July 11th, 2006

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Here is kind of a weird question... that seems like it should be basic, but here I am anyway, asking it.
We have probably all run into this dilemma before. You have one skein, one hank, whatever - of a gorgeous yarn. Just one, mind you. Whether it's leftover, or a present, or it was super expensive and therefore only available to you in a single quantity, it's all you have. Therefore, it's special. You want to make something amazing with it... something that reflects the fact that it's unique in itself. You have a zillion patterns that you want to knit, of course (who doesn't??)... but which ones can you actually make without running out of your single skein? You're hesitant to start, because you aren't sure exactly HOW much you have. Sure, the tag SAYS it's 200 yards or so, but what does that really mean?

My question is exactly that:

Just how much yarn is 200 yards? Is that enough for just a couple of mittens, a nice scarf, or a pair of socks? A purse? Or is it enough for a simple tank top or something? I realize that gauge is super important, as is the stitch pattern, etc. etc.... but I'm just looking for a starting point here. An estimation, if you will. I also realize that there's books out there that deal with patterns that use single skeins specifically... but I'm looking more for a visual estimation guide so that I can wrap my brain around different possibilities.

Help me out and give me the confidence to start my own one-skein endeavour!!

Lion Brand Cotton Thick and Quick Yarn


I was able to get a bags of the Lion's Brand discontinued Cotton Thick and Quick Yarn for a buck each (for three skeins!!) So I bought a ton and I'm regretting it a bit because it's a bit hard to work with and a little tough on the fingertips. However, I'd like to do a pretty bath mat and some bar coasters. I wanted something with a little more zing than a regular garter or stockinette stitch. I tooled around the web for a bit and only found two rug patterns. One of them was from Interweave knits and the other was from Lion's Brand. Here's my dilemma:

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mag knits short row scarf

I have a question about the short row scarf. The cast off part is killing me because I can't get on their website from work and don't have the internet at home. (I can't even see pics on here because this computer stinks!) Is there something that i'm not getting, because i seem to be coming up 1 stitch short. I'm at the part where you complete 12 rows of the main section and then row 13 says to Cast off 1, K (or Purl, as I am sans pattern) 14, SKP. Now at row 12 I had 17 working stitches. Wouldn't row 13 require 18 sts? Is there a way to cast off using only 1 stitch instead of 2? Sorry if this is really obvious, but I'm baffled and very limited in resources due to the dreaded "web sense".
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i recently finished up a baby blanket and have CO on for another (identical but in blue) for twins that have arrived early. here is a pic of the finished blankie.

also, i am SO sick of knitting with this green yarn (KnitPick Decadence in Spring Leaf). In the past, I made a lap blanket out of this and just can't bear another project to use up the leftovers. So I have 2 hanks and about 1/2 of another (maybe 320 yards total?) and would happily donate it to a fellow LJ'er who think they will use it and give it a happy home. I'll even pay shipping -- the only caveat is that you MUST absolutely think you will use this yarn up. If so, leave a comment. Please note, while the KnitPicks site claims this is a bulky yarn at 2st per 1inch on 10-12 needles, I found this is really a heavy worsted or worsted weight probably better suited for 8 or 9 needles.

edit note: yarn claimed! thanks for everyone's interest.

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  • shakay

Classic Elite Illusion # 1721

I'm looking for infomation and opinions.

I've made an offer on this listing of 3 skeins for $24 plus shipping. But I was looking for any input on the yarn?

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I like the colorway and the fiber content seems in line with what I like. So what do any of you think about it?

FYI, I'm also getting some of the Sari Silk listed.


ps -- If you see soemthing you like tell the seller I sent you! :) Maybe I'll get some good yarn karama points at least!

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I don't post much to this community, or comment either, haven't really had time for either knitting or knitting :-) I am coming in to a creative phase now though, and hope to be more active here. This was one of my latest projects ('cept dying new yarns)

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scarf patern for cashmerio yarn

Everyone here is always so helpful whenever there are questions to be answered or suggestions to be made, so I figured I would turn to you all for some advice. I recently splurged on my first really 'nice' yarn, three balls of Debbie Bliss's cashmerino chunky. I was thinking that a scarf is something i would like to make, since it would allow for some real yarn to skin contact. (this stuff is so soft!) And i was thinking that i would rather do somethign more interesting then just some ribs, I considered cables, but i would really love the scarf to be 'nice' on both sides. Does anyone know of any patterns for an interesting scarf that might work for this yarn? A simple YO lace pattern is something I thought could work, but I dont know how well, since this yarn is very thick. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

FO: Felted Asymmetrical Fibonacci Bag

My first foray into felting and I ran out of yarn. Twice. I bought three skeins months ago with no pattern in mind–just liked the colors and wanted that yarn for my first attempt at felting. Unfortunately, I needed 6 or 7 skeins, most of which were in the correct dye lot. Otherwise, it was a very quick knit. But it's also not quite as finished as I would have liked. It's missing the last single purple line and last large silver at the top. When you run out of yarn, you have to improvise

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Edited to add: Thanks to everyone who answered my felting question a couple months back about garter for the base and stockinette for the body. My guage swatches shrunk at different rates but it didn't affect the final product.

my very first real garment

Despite the fact that I've been knitting for several years, the only things I've actually completed up until this point have been smallish pieces -- I've made hats, scarves, gloves, slippers, and little flowers, but I've never completed any real garment until now. Fortuitously, the completion of my very first real garment has coincided with the rediscovery of my digital camera, so you get to see pictures!

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If you have any comments or constructive criticism, please let me know!

A very cool website for traveling knitters

I'm planning my honeymoon (finally) and intend to use my time in NYC to visit some yarn shops. We're also driving through New York State and hopefully I'll find some out there too. I was looking for a way to guage where shops were in relation to our hotel and found www.wayfaring.com. Playing with it, I mapped out all the yarn shops I want to visit in NYC AND all the shops in my area as well. These could be quite useful for memories, or to just have for your own use. Check out the Twin Cities Yarn Shops map on my blog. A list of shops is great, but if you're not familiar with the area, or its as big as New York City, this nifty site could be a great tool. :)

And thank you to all the knitters who made suggestions about yarn shops in NYC on other posts - super helpful for my trip! Although... you may all see my husband at Booze and Yarn...
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victory rools

Quick question...

I am starting the Eyelet Chemise from the Summer 06 Interweave Knit.

The pattern states:
Set-up row: (WS)K1 (selvedge st),p6, *k6,p6; repeat *to last st, k1 (selvedge st)

I hope googled till my brain hurt and I got frustrated, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how do do a selvedge st. I know it it a type of edge, but how do you do it??

Thank you so much, you ladies are such a resourse for me!!

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Shapely tank/tee

I've made one version of the Shapely Tank from White Lies Designs, and I've figured out the modifications I need to make for myself. The modification that I haven't been able to figure out is how I can make the sleeves as 3/4 length sleeves.

More than anything, what I need help with is the following:
1. What measurements I'd need to take (I'd like the sleeves to be close to the arm).
2. If there is a general rule for sleeve decreases, especially when knitting shoulder-down.
3. Whatever other information/tips/hints would be needed.

I'd prefer more general information, because I have seen a number of tank tops that I would love to wear but for the lack of sleeves.

Thank you.

[ETA:] What's the name of a good yarn/roving dying community? I remember seeing one months ago, but I can't remember the name. I have a question to ask about acid dyes and a certain yarn type/brand. Thanks!
  • rani23

Soft Spun yarn

Okay, so google has failed me or I'm just not looking in the right place but -- what is "soft spun" yarn? The label says to be very careful as it's "very soft spun yarn!" but I honestly have no idea what that means.

The yarn is purple, I have one skein of it, and I'm thinking about knitting the Liesel scarf with it. Is that a bad idea or no?