July 20th, 2006

circular needles


Hi everybody!

Even though it feels like I'm the only knitter who hasn't made a clapotis yet, I'm reasonably sure there are others out there. Here's my question: would anybody be interested in doing a Clapotis Knit-Along? I'm just kind of brainstorming, but I would like to finish by the end of August. Does this sound do-able for anybody? Let me know if you're interested! :D

seeking Argyle Slippers from Weekend Knitting

Hi folks,

I'm looking for knitters with experience with the Argyle Slippers pattern from Weekend Knitting. The pattern is by Denyse Specktor. I have searched and searched and found lots of mentions of these slippers as being a cool project, lots of intentions to start them, but no one who actually did them. My sister asked me for a pair of slippers for her birthday in September. I'm wondering if anyone has done them, has comments about the pattern, or can verify some construction questions. Are they full slippers? I'm sort of thinking from the photo and pattern that the sides and back are just shallow little strips and wouldn't actually provide much warmth.

If anyone has any other slipper patterns they'd like to recommend, I'd be grateful. It doesn't matter if it's from a book or online. I have made Fuzzy Feet before, and have another felted slipper pattern from Fibertrends, but I found the Fuzzy Feet wore out SO quickly. I know carpet is tough on wool, but I think I'd rather a pattern with leather soles. If I can't find one, I might try the felted ballet slippers from Fibertrends and then add soles, but I don't have any experience with that either.

Thanks very much!

Another question on charlotte's web

Hopefully the last, though.

Ok, so I flew through Kiri, it was great. Really clear pattern, clear chart to read.

Charlotte's web? Different kettle of fish. The stitches themselves are no great challenge. The lace they form is no great challenge. But reading the pattern? ye gods, who on earth wrote this!

My biggest problem is this: The written instructions are so badly formatted that they are a minefield to follow, so I plumped for the chart, because I got on really well both times I've used a chart for lace. But, this lace chart is hard to read - it's only one half of it for a start, but says do the other half of the centre line as a mirror image (so read the chart back the other way) - but looking at it, if I do that, then it's not actually a mirror image at all.

I can't see if I do a YO, SKPSSO, K1, K2tog, YO, K1 (centrestitch), YO, K2tog, K1, SKPSSO, YO that it will form an identical pattern each side of that centre. Surely it should be YO, SKPSSO, K1, K2tog, YO, K1 (centre), YO, SKPSSO, K1, K2tog, YO - because the SKPSSO slants the decrease one way, the K2tog slants it the opposite way....

Have I missed something fundamental here, or is the pattern really very sucky? I've googled and searched for this issue with the charlotte's web pattern but not found anything on this issue, which makes me think it's me missing something and being daft, but then the way the rest of the pattern's written and formatted leads me to believe that maybe, just maybe, it's *not* a mirror image as suggested, unless you do also substitute a SKPSSO for a K2tog and vice versa.

And looking at what I have knitted thus far (about 30 rows in, so just enough for the first lace bit to be examinable), it doesn't look like a mirror image either.

I know lots of people have made this shawl, so wondering what you did?
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Yarn substitution question - Dale of Norway sweater

So I promised my mother a sweater for this coming Xmas, and between the two of us we agreed that a Dale of Norway olympic sweater is something I'd like to knit and she'd like to receive -- specifically, the Norge 2002 design, in I think the "K" colorway.

Thing is, I'd be dropping $100+ on the kit and for the past several paychecks in a row I haven't been able to free up that much to throw at a single purchase. The idea of just buying the pattern book from Allegro Yarns and getting the yarn from KnitPicks has occurred, but I feared trying to substitute for a yarn I've never used -- which was why I was originally planning to get the kit. Falk is what's specified by the pattern, and KnitPicks' new Telemark seems a tempting alternative, but it seemed a wise idea to me to ask if anyone more experienced in yarn substitutions than I sees any potential issues that I'm missing. (Aside from swapping handwash Telemark for machine-washable Falk, which isn't a problem. Oh, and the fact that KnitPicks doesn't seem to offer Telemark color cards yet.)

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If you could only visit 3 yarn stores in NYC...

Which would they be?

I posted a few days ago that I had made a map of NYC yarn stores suggested by this community (thanks LJSEEK!). My husband is adamant that this not turn into a yarn shopping spree, so we agreed to at least 3 shops we'll make a point to go to. So I need the three I CANNOT miss. Unfortunately Yarn & Booze is out as an event. I can do the yarn, the fetus would not appreciate the booze. Next time - WATCH OUT!

Heres a link to the yarn stores I have mapped out.

Many thanks knittas!
made it myself!

knitting for babies, advice needed

I'm wanting to choose a good, soft yarn to knit a baby blanket and hat. A couple of places online have mentioned to NOT use wool because babies have such sensitive skin. I just did a "yarn search" on knit picks for suitable yarn, and all of the yarn that came up was some sort of wool.

Is it really all that bad to use a form of wool yarn for babies? Of course now that I just typed that I'm thinking that maybe wool wouldn't be a smart choice because it wouldn't be as washable as a cotton or acrylic..

Anyone have any suggestions for good yarn to use for a baby project?

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(no subject)

Im loooking for a beautiful falling leaves pattern for a scarf. Free is best, but Im willing to pay. Ive googled and found a few I like, but wanted to put the request out there to all of you, maybe you have something unique and fun I wasnt able to find.

Thank you.

Rant about my LYSs - where are my favorite yarns?!

Just need to vent. There are only two yarns stores within a reasonable distance from me, and they have been really letting me down lately.

The first is In Sheep's Clothing in Davis, CA. They used to have a decent selection of Trekking, Cherry Tree Hill, Lorna's Laces, Mountain Colors, Noro, etc. But for the past 6-8 months, they haven't had anything. Everything seems picked over, they haven't had any of the aforementioned yarns at all. It just seems they're not reordering or restocking at all. Their selection is dwindling.

The second is Spin A Yarn in Vacaville, CA. Overall, they have a pretty good selection, but again, they don't have any of my favorites: no Cherry Tree Hill, no Mountain Colors, no Lorna's Laces, no Noro... they've never had these since they opened at the end of last year. They do have Trekking and Art Yarns, but in a very limited color selection. Also, they have cut back their hours for the summer. They close at 4 pm on weekdays - how do working knitters ever have a chance to go there?? And they're closed on Sundays. Isn't Sunday prime time for yarn shopping?

Anyway I guess my main beef is that I just can't figure out why so many LYSs don't carry the aforementioned popular yarns. And why does NO ONE carry Koigu?? Yes I know I can order online, but I really need to see and feel my yarns. I see so many awesome colorways of certain yarns online but none of the retail stores ever seem to have any in stock. You would think they would!

Anyone else have any similar experiences?
I knit weird stuff.

Tubey Question

I'm working on Knitty's Tubey in Knitpicks' Andean Silk in Leaf (which is a darker, brighter green than it looks). I got gauge on 8s (which is what the pattern calls for) so if anyone else was thinking doing this pattern, the yarn is a functional substitution.

Question goes like this: The way that the sleeve section is constructed, you knit from just behind the left shoulder, across the back, and down the right arm. Then you pick up the stitches from where you started and work the left sleeve. In thinking about this, one's stitches would be facing different directions on either side of this join and I think the asymmetry would bother me. I was thinking of kntting from mid-back down one sleeve and then picking up mid back again and working the other sleeve, so that it would look more even. I can't decide, however, which would be more distracting-- the off centered join that the pattern calls for or an improvised mid-back join.

Has anyone done this sweater and noticed the stitch direction issue? Any other thoughts?
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Is there any way to tighten up loose joins on a project once it's completed? Try as I might, I just can't get this pair of Knucks to not have crappy joins :(
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(no subject)

Ever since the Summer IK issue came out, I've been in love with the Icarus pattern. I was recently at Barnes and Noble, and decided to lust after the pattern. Long story short, I bought the magazine.

Now here's the question. I've never done a full on lace shawl like Icarus. I've done lace patterns in washclothes, and such, but never with laceweight yarn, etc. Is it feasible to do Icarus as a first lace pattern, or should I fiddle with something like Knitting's Branching Out first?
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(no subject)

OK. Im one of those knitters that has 4-5 projects always going at once. When one starts to get on my nerves, or the color is making me blind, whatever, I switch to another. OR I see a fun new yarn or pattern I just HAVE to try right now, and cast on.

The problem with this is, that sometimes it stresses me out* to have so many un-done projects.
Right now I have a sock, two scarfs, a mitered square rug (Interweave Knits), a dishcloth (MDK), and a child's jumper on the needles. Im tempted to start another scarf now too (I love doing scarfs, fun fancy ones out of expensive yarn). I switch between them, but the one scarf is driving me nuts, I can only do like 2 rows and want to quit it (has a ton of yarn overs, its a sea foam pattern from my LYS, very pretty with Cherry Tree Hill Sock yarn in Peacock, and I love how it looks, just dont like knitting it). The other scarf is on chunky handspun in beaded rib, my mom commissioned me to make a couple of these for her work friends for xmas. Its nice and mindless. I have the child's jumper half done, just need to knit the other side and sew together, but I dont know if that will ever happen. Its in Cascade 220, and easy enough, I just didnt enjoy doing it. This is why I dont do many sweaters and such - it takes too long. I love the rug, just got sick of doing the squares. Only need 5 more, so I do one here and there. I like dishcloths too. Fun and fast and lotsa yarn colors to pick from.

So who else does this and then stresses about it? Can you walk away from a project or do you HAVE to finish it? Do you frog it or forget it? If you love doing certian projects, like dishclothes and scarves, what do you do with them all when your friends have had enough? Get new friends?

*note - knitting itself doesnt stress me out, having all the unfinished stuff laying around just drives me a little nuts because I like things neat and done and sqaured away. But when it comes to knitting Im always starting new stuff - short attention span I guess, so I have alot of half done stuff - not all done and squared away. Thats what I meant about being stressed out about it. No big deal, just wondering what others did/felt/etc.
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FO - Seattle Dragon Socks

Pattern: The Keyboard Biologist Knits' Here There Be Dragon Socks (Upscale version)
Yarn: Koigu purchased during my visit to Seattle in May. This was my first time knitting with Koigu and it was such a great experience that I went out and bought some more :)
Needles: 2.75mm dpns. I preferred the upscaled version of the pattern but was worried that it would be too small so I went up a needle size.
Pattern thoughts: This was a really well-written pattern. I don't usually pay for patterns but this one was totally worth it. Theresa did a great job mapping everything out, with detailed instructions and multiple charts. It was a really enjoyable knit. I especially liked the way the pattern was carried into the heel and toe. It was a very special touch.
Modifications: The twisted German cast-on overwhelmed me so I opted for a longtail cast-on. It does roll at the top which Theresa says it will not do with cotton yarns but I don't care.

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what a neat obsession.

(no subject)

I got my Vogue Knitting Stitchionary the other day and I'm confused about somethings.
I'm still a beginner, so I don't quite understand how to do multiples. If a stitch pattern calls for multiples of 4, plus two... does that mean I do 4, 8, 12, and so on PLUS only two or do I increase the 2 everytime I do a multiple of 4???

I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

Clicking in Wrist; Combined Knitting

I've been working on a child's jumper (Knitty's Devan) which uses sock yarn and sz 1 and 2 needles. I use sock yarn and small needles to make socks all the time but this is the first time I've worked on something like this - longer stretches of straight knitting.

My right wrist clicks every time I make a stitch. It doesn't hurt as it clicks, but it gives me the willies. This started on Tuesday evening. I stopped because it was driving me batty, and started again a few minutes later to see if it would stop - the first few stitches were fine but then the clicking came back. I picked up my knitting again tonight and it's doing the same thing. I tried another project - sz 6's and worsted weight - and it doesn't do it as often but there's still a click every few stitches.

Now, there is no pain, but I can't imagine it's good for my wrist to click - am I overreacting? Has anyone else had this happen? Should I be worried and go to the doctor?

Also, I have been investigating other styles of knitting. Specifically, this week I've been investigating combined knitting, and today I tried using this method per Annie Modesitt's website. Other than wrapping the yarn the different way around on the purls, and then having to un-twist the stitch when you knit the next row (for stockinette anyway), is there any other difference? I hear people rave about this method but I tried it out and I don't see that it's really that different, so I think I'm missing something.


pattern question

I'm making these gloves:


I made the right glove just fine, but I'm a little confused about the fingers on the left glove. The pattern states "When knitting the Left Hand Glove, begin the first finger 2 sts before the 5 cast-on thumb sts and also the next 10 sts, cast on 5 sts for inside of finger (22 sts)." Does this mean that I stop knitting 12 stitches before the end of the round, or something else? I know it's probably obvious, I just don't have too much experience in reading patters. :)


Newest Creation

I bought this pattern online and really really like the way it turned out.

I hope I tried to use the correct html codes for the lj-cuts. if it's not correct, i will delete this posting.

I used Knitpicks Super worsted 60% Pima 40% Cotton in coral.

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(no subject)

Hm. ok. I'm having a problem with Knitty's Fetching. I have ridiculously small hands and wrists (seriously. the size of a childs lol), so it would seem the pattern is a bit too big. I modified it to be 40 stiches instead of 45 which would seem to be an alright size buuuut that means the cables are split onto two dpns and it's not so clean cut... i've tried to get around it and do it anyway but it hasn't worked out so far and I keep making mistakes.

any advice?
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just checking in

amazingly enough, everything is going smoothly.

I'm continuing working on "my so called scarf" with the stunning (if I may say so myself) handspun wool that I posted the other day. It's about maybe ten, fifteen rows from being done so I anticipate finishing it tomorrow at work. On breaks only, of course. I would NEVER sit at my desk and knit or crochet.

Neverending thanks to the kind person who turned me on to "sock class" online. I just finished turning the heel on my first sock and am working the decreases leading to the foot. I've had no screaming, no tears, very little ripping back, minimal tinking, and I feel good about my prospects of actually making socks. What a marvelous tutorial! I am going to donate something, because I was going to take a class and this saved me the trouble. It's amazing how the author makes everything seem so logical and sensible. Socks really aren't that hard when you break it down like it's broken down on that site.

I think I'm going to frog my garter stitch/yarn over shawl project and make clapotis out of the yarn instead. The yarn is far too nice for such a plain project.

That's about it, hopefully this weekend will yield a FO, one sock, and pictures thereof.

Thanks as always for all your support and help. This community is a great group of people, as well as a marvelous resource.


So, word on the street is that the people at Cascade yarns had Debbie Bliss Cashmerino tested, and it doesn't contain ANY Cashmere! Not 1%! It's so soft because of the microfiber content only.

Granted, this was told to me by a Cascade representative, but still, food for thought. They were quite up-in-arms about it being mis-labled.

I'd be interested if anyone has only other info about this.

[EDIT]: Here's the Info about the scandal! Thanks to Platys for the link! http://www.knittersreview.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=61236