July 7th, 2006

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Sixteenth-century knitting--most common inc stitch?

I'm knitting myself a pair of Elizabethan stockings, and as I approach the increases for the calf section, I find myself wondering what increase is most appropriate for the sixteenth century. Is it make 1 (m1--pick up a bar from between stitches) or knit-front-and-back (kfb)? Or is it some other increase entirely?

This article mentions using directional decreases (k2tog and ssk), but the author says she was unable to find documentation of increase stitches, so she used m1. I've also looked at patterns for the Monmouth cap, but unfortunately, there's no increasing involved in those. I've looked less scrupulously at articles on devotional gloves, but haven't come up with any info on increases for those, either. For anyone who has made themselves a pair of hose, what increase did you use and what was your reasoning behind using it?

I realize that many people today prefer to use the m1 increase because it's tidier, but what I really want to know is which increase stitch is most appropriate and historically accurate for the sixteenth century. I also realize this is a really esoteric question, but if I'm going to the trouble of knitting these suckers out of 2-ply yarn on US size 0 needles, I might as well figure out which increase is the most accurate choice.

Thank you!

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I'm just getting the hang of it

I getting into starting more and more projects, I've only made a few things, but patterns are getting easier and easier. Anyway, I realized I only have acrylic yarn in my stash. A whole bunch of it, and I have a list of things I want to make. Is there anything I SHOULDn'T make with this yarn? I realize there is yarn for certain things but is it not recommended to make something out of acrylic? Any help is appreciated.
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FO: Fetching Fingerless Gloves

I really liked the new issue of Knitty because I was totally in the market for a super quick, cute project. I've been working on the same sock forever now (you can read about that HERE, if you are so inclined), ripping back then reknitting then ripping back again, and I needed something I could finish quickly, just to have the satisfaction of getting SOMETHING done.

And so, on the way home from work Wednesday night, I picked up some yarn and some DPNs (how come I have a HUGE DPN collection, but I still never have the size I need?) and got to work.

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socky goodness

I just got a big bag of sock yarn from knitpicks. most of it is "parade" and "dancing" though I did get two skeins of "memories. I have a set of size 3 DPs. (i know those are kinda big for socks but they're the smallest I currently feel comfortable using.)

So my question is can anyone point me to a good basic not too hard not too complicated beginner's sock pattern that would be appropriate for those needles? I've been to knittingpatterncentral and my eyes glazed over-there are too many and it's too hard to figure out which ones are newbie friendly. Bear in mind that I know how to knit, purl, increase and decrease, and that's it.

thanks for all your wisdom and experience as always.

Edit-I have GINORMOUS (size 11-12) feet that sometimes swell so the pattern needs to be easily adaptable to extra-large and xx large sizes.

suggestions sought: knitting bag

Hi there knitters,

I'm looking for a new knitting bag and I'm wondering if you have any favorites or suggestions to offer. I've recently signed up for eBay and tried a search there, but found it overwhelming, and google was also kind of overwhelming.

(A few features I'd like: fairly large and roomy, plenty of pockets, shoulder straps. In other words, definitely more of a bag style than a case or stand. In other words, I'd prefer fabric to, say, metal or wicker or whatnot. Reasonable price would also be nice!)

Let me know if there's a community I've overlooked or other info I need to give you! Thanks in advance!
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Everything I do in knitting is very "hamfisted" still. I feel very uncoordinated especially when purling. Last night I was poring over sock patterns online. In a fit of pique, I started looking at crocheted sock patterns. Now there are a variety of reasons why socks just work better when knitted, but you CAN crochet socks. I saw how to crochet socks right in my head. I thought, yeah, a cuff, make a few rows depending on how long, stop and chain halfway around for where the heel will go, finish to the toe, go back and sc around the heel opening decreasing until it's closed, yeah, that's no big deal.

I literally envisioned a sock pattern that I'm pretty sure will work. I should know by the time this weekend's over, I'm taking some yarn and stuff on our weekend out of town. I'm hoping to pick brains about knitting and also to keep my hands busy and keep myself out of the smoking area.

so when will knitting get that intuitive for me? I learned to crochet very young, but really have only been at it seriously for six months or so.

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Estonian Sheep

Fairisle Sheep

Pattern:The Estonian Sheep (from the latest Spin-Off)
Yarn: My own Handspun (read about the yarn in that entry). Embroidery on the face is also in handspun, natural brown singles.
Notes: I modified the size of the sheep to fit the dk weight yarn instead of the yarn they were using, which was about 18 wpi.
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FO - Rowan Kidsilk Haze beaded scarf

A few weeks ago I had asked for ideas for Rowan Cashsoft DK and Kidsilk Haze... but moreso the Cashsoft. Well, I ended up not doing anything with the Cashsoft yet because comeonbringit ended up putting the idea of a scarf in my head. And I thought about it. And then I thought a little bit more. And then I decided to stop thinking and get to work.

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Sea Silk

Yarn that is physically beneficial to you?

I've been away on a trip to the east coast for about a month (visited a few wool mills and sheep farms!.. many yarn shops... for another post though) and I hope I'm not reposting something that's already been talked about ....

I was just reading about this new fiber/yarn type which I came across on the Handmaiden Yarns website.

Sea Silk is "a new silk blend hand dyed for you by Hand Maiden Fine Yarn. 70% Silk combined with 30% SeaCell® in a lace weight yarn (32sts/4 ”on 2.5 mm needles) It is wonderfully soft and shiny.

But what is seacell ?

Seacell is a cellulose based fibre made from seaweed. That’s right – seaweed! It is highly breathable and very soft. When worn, your skin’s natural moisture will release magnesium, calcium and vitamin E contained within the seaweed. It has anti-inflammatory properties and has been shown to protect the skin.

Sounds pretty amazing, eh.

I read a bit more on the Seacell site: HERE

I bet it costs a bundle. I am going to have to find out! One of the shops I stopped at on our trip sold it, but I didn't see any in stock while I was there. I am going to call them. I am eager to try out this fiber! Imagine a shawl that was good for you! "Wristwarmers" that helped your carpal tunnel syndrome! Leg 'warmers' that helped your pain due to extended high heel use!!!

What do you think? Anyone tried it?
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does anyone else ever feel that their knitting time and ability are quite undervalued by both friends and family? well, i never really did until this wednesday, my birthday, when my sister gave me a reaaaaally nice gift and one of my relatives made a comment about how i would have a hard time topping that one or something to that effect. i went on to say that i was planning on knitting her an afghan and that she had already requested one and picked out the pattern and so on and so forth, and my relative just kind of stopped, looked at me strangely, and said that she would "definitely want something better than that for her birthday." i was just kind of put off by that and wondered if anyone else had ever experienced something similar.

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Purling wrap and stitch on short rows

I've got the technique on short rows down so far. I'm having absolutely no trouble wrapping and turning, decreasing down or increasing up, but I am having one problem that is bugging me.

When I am on the increasing portion of my short rows, when I knit the wrap and the stitch together, it comes out a smooth, flawless, beautiful thing that is practically invisble. Purling the wrap and stitch? Not so nice. I've watched the video at Knittinghelp.com on short rows, and there must be something I'm missing.

My question to you is - What is the best way to purl a wrapped stitch where it becomes invisible, too? PLease, please, please give me some advice as I'm about to tear my hair out! My technique is almost perfect, and I really, really, REALLY want to finish this sock so that I can start the second one and get them in the mail ASAP.

Thanks so much from the bottom of a frustrated knitter's heart. You wonderful people don't know how much I appreciate being able to come here for help. You people are the BEST!
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