July 15th, 2006

Tropical knitting suggestions, please!

I am putting together a care package for a good friend who lives in Trinidad, and I would like to make her something, but what? It gets dang hot down there, after all, so anything wool/alpaca/mohair is probably not a good idea. I also need to keep it small because I shipping costs. My friend wears her hair in a really cute short-Afro-tpe style, so I am thinking headband (and I DO love the Dream Swatch Pattern). Any other ideas/suggestions? Any tropical climate knitters out there?
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Evil Dinah

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Hey, first time posting!

So my friend just called and asked if I could knit her some headrest covers. You know, in the front seat of cars. It sounds possible, but I don't know where I would begin. A quick google didn't turn up much, but then again I didn't look very hard. I'm really not that experienced a knitter, but I'll try anything, especially for a friend.

So, are there any suggestions? patterns? anything?
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knitting in Ottawa?

I'm going to be in Ottawa for three weeks starting on Monday and would love to meet some knitters in town (especially since I'm going to be moving there next year!). Anyone know of knitting groups/stitch-and-bitches that meet there?

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Typical of me, rather than start with a beginner's project for something I decided to jump into laceweight knitting by joining a Mystery Stole KAL. I'm learning a TON!

I had been stressing out at the thought of pulling the provisional cast on and catching the live stitches for the second half of clue 1 -- apparently for no reason. Using the second circular I first grabbed 5-6 stitches UNDER the crochet cast on before pulling the waste yarn out, then grabbed another 5-6 stitches and so on. Doing it in bits like this let me see if I missed picking up a stitch and everything was just fine.

My plan for this evening is to sit on the couch and start the second half of clue 1.

This pattern has been easy to read (thank you Melanie!) and I adore the recycled yarn (85% silk/15% Cashmere) I got from Dawn at Twice Sheered Sheep.

So my verdict so far on lace knitting is that I'm enjoying it can't wait to see the finished stole!

Photos behind the cut:

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Sticks and Strings

Yarn finding

I have a couple vague, semi-related questions that I am betting someone here will be able to help me with.

I got some some nice white yarn from an aunt who knits, and I decided that I wanted to use it to make a one-piece blanket, in some sort of Aran pattern. But then I realized it isn't nearly enough for a whole blanket. I still want to make the blanket though, so I need some help deciding what yarn will work. Since I need a fairly large amount, I don't want to use anything too expensive, but I also want use something that is good quality. Wool would be nice (or a mostly wool blend); superwash would also probably be good too, so that it's easier to care for. It also needs to come in white or off-white, since it will be an aran pattern. I'm really bad with names of weights, but I think it would be worsted weight. The stuff that I have not enough of has a gauge of 20 sts x 26 rows over a 4 inch square. Though, I am mostly making up my own pattern, so exact gauge isn't crucial. If anyone has any suggestions of specific yarns that you have used that might work for me, please let me know. Alternatively, is there a website that lets you search various brands of yarn by content, weight, etc? Because that would be nice too.

I'd also appreciate some advice/information about buying yarn online. Since, like I said, I'd need a fairly large amount, I'm doubting that I'd be able to buy enough from what a store has in stock. I'm willing to order online, since that seems like a good option. But I don't really know how that works. How will I know what the yarn is really like? What sites are good? Any way to get good deals or save on shipping that you have figured out? Can I return yarn if I don't like it? Any general tips? Or is there a better way to go about getting larger amounts of yarn?

As long as I am posting anyway, I will also say that if you know of any good (free) aran blanket patterns that I could use for inspiration, let me know that too!

Thanks in advance!

Lace Question

Has anyone made the 'Lace Dream' shawl by Eugen Beugler from Best of Knitter's Magazine: Shawls and Scarves (or the original one from Knitter's Magazine)?

Alternatively, can someone with Barbara Walker treasuries (not the first one, which I checked) look up the Ostrich Plumes lace pattern?

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edit: all fixed now, thank you :)

I-cord headphones cover? Or...

I am currently making a bouquet of lillies from the pattern on the most recent knitty. A friend suggested that instead of trying to push the floral wire into the already knit i-cord, I could knit the i-cord around the wire. She said the pattern for the headphone cord covered with i-cord did this. I've googled regular google and the knitting google, and I can't find the pattern. Can someone either, a.) point me to the pattern, or b.) tell me how to go about knitting icord around something? (I know how to do i-cord, I just can't seem to figure out how to do it AROUND something.)

Kiri - so close, and yet so far (blocking/BO problems)

I finally finished Kiri tonight. I've been knitting it for the last.. ooh, 3-4 weeks, I suppose. And it's been going really well, once I got into the lace pattern and understood just how it all fitted together, row on row.

3 balls of Rowan's Kidsilk Spray in blue later, and it's looking less like the hairyscary bridgetjones knickers my boyfriend refers to it as.

I dunk it gently, wait 20 minutes, pull out, roll in towel. Flatten across floor, and start pinning. Pull pins up and change location, move cat out the way, start pinning again. Move cat out the way again, think things aren't quite right, start repinning differently.

No, it's no good. The edging just won't behave. My bind off is about 5 times too tight! And I did it on the next size up needles, just like the pattern said, and I knit loosely anyway, and I made sure I kept knitting loosely, but no... the edge doesn't even want to be straight and triangular, it's pulling the top edge down in a bow shape.


This is the first thing I've blocked, so I've no idea if it will take a reblocking? I've pulled it off the floor, and it's in a dejected heap (still slightly damp) and I'm partway through carefully unknitting the bindoff to redo it. Will it still reblock tomorrow ok? Have I done some terrible thing to the yarn by not going through with the blocking, and it drying out in it's small crumpled heap? Can I re-knit with what may be slightly damp yarn to do the BO tomorrow?

So many questions, so much time spent on it so far, I'm really worried I might have wasted it all :(
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Half of a FO:)

I have had this pattern and yarn sitting around for awhile. It came in a Knit This! kit that I got at Goodwill. (It was good having a friend who went through the doanations at Goodwill. He always told me when they got in anything knitting or sewing related.:))

Anyways, I was sitting around tonight with nothing to do, so i decided to see how the baby bootie would turn out...and this is what I got.

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FO and UFO's

hi again! i finally have enough free time to sit down and post some of the things i've been working on :)

there really isn't too much to share... i'm just happy that i've had the time to work on any knitting projects and wanted to post my joy

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