July 13th, 2006


reading baby dress pattern help

i'm working on the picot dress from Debbie Bliss' Special Knits. i just started the armhole shaping. what's confusing me a little is this

dec one st at each end of the next and every foll alt row until 31(37:43:49) sts rem.

this means i decrease at the end of every alternate row, right? (this gets done on both the back and front) so all the decreases are happening on one side. which means one side will have a curve but not the other? which doesn't really make sense to me. am i reading this correctly? i just wanted to make sure before i proceed and mess this all up. thanks!

EDIT - i'm clear now, i missed a key word (each). :-) now my question is, i've done one row with a decrease only at the end when there should have been a decrease at the beginning and the end. can i fix this without ripping out the row? could i do a row with a decrease just at the beginning? or do a row where i decrease 2 st at the beginning and only 1 at the end?
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need pattern suggestion

I need help finding a pattern!

I am looking for a fairly simple lace pattern for a table runner or table cloth. I want to knit one for my mother in law for the holidays. I haven't bene knitting for very long, and never before in lace.

A free pattern would be great, but I'm fine with buying one if it's good :) Or even a straight scarf pattern that I can add some rows to and use would be great!


Elann's Luna Yarn

I just recieved 15 balls of Elann's Endless Summer Collection Luna (by the way, it's a beautiful yarn, it's so soft [and cheap!]). Anyway, all the yarn smells...wierd. I don't know, it smells sort of chemically-plasticy. Like Elmer's Glue, I suppose. Has anyone else used this yarn - if so, did your yarn smell wierd when you got it? I'll make a swatch and wash it anyway to see if the smell goes away, I just thought it was really wierd.

The yarn is 57% Viscose and 43% cotton.

Thank you! :)

EDIT - is yf (yarn forward) the same as yo (yarn over)? I've seen two or three different things - some websites say that a yf increases by 2 stitches, but I only need a 1 stitch increase. The pattern is here.

Yarn stores in Orlando, FL ?

I'll be in Orlando this weekend, and am hunting some yarn while there. I see several yarn stores listed in the yellow pages. Anyone from that area, or have a recommendation for the best shop to hit? If not, we'll just make the rounds... :) We're staying off I-4 south of town. Thanks!

PSA: Survey for folks who avoid animal fibers

I noticed in the Knitty blog that Amy Singer is doing a bit of research for her new book (No Sheep For You). She's asking for participants to answer a few quick questions about why they don't use animal fibers, which fibers people avoid, and what types of allergic reactions or sensitivity issues they get. She then intends to consult some medical experts when she has the results. There are a couple of questions in there which aren't specifically allergy-related as well.

I'm sure the information in this book will be useful to loads of people, allergic or not. So why not head over there and help her out?

(Link here goes to the blog entry, which has a link to the survey.)
dog knitting

Can Anyone Identify this yarn??

The bidding on this gorgeous yarn ended on eBay..it was listed as "Colinette Colombo hand dyed wool/mohair".The colors are turquoise, peach, pink, green. The seller stated it was Colinette. I searched Colinetter's site everywhere and didnt see ANYTHING resembling this yarn. If anyone wants to check out the color, it's posted in my last post in my journal (because I don't know if Mods allow us to post eBay links here).
Many TIA!
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Church Fair = Knitting Heaven

So last weekend I went down to Mass to my Aunt's for an annual church fair.  Usually I pick up jewelry, some clothes and books.  This year I took a good long look at the table where all the ladies display their knitting and I found some good stuff!  I never realized they sold yarn and needles too, I always thought they were using it to make more of what they were selling!  One of the older ladies working at the table handed me a grocery bag and said "Fill it with what you want and make me an offer!

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KnitSimple magazine

I got an offer in the mail today from KnitSimple magazine, $10 for a year's subscription vs. $18 per year available on the website. I browsed the pics from the current issue on the website, and it's sort of an odd mix of "Well, that might be useful" and "OMG, who on earth would ever wear that??" Hello, wavy-striped calf-length knitted skirt, I'm looking at YOU!!.

Does anyone here subscribe? If so, do you find that they consistently have more patterns in the useful category than the OMGFUGLY!! category? They do appear to have some patterns for fuller figures, which I would definitely like...as much as I love Interweave Knits, it seems like a lot of their stuff would really only look good on twiggy people (which I clearly am not).

I guess you can't really go wrong for $10, but what say ye?

Hitting gauge?

The pattern that I'm working with says that 18 stitches/24 rows = 4" on US 6 needles. So I cast on 24 stitches and started swatching. The first and last three stitches, I did in garter stitch to have a nice edge. I figured I could measure the middle 18 stitches.

Anyway, 18 stitches is really close to 4" wide. Maybe 3.85" wide if I don't stretch it at all, which is probably close enough, considering it's cotton (Mission Falls 1824) and will stretch some on its own. That is good, right?

But when I measured 24 rows it's a lot closer to 3.5" than 4"... Not good, right?

What do I do? If I go up a needle size, it'll be too wide. If I stay with size 6 needles, it won't be long enough. Help?