July 12th, 2006


Mitten pattern

Thanks for your comments on my mittens. Some of you asked me to post a pattern but I won't be able to do that I'm afraid. When I make mittens or socks the pattern is already in my head and gets modified along the way depending on yarn and size. So basically I just took two colours looking good together, made a striped mitten and then embroidered a decoration in a contrast colour free-handedly.

Can I ask you, is this community mostly about american patterns and yarns? Are anyone of you European, like me? From what I gather we knit the same way but use different patterns, no? You have inches, we have centimeters) It's the English people that knit the weird way, no? (weird to me anyway, *l*)

kids garden

Knit your own Naughty Squiddy.

Hello all,

Here is my 'pattern' for the squid I made- It's the first one I've ever written out, so I'm sure it's far from perfect. I also wrote it up after I finished it and haven't made another to test it (because lord knows I'll never put it up if I have to do that first). so any suggestions would be appreciated, or something is wrong, just let me know! :)

anyways, those are my disclaimers, and here goes:
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(no subject)

A couple FOs/UFOs, and a blocking question.

A fair amount of pictures underneath the cut, so beware dial-up users. You might be sitting here a while. (And if you're looking for something interesting, this may not be the post for you. I got a new camera, and decided to show off some of my recent work. Pretty much, it's dull pictures.)

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Organizing needles

one more question today:

Do you have any good tips about how to stack and organize needles. The straight ones I can put in a pretty vase, I know, but the circular?! I'd like them to be easily accessible.

I'm about to move now in august and will try to fit in my knitting corner somewhere...


request for toy dog pattern

HI all,

Anybody know of a good pattern for a knit stuffed toy dog?* Ideally, it'd be a Rottweiler, but even if it's the basic big dog shape, I can customize the markings (e.g. a pattern for a golden retriever or a German shepherd/Alsatian would work, one for a dachshund or bassett hound wouldn't.)

Website, book, or designed by you...all is fine. I'm willing to buy it. I'm also searching online, but I'm not finding it as easily as I thought I would.

Our Rottie died suddenly, and I miss her. I need something to work through my grief, and I can't focus on any of my other WIPs.


(*pssst, a crochet pattern is ok too.)

Pot Holders!

Here is my first post. I don't yet know how to make a separate lj page with just the photograph of what I've knitted, so you can see my pot holders at: my journal. Let me know what you think, please! I've got a craft fair coming up, and these are what I'm currently working on. Thank you!!

Help with The Shapely Tee

Hopefully, this post will be moderator tested and approved :)

I went to my LYS to the "Yarn Doctor" session and she ran into difficulty helping with this issue.
I am not going to be able to follow the pattern and obtain the correct length.

I am working on the Shapely Tee from White Lies Designs:

I could not meet row gauge and stitch gauge together. I met stitch gauge at 5 stitches per inch.
Row gauge needed to be 7 rows per inch. I could only get 6 rows per inch after several tries.

I need for the length to be 13" from the under arm to the tip of the curve like the pattern says. The length I got when I knitted the front, following the pattern as written, was 16".

I had to use 12 wrapped stitches for a D Cup. I'm not sure but I'm thinking I need the length in the increase section of the tee for to help accommodate my bust line.

Hummm, maybe not-- 12 wrapped stitches is almost 2 more added inches.

I do not have any idea where I should to get rid of these 3" working the decreases(3" worth), 14 connecting rows(2" worth), and increasing rows(4+" worth).

After 3 froggings I'm not sure what more I can do here. Thanks in advance for any help you can and are willing to give.

P.S. Will someone please instruct me on how to put a link behind a underlined word in a post?
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Soleil Help Please!

I'm up to working on the fronts for Soleil, and I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or reading the directions incorrectly. The directions say to BO 7 on the RS, but it doesn't look right at all.

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laceweight wool into socks?

I have a ton of laceweight wool from handpaintedyarn.com left over from my shawl. I'm taking about ohhh 1600 yards. I want to make socks. Could this yarn be used? It is merino wool and I don't mind knitting on teeny needles. So could I?

Any patterns off the top of your head?

addicted to my stash

(no subject)

Hello everyone. I am having a problem with the Petal Bib from the One Skein book. I was wondering if there was someone here who has made it before and could help me.

I am just starting the small petal and on row 5 & 6 it says
"Row 5: Knit.
RowS 6: K2,purl to last 2 sts,k2.
Place sts on holder."

Is the S on row 6 a typo or should it be "RowS 6 and 7...."

Please help if you can. I really want to make this. I have never ran into a problem with a pattern before so im not sure what to do.

Edited to help others read it.When I posted it I could read it very well!(I did preview it!)But once it was posted it was messed up.Since im on Moderation I couldnt see it right away to correct it.Sorry if this bothered anyone.Everyone has a bad post once in awhile!
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BSG - Gencon 2006

Hooray for finished objects: Estonian Garden Stole

If I ever do this pattern again, I will so not do the p5tog that is the original pattern design. They actually block out nicely, but oh, the heartache of trying to get the blasted things to acutally p5tog.

This stole catches on um. everything. Be forwarned. This sucker also turned out eight feet long, and just over two feet wide after blocking, and I cut a repeat of the trellis pattern off each end - it's supposed to have three, I did two.

Ok, now some specifics:
Pattern: Fibertrends Estonian Garden
Yarn: Knitpicks Shimmer in Turquoise Splendor
Needles: Size 5 Addi Naturas (how I could ever consider doing lace without Naturas, I don't know)

The body of the pattern is very simple and quick. It's about 100 stitches wide, I easily could do a full repeat of the body's chart, maybe two, in an hour. The whole thing is 3 charts. I learned the provisional cast-on, and how to pick it up - that was something of a challenge :) This thing also blocked out to be 8 feet long... that's a touch longer than I expected. Talk about the moment of panic when I thought I wasn't going to have enough room in my livingroom to block it full length. Thankfully, when I stretched it wide, it shortened the length by quite a bit.

Again, Fibertrends has put together an easy to read pattern (even though I apparently can't read/count), and it's quite clear.

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Silk City: good or bad?

I was yarn shopping online and came across a 100% cotton yarn by Silk City. I can't find any information on Yarndex.com and I have tried googling for reviews with no luck. I was wondering if anyone has experience with this brand? Did you like the finished project? Is there anything note worthy about their yarns?

Any advice is appreciated, thank you.

Feeling frustrated--small rant

I'm just curious if anyone else has tried this pattern for diaper covers. My friend's baby shower should be coming up in the next month, and she's half-challenged me to make something for the baby in time (Geez, you finish one sweater 6 months late and suddenly the jokes start about the infant clothes arriving after the child's in school! ;-) ) I thought soakers would be unique and fairly quick. Sure enough, 3 days into the pattern, I was about halfway through. However, the soaker itself looked like it could fit her 6 year old child! Now I read that pattern at least three times to start with, since the directions get a little bunched together at one pointed, checked my gauge twice and actually was working 5 1/2 st to an inch, instead of 5 st. Same yarn! (Well Sugar n' Cream, but close!) Small size! I finally convinced myself it wasn't working when I was running out of yarn, barely halfway finished with the thing! ARGH! What could I have been doing wrong?!

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