July 10th, 2006


Squishy, and a problem

Here is squishy. Squishy is good. Squishy is now completely set for me to knit with. All I need to know is what to knit?Collapse )
DP has a coworker at work who gave him some Phentex band labels with the patterns. Obviously to share with me. But gez. Phentex? I have hated that yarn brand every since I first saw it when I was buying my own as a teen. I know some like it, but it has just gotten worse imo, or my tastes better.

She's been harrassing him with her projects and demanding to know what I make and its gotten to the point where he doesn't really want to talk to her about any of them anymore.

Anyway, I have 99yrds (or so, probably about 101 really) of hand spun alpaca (aka Squishy) in a deep masculine green, that would use about a 4-5mm needle, that I want to, well, yarn snob her with. She bothers him day in and day out at work with what she's making and he's told her that I can spin my own. So I need to show her.

Any ideas on what to make him? Other than a mobius scarf, I have no clue. And he doesn't really like them and the last scarf I made him he rebuffed saying it wasn't his style.

FO: Saturday Market Bag

Pattern: Saturday Market Bag by Jodie Danenberg

Yarn: Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton in Rose

Needles: 10s and 15s.

Pattern Thoughts: This is a -very- fast knit. The pattern was fairly clear, but she didn't indicate whether the smaller set of needles should be straight or circs. I read ahead and chose circ's, but that may trip up the novice knitter.

Modifications: I made the strap extra long so that I could hook it to the back of the bag and make it either a shoulder bag or a back pack.

FO Thoughts: This is possibly my messiest FO ever, and I love it that way. I took to calling it my hobo bag, as that's what it feels like. It expands to hold a TON of stuff, and yet is still very light when not packed to the brim.

To test out its sturdiness, I took it on a day trip to DC. As you can see below, it carried my knitting, sketch parcel, wallet purse, and some other odds and ends without problem. Later on, at my MIL's, she gave me my birthday presents, which were in a garmet box and a smaller box (a wallet). They fit, as well as my son's three shirts. So it expands to become HUGE.

When weighted down, the strap does stretch, so I'd recommend doing the back thing like I did, or making the strap much shorter.

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I'd highly recommend this pattern. I could have done it in a weekend, had I just sat down and knitted away. Chances are, this might become one of my new favorite things to knit as a gift.

Magic Binding Off

A year ago I never even dreamed I'd be posting in a knitting community- and now here I am and have a question that I can't seem to wrap my brain around.

I've become quite comfortable with knitting in the round and decreasing up until the final stitches where you have to secure them by threading the tail through them and then weaving. However, I've now started doing all my round knitting via magic loop. How could I go about binding off on magic loop without decreasing?

I was able to get to the final stitch on the first half of the round and then got lost (and there was still one more half to go!). I keep on thinking I could divide the stitches in half again and keep on doing that until I'm left with only 1 but because it's joined, I don't think it would work. Any ideas on what you've done? I know there's the sewing bind off but I'm not particularly advanced in that arena yet.

kids garden

FO-blanket, dino & squid. image heavy

(i've got the pictures in my LJ scrapbook, so if you can't see them, let me know- but i'm 99% sure they're all public)

I'm far more excited about this blanket than i should be, It's my longest UFO ever- I started it in April of 2005 on road trip to visit some friends in DC (who have since moved back home!)

I learned a lot from this blanket. Namely, that knitting is not an inexpensive way to replicate those cute throws i see at target boutique or peir one. also, that knitting blankets is really boring.

It ended up being small, about 45' X 30' but it's the perfect size to throw over my shoulders or on my lap as i waste half my life here on the internet.

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I also finished a couple little characters. I've decided that knitting critters is my favorite. nearly instant gratification and you end up with something super cute. it's too bad the tiny needles hurt my wrists- but i guess that'll just force some variety into my knitting :)

my need to make a dinosaur was flat out, 100% to blame on this post right here. i immediately went online and bought Jean Greenhowe's Toy Collection.

I ended up using size 2 needles instead of 3's, because i don't like any stuffing to show through. as a result, my dino is a little tiny and wonky, but i love him none-the-less.
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the last critter is a creature of my own creation, although somewhat inspired some FO's i've seen here.
it was an idea i'd had kicking around in my head for a while so i finally gave it a go.

knit on size 7 DPN's- using paton's classic marino and then felted i present to you:
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Questions about Elann's Crest of the Wave Tank

I just started working on Elann's Crest of the Wave Tank Top. I'm a relatively new knitter and hence still learning how to read patterns. I have never done lace before but I thought this would be a good introduction. For reference, I'm using SouthWest Trading Co's bamboo yarn.

So my question is:

I'm trying to figure out how the following to sections of the instructions should be combined when working the first section of the pattern. It looks to me like I should integrate the increases into the lace pattern so I have increasing lace. Am I reading this right? Collapse ) Collapse )

What I think I should be doing and need to have confirmed is:
1. CO 14 sts for each shoulder from 2 balls of yarn.
2. Knit back and forth, across both shoulders, for 4 rows in stockinette stitch, then switch to Crest of the Wave (for rows) stitch pattern
3. Rows 5,7,9,11: k1 *(k2tog-fb)x2, (yo,k1)x3, yo, (k2tog-tbl)x2, k3 rep from * to end of row.
4. Rows 6, 8, 10, 12: Purl with no increase.

So am I reading this right? Does combining the instructions for the increase and the instructions for the lace come out to be the instructions above? I know that a couple other people have knit this pattern recently. Would you mind pointing me in the right direction please?
high school sluttiness closeup

a picture and a plea for one skein of yarn

hi all...so i, like a dumbass, started a project (the anthro. inspired capelet) with yarn i only had 2 skeins of, not knowing how much it was going to take me. i am almost finished, and i don't have enough. i really like this project with this yarn, so it would be nice to finish it, however i can't find anyone who sells it anymore. if anyone either has a skein in the colorway or knows where i might be able to find it, i will be eternally grateful...so much that if your info results in my getting the skein i need...i will send you a reward!

the yarn is: Gedifra Micro Chic color 3316

and so it isn't just this pathetic plea...here is the most recent FO...a ravenclaw scarf. knit with andrean silk from knitpicks.

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useful knitting time

The Island of Misfit Patterns!

My friends and I were talking last week about how there ought to be a home for all the patterns that get rejected by various knitting magazines. After all, a lot of them are really good - they just don't fit a particular theme or the photo isn't funky enough or whatever.

So, I created http://www.islandofmisfitpatterns.com . We'll post anything that people submit - it doesn't even have to have been rejected in the past. After all, I'm usually too lazy to make sure my pattern exactly fits the format that online magazines want. We'll take essays or articles as well. Just send us email at submit@islandofmisfitpatterns.com .

We've got a couple of patterns up now, with more to come. We're not looking to make money or anything - I just have the world largest hosting plan, so I have plenty of space to play.

(no subject)

Okay, I'm offically bound and determined to prove my boyfriend wrong. I'm not exactly sure how we got on the subject, but we talked last night about how when our children grow up he will only allow them to play with fishing lures (yeah, big fanatic). Seeing as this is extremely unsafe and far-fetched, Nautie popped into my head immediately and the first thing I said was "Oh, I'll knit some fishing lures!" and all he could say was "No, I'm sure it's impossible". Anyways, thats what brings me here to ask if anyone has any knowledge of knitting patterns for ANYYYYYYYYTHING fishing related?! You don't even understand how grateful I'd be!!!!! (and my unborn child, too!!)

Jo Sharp Soho Summer Yarn

For anyone who's used Soho Summer dk cotton yarn by Jo Sharp, I am wondering if you've attempted to machine wash/dry it? It's 100% cotton, so I suppose the concern with machine wash/dry is the possibility of it shrinking? Either way, I'm looking at it for a sweater but I would love for my grandma to be able to wash/dry it easily, especially in this humid hawaii weather where lying things flat to dry can take a week!

Any experience you've had with this yarn would be appreciated! And before you always-helpful people start suggesting other yarn possibilities, don't worry, if the Soho Summer doesn't work, I'll figure something out (probably from Knitpicks or WEBs). Thank you!

Hey, Ho! FO! Green Gable

After only the most minor of inconveniences, I have finished Green Gable!
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I used two balls of Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Candy Blue, and got gauge with US5 needles. I'm curious to see how this yarn will hold up to washing and wearing; I plan to wear this sweater a lot! The fit is fabulous and it's lightweight and comfortable. The only changes I made were to do a lifted bar increase instead of a knit forward and back increase in the raglan shaping, and I added three rows of ribbing to the bottom of the sweater. I can't remember if the pattern called for it or not, but in the waist shaping I did k2tog with ssk, instead of k2tog twice. I ran into two people while I wore this on Saturday who immediately asked me what modifications I had to do, so I guess there have been some problems with the pattern. (I ran into these people in yarn stores on an interstate yarn crawl, more on that here.) I didn't feel that my problems were large, however, and would recommend this pattern to anyone looking for a cute summer top. It's also a really fast knit.
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Hi all,
I've almost completed my Loop-d-loop steek vest -- all I have left is seaming the shoulders, but I've run into a problem. The tops of the shoulder straps don't go straight across; one half of each top is bound off 3 rows before the other half. This forms a step-like shape that I'm not sure how to seam -- do I seam horizontally as usual for each of the horizontal parts and then do mattress stitch on the little side bit? Any other thoughts on how to deal with this?
zette bikini

(no subject)

Anyone have a favorite spaghetti strap tank pattern? I have a slew of linen yarn that I recycled and want to use up- it's pretty thin but could easily be doubled up. I looked for patterns last night but wasn't in love with any. I like the spaghetti strap style with kind of cups shaped in, as I'm kind of busty. I was looking at knitty's Honeymoon, but I seem to recall a lot of people making that when it came out and some issues with the pattern (running small, maybe?)

Any publicly available patterns that you love?

FO (not a fruit hat)

Just in case anyone is under the impression that I never knit anything but fruit hats, here's something different.

My daughter picked out this yarn on a trip to the LYS, and asked me to make her something; this is the result. It's a lacy shrug, sized for toddler girls, but resizeable for pretty much any size at all; it's quite simple and would make a good first foray into lace.

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