July 17th, 2006


Hand carved knitting needles

I received one of the most thoughtful knitting presents the other day: a very dear friend of mine hand-carved me knitting needles.

They're dpns 10.5 needles and they are pretty short, only about 5.5 inches long and they're very pretty, made out of a naturally pinkish wood. I was surprised and speachless when I got them. :)

So, here's my question: what should I knit with these? They're a bit shorter than my usual large-gauge dpns. Could I make socks with these? Would socks with bulky yarn be comfortable? Has anyone done that before?
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Sock Knitting Questions

I made my first toe-up sock and although it looks great it doesn't fit as snug as I would like. So I'm getting ready to redo said sock though I've having trouble figuring out how many stitches I need to make a snug fitting sock.

The measurement around both my ankle and the ball of my foot is 8 3/4 inches.

My gauge (which was done in the round) is 9 stitches per inch.

The first sock I did I used 72 stitches which makes a circumference of 8 inches. The sock fits a bit too loose around the foot though. So now I'm trying to decide how much smaller I should try and make the sock. I don't want to make it too small...but I also don't want it to still be too loose.

So I'm undecided on whether I should use 64 stitches (a 7 inch around sock) or 68 stitches (a 7 1/2 inch around sock). Any suggestions?

How much smaller than your foot measurement do you use when deciding how many stitches to use?
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New LYS - Atlanta - "Knitch"

I am not sure if this is okay to post here, but there is a wonderful new Knitting & SPINNING LYS in Atlanta. It's right in the highlands area. It opened up this weekend.

There website;

My review & photo tour (worth drooling over!);

The spinning women taught me how to use a drop spindle properly. I'm a wheel kinda girl but I really wanted to be able to do it with a spindle and now I can!
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Credit goes to Enriana

Change is scarey

Ok, so I've been knitting for a while now. I think I've got it pretty much down pat. I can cast-on, bind-off, knit, purl, decrease, and increase (that's the one I had the most problems figuring out from books until someone showed me).
Now I find there is more than one way to cast on, but I'm reluctant to teach myself because I'm afraid that once I've been doing it for a while, I'll forget the original way. I generally shy away from more advanced techniques as I don't want to forget the basics. Is that crazy, or has anyone else ever felt this way?
Thanks again Glamazonwarrior!!

blanket query

Hi, I am new (to the community and to knitting in general, my grandmother taught me when I was about 12 because I couldn't crochet, but I had long forgotten, anyway...)

So this past weekend I had been working on a scarf, but upon looking at it, it seems much to wide to make it a scarf, but I didn't want to rip it up, because it is pretty, and even though there are a few mistakes, I like it. So my boyfriend asked if it was possible to knit a whole bunch of squares (like 30 or something) and then sew them together to make a blanket, with different but complimentary colors. Therefore, you would feel good for completing a square and know you were one square closer to a finished product. So has anyone heard of doing this? Or is it a little bit of a silly idea?

I say this because I am not too keen on knitting up a blanket that is more than about 2+ feet wide and long at a time anyway (which I am planning on doing soon for the Big Bad Baby Blanket in the Stitch 'n Bitch book for a friend who is expecting in November), it seems overwhelming and the squares would be easy to manage and to take to work to knit on while I am at lunch.

So what do you think? Have any of you done this before or contemplated it at all?
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Pattern Quest (esp moms who knit for babies)

I have about 1000 yards of this rose heather colored cotton and want to make something for the bean... but I don't know what would be a better use of the yarn (as in form and function). I don't have any ball bands (garage sale find!), but my gauge swatch was about 4 stitches per inch on size 7s. Here are the patterns I was considering (and I'm OK with changing the gauge if necessary - I did one swatch to see if it told me what it wanted to be...):

Peapod baby set
Yoda Sweater (I'll have tons left over)
Magknits Blossom

I know some are more conducive to wool, but, hell, I have all this pink cotton! LOL! This doesn't strictly need to be for a newborn either - I make tiny babies, so just about anything will be for later in the year (I'm due in November).

Other pattern suggestions would be helpful too!
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Needle preference question...

Hi all...

I'm currently working on Glampyre's fabulous Orangina using the pattern called for yarn, Rowan 4-ply. Because I almost always use my Denise's for everything I knit (except socks on dpns), I had no circs small enough (the pattern calls for a size 3). I ventured to AC Moore since I was in that area, and the only size 3 circs were aluminum ones. I bought them and went home and started working.

I *hate* these needles... I don't know whether they are more slippery than my Denise's and so I feel I need to grip them harder, or whether it is the fact that the yarn sometimes snags on the joins.

So I need some suggestions on replacement needles... bamboo maybe? Or would that cause the cotton yarn to move horribly around the needles? Would Addis feel better and not like these aluminums? Any advice would be appreciated!

And just so this post isn't so boring... here is my progress as of the other day...
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mick eye

(no subject)

First post, with FOs. I started knitting in August of 2004, and got pregnant soon after that. I knitted a few things while I was pregnant, then gave it up for a long time after my baby was born because babies + yarn = lots of frustration. :-P But I've managed to make a couple things this year. I've found this comm to be both very helpful and inspirational. You all make such beautiful things it makes me want to knit, too!

Please pardon quality of photos; the screen on the camera that lets me change settings and see what I'm taking a picture of is broken, and toddler doesn't give me much time to fuss with things. I'm putting links to images underneath them for people who have very slow connections like mine that won't load this many pictures at once.

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knitting question regarding poseable figures

i've been inspired by this post to make rock star dolls of my very own (or for gifts) of all my favorite rock stars. i'm quite excited by this prospect, and have been since i originally saw the post, however, i'd like to modify the pattern quite a lot (shouldn't be too difficult) and make them poseable.

i tried a google search for knitting poseable objects, but didn't come up with very good results, so i thought that i would ask here to see if anyone had experience inserting some sort of crafting wire (like this, for example?) into a knitted stuffed object? would that work to give the desired effect of a flexible, but still squishy, doll? i think it would be pretty awesome to have a britt daniel (picture from my photobucket) doll, for example, who could wrap his arms around a knitted/felted guitar...

if anyone has any advice for this, that would be great. i'm thinking that it's probably as simple as just knitting the object, inserting the wires, and then putting the stuffing in, but since i've never knit a stuffed object before, i'm not 100% sure.

thanks so much!

New Yarns at Knitpicks!

I heard a few days ago that Knitpicks was introducing new yarns, but the link had disappeared. I clicked on a link to Knitpicks a few minutes ago from Craftster, and it's back!


A worsted superwash with some lovely colors!

A wool/silk fingering weight!

A heavy-worsted weight "tweed".

A bulky weight alpaca/wool boucle.

Apologies if anyone has already posted about this... I checked but didn't see any posts on it.
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Flower Power Pattern modification question

I am thinking about knitting my first sweater and thought that Flower Power from SnB Nation would be a good one to try. It seems pretty simple as far as sweaters go and also looks fairly easy to modify which I want to do quite a bit of for a first sweater. I want to make it striped and without the flower which is simple enough, but I need some feedback as far as modifying the actual pattern for fit and to be knit on circs instead of back and forth.

I have a long torso and wide shoulders but am otherwise quite small. XS almost always fits but is often too short and sometimes puckers funny under the arms due to the armpit seams not being in qute the right spot. This is especially a problem with raglan shaped items. Going up a size alleviates the arm hole problem but then I lose all sense of fit in the torso.

The picture of the sweater in the book looks like the design may eliminate my usual arm hole issues, but it may be that the model is just really tiny. I wonder if there is anyone reading this that has knit this pattern and can tell me if the arm seams really do fall that low on the shoulder (in which case I won't have to try and modify it).
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In order to increase the length, I was thinking that adding a few rows to the waist area (after the decreases and before the increases) would work. Should I do that or add rows amoung the decreases and increases?

As for modifying the pattern for circs. I have what I think is a good modification all typed out. Is there anyone with the book that would be willing to look over it for me and tell me if it looks right? I don't want to post the complete pattern online since it is not free, but I would love you forever if I could email it and have it checked over.

I'd like to knit the sleeves on circs/ dpns as well (I hate purling and finishing, can ya tell?). Is this a good idea or should I just stick to knitting them flat? If I knit them in the round and take out the two stitches that would be used up in the seam, will the arm still fit into the arm hole correctly? I'm thinking yes, but I want to make sure.
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Buying Yarn Online in Canada

Hey everyone,

I've recently purchased a bunch of yarn and a set of DPNs from patternworks.com (they were the only place that had both the yarn and needles I was looking for - that I could find, anyway) and I've come to the decision to never order from them again. I realize that shipping out of the US is going to be more expensive, but $15 USD? And to top that off, I came home from work today to find a little Canada Post message on my door that I have to go in tomorrow (three and half weeks after they shipped my order) and pay another $10.15 CAD to release the package. I know that this is not Patternworks's (<-- yes, that is proper singular possession... at least where I come from =P) fault, but I simply cannot afford to order there again. I frequently order things from the United States and nothing (other than commissioned items) has ever taken this long to reach me.

My question is this: can anyone recommend a good place to order yarn online (I'm specifically looking for Plymouth Encore and/or Cascade 220) that has a more reasonable shipping rate to Canada or is at least quicker? A Canadian site would be even better! =) I've checked the most popular pages, but they rarely have what I'm looking for so I guess I'm just throwing this out there in hope.

Oh, yarnware.com's main page says that they have flat rate shipping to Canada and the U.S. - has anyone ever ordered from them?

Thanks in advance!

fo-lotsa socks

Socks are generally my favorite thing to knit, as they are instant gratification...if I can stay focused long enough to knit the whole pair. Which is not often. So here's two complete pairs, three single socks, and one sock-in-progress.
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odd pattern request

So I want to knit something for my house. I am renting and my walls are white. The landlord let us paint the kitchen, the hallway and the bathroom, but freaked out on the living room. Go figure.

So I want to knit something I can hang on the wall. I really like the mod/retro type stuff.

Any idea's?

Felting Andean Silk?

Quick question. I want to make my sister a pair of felted mittens in purple for Christmas. I would prefer to order from Knitpicks since I am ordering quite a bit from them. They don't carry WOTA in purple. When I used their yarn finder, they recommended Andean Silk for felting. Has anyone had any luck felting Andean Silk? I did a search in LJSeek and Google, but didn't come up with an answer. Or any other ideas of where I could get wool yarn in purple in worsted weight for cheap? My only other option at this point is Lion Wool.

FO: Saturday Market Bag (with modifications)

I've had my eye on Magknits' Saturday Market Bag, and I was in the mood for a quick knit, so I decided to check it out. Upon reading through the instructions, I noticed that it called for knitting the front and back of the bag in 2 separate pieces and seaming them together. Since I loathe seaming, I decided to convert the pattern to knit it in the round, which limited the seaming to just the bottom edge of the bag.

So, here's what I did, if anyone else is interested in trying it in the round: Collapse )

Sweater Dress in Dove Ice Cream Commercial

Oh my GOD the chick in this Dove Ice Cream commercial I just watched had the most awesome sweater dress ever!

Long sleeve, scoop neck, a few inches of wide ribbing at the bottom. Anyone else seen it? What's your favorite sweater dress pattern?

One ice cream commercial on a hot day and I am fantasizing about sweater dresses. :)
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knitting with disabilities/ teaching beginning knitting

I'm teaching a class of 8-12 year old girls how to knit at summer camp, and I knew in advance that one of them was wheelchair-bound, but that was the extent of the medical form; however, the student in question also has moderate motor control problems. Her initial yarn choice was loosely plied and she was having problems with splitting the stitches. This evening I bought her larger needles (I'm not bringing my Denises in for the kids as I'm letting them take their work home after class, and I don't really own anything larger than 10.5s than Denises) and some bulky, tightly plied or single ply yarn. Does have any suggestions of how I could make it easier to knit? She understands the process very well, but is getting incredibly frustrated during the actual execution. I was planning on printing some diagrams for them so they can have visual reminders at hand when I'm working with another student. Additionally, does anyone have any tips on teaching knitting to complete beginners? I know it took me a long time to get the basics down, and I'm being realistic, but it's hard to keep that in perspective when the kids are in it for the process and the parents want a FO within the first two hours.

Pattern question

The lovely people at Drops have finally put up pattern for the cabled handbag I'm dying to knit. But I've got two questions before I can begin.

First, on yarn substitution. The pattern calls for Garn's Eskimo yarn (100% wool, 10 sts x 14 rows = 4 x 4 in). The pattern's gauge is 15 sts = 4 in. Can I essentially substitute any yarn where I would get the pattern gauge with whatever size needles as long as I get a similar thickness and drape in the end? (Not using a sock yarn and size 50 needles, for instance.)

Second is a math question. The pattern says...

Cast on 88 sts using needle size 5mm with Eskimo. Knit 8 rounds in garter sts (see above). On the last round inc 52 sts evenly = 140 sts. Knit M.1.

My remedial math skills tell me that I would need to M1 every .69 stitches (divide 52 by 88)...but logic tells me you can't do that. What's the best way to get to 140 sts?

Thank you!! I want to knit this bag so I can start showing it off! ;)