the Lacanau pattern on the new Knitty, so I made one out of some cotton I had around, and I'm liking it as an around-the-house summer slipper type thing.

I'll post pics and details when I finish the other one, but just wanted to share. :)

Linate Super Kid Mohair - Suggestions?

Hi all,
I've been having knitters block for a few months, and a neighbor just brought me back some yarn from Turkey (Linate Super Kid Mohair). It's 85% mohair and 15% nylon and I have (4) 25g  273.40 yds skeins. It's a varigated color, chunks of grey and a limey green. Anyone have any patterns for a garment to make with it? I haven't done lace work and am not terribly excited about making a lacy stole or shawl or scarf (mostly because I am burnt out on those items). It seems that the yardage should make something substantial no?
Anything you guys can recommend is super appreciated, or if you have ideas of what it would be good double stranded with?