July 21st, 2006


Knitting for a teacher

My best friend is starting a new teaching job next month and I want to knit her something quick but comforting that she could use, because this is her dream school/dream job so she's very nervous.

Any ideas of what I could knit for a Teacher? I'm still in the beginner stages...doing beginner's lace projects, etc.

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I bought some Malabrigo last week. It is brown and light blue varigated. I want to make a scarf or hat out of it, but I don't know what stitch to use. I don't want stockinette, and I tried herringbone (RS: p2tog, purl through first loop again; WS: sl1, k1, k through back loop for slipped stitch)and wasn't really liking the way it was turning out, so I frogged that. I was wondering if anyone has any other stitches that are interesting and wouldn't take too much away from the colors?
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More questions about blocking

I'm about to leave for a weekend, and I thought this would be a good time to block Rambling Rose. I have to admit to not having blocked before (shame on me!), mainly due to lack of space, not lack of desire. My roommate happened to move out, since she finished early, and so right now, I do have space... but maybe not materials. I don't have a blocking board, and while Google did bring up some pretty cool ideas for things to buy and use as a blocking board, I don't have time to go buy something right now... and I haven't run across anything yet that mentions materials from the home. Here is what I have in my dorm room: a desk with limited space, a bed with bedding on it, a bed without bedding (but the mattress is covered with a plastic, it's a school mattress), towels, two really big Rubbermaid bins, and obviously, the floor. Where is the best place to wet block my sweater? I thought the bed might be, because I can pin it to the bedding, but then I worried that it might mildew... it is probably going to take a long time due to humidity. Since I'll be gone for a couple of days, is this even the right time to do it?

EDIT: I don't know if it matters, but I forgot to mention that the yarn is Brown Sheep Cotton Fine, 80% cotton and 20% wool.

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Hello everyone,
I'm Melissa - first time poster, long time lurker.

Anyway, I just reformatted my compuer & lost all of my bookmarks. Among them was a knitting pattern for a mug cosy with lid, which I can't find for the life of me.
It's not a knitty pattern, nor on knittingpatterncentral.com
In the picture, it was felted with purple & blue yarn.
Does anyone know of this pattern & have a link for it? I've been going out of my mind the last few days.

Incomplete pattern help

Please take a look at this simple dishcloth pattern http://sasw.blogspot.com/2005/01/dishcloths.html

I like the design - but the pattern is incomplete - it doesn't detail how to decrease. Since it was posted more than a year ago I wasn't sure about commenting at the site.

Because of the YOs in the center that are crucial to the design - I've attempted double decreases on the edges of rows (with knit rows alternating) but it doesn't have a desirable effect. It's not a sharp pretty angle.

I'm relatively new to knitting - so I wasn't sure if I could drop a stitch at the YO and then just decrease by 1 on each end of the row - or basically use some combination like that. Or knit the other side as a seperate piece and then figure out some way to seamlessly graft them together in the center.


Area-specific knitting communities

Looking for other knitters in your area? Taking a trip and want to ask the locals where to find some yarn? Here's a list of knitting communities dedicated to cities, states, countries... If you know of one to add to the list (or run a community that is on this list and prefer that it not be), comment here or drop the moderators an e-mail.

stitch_n_bitch Brisbane, Australia
hot_knitters Sydney, Australia
hali_craft Halifax, NS Canada
vic_crafts Victoria, BC Canada
nordic_knitters Nordic Knitters
brit_knits United Kingdom
ed_stitchnbitch Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
stitchnbitchgla Glasgow, Scotland, UK
knitting_es knitting in Spanish

United States:
la_knitters Los Angeles, CA
snbnewlondon New London, CT
beachknitters FL
knit_chicago Chicago, IL
bloomingtonsnb Bloomington, IN
nola_stitch New Orleans, LA
mdknitters MD
wickedknitting Boston, MA
a2_ypsi_snb Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti, MI
minnknit MN
nj_knits NJ
cny_knits Central NY
nyc_knits New York, NY
15501_knitting Durham/Chapel Hill/Carrboro, NC
knit_me_baby Portland, OR
pdx_knitters Portland, OR
phillyknitters Philadelphia, PA
swpa_fiberarts Pittsburgh, PA/Tri-state area
snbprov Providence, RI
snbchattanooga Chattanooga, TN
nashville_knits Nashville, TN
nightknitters Dallas, TX
houston_knit Houston, TX
rvaknits Richmond, VA
cloudcityknitty Seattle, WA
stitchybitches Seattle, WA (Capitol Hill)
mkeknitting Milwaukee, WI
US Regional:
ne_fiber New England
westernfiber Rocky Mountains
pacific_fiberWest Coast

Outside of LJ-land, try Knitting Meetups or check this list of knitting groups.
Some Yahoo! groups:
Hartford County, CT
New Haven, CT
Richmond, VA
Pittsburgh, PA

small knitting rant

Just looking for some empathy, as now that I think of it...I'm still kind of incensed over what happened.

I'm working at a summer camp, it's about the 4th week in, working with young girls in our cabin. The girls love making those plastic lanyard keychains/bracelets. The other councelors in my cabin like doing the lanyard things too whenever we have a spare moment. I tried that for a bit, but found I couldn't stray from my knitting. For me, knitting is just so much more relaxing.

During training week, I'd suggested to one of the councelors in my cabin to try knitting, I offered to teach it; and she had said she might like to try it. I mentioned it again yesterday (as she was on her way to the art room that has buckets of acrylic yarn), she hesitated, then wrinkled her nose- and her roomie piped in that "she's too girly to do that stuff, we stick to the lanyard".

Since when is a girl too girly just because she knits?, and what is wrong with being a little girly and trying somethign new? I know knitting is not for everyone, and not everyone can share in the joy of knitting we have, but to appear positive about it at the beginning and then shoot me down with a comment like that really hurt. I can't stand that kind of so called "feminism". If it is by definition a craft, in some people's eyes, a "woman's work"...there is no valid reason why it should be rejected so quickly by some women (and men alike). The variety of things you can make with those two needles and a bit of string never ceases to amaze me.

I know this kind of post is done every once in a while...but share your stories too, if you'd like. (If this post is not alright, I'll take it down, just let me know.)
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Elann Crest of the Wave Tank: Help Stuck!

Okay, I've tried to do the shoulders for this tank pattern 4 times now in 4 different ways and its still not coming out right. Help me LJ Knitters!!!

Here's the problem:

You cast on "14 stitches and do 4 rows of stockinette." Then you have to do the lace pattern and the increases at the same time for 28 rows. You are supposed to do the increases every other row. Fine, I can understand that.

According to the pattern, you "increase 1 stitch (k-f&b) into the second stitch in from the edge on each side of the neckline". Since you are using 2 balls to knit the 2 shoulders of the pattern simultaneously, does this mean that you do an increase on either side of each shoulder you are working on? Or does it mean that you do one increase on each shoulder? I've tried doing it both ways and its still coming out wrong.

Part of the reason that it seems to be coming out wrong has to do with the lace pattern. The pattern works as follows:
Rows 1-4: k
Rows 5, 7, 9, 11: k1, *(k2tog)x2, (yo, k1)x3, yo, (k2tog-tbl)x2, k3, rep from * to end of row.
Rows 6, 8, 10, 12: Purl"

So if I combine this with the increase should it be the following?

Rows 1-4: k increase by doing a kf&b on the second stitch and second-to-last stitch of every other row.
Rows 5, 7, 9, 11: k1, *k2tog-f&b, k2tog, (yo, k) x3, yo, (k2tog-tbl) x2, k3 repeat from * to end of row.
Rows 6, 8, 10, 12: Purl

The other problem I have is that if I cast on 14 stitches, when I do my first row of lace pattern, I am one stitch short of completing the full cycle of the pattern (which is 15 stitches.) Should that be happening?

Advice anyone?
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Darn you to heck, Knitpicks...

A few days ago princess_vernie posted about some new yarns from Knitpicks. I went to go order some of one of the ones she told us about -- and saw that they've been adding even more yarns since then:

A Sportweight wool yarn.

A tweed superwash wool sock yarn.

A hand-painted version of its mohair-like Suri Dream. And, speaking of which, the regular Suri Dream looks like it's got new colors too.

I need to hand over control of my finances to someone else for a little while, lest I give them everything.
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dragonfly baby hat pattern help

I want to try and make a knitted dragonfly to put on top of a baby hat... the only problem is, that I seem to not know where to start... I tried google to see if I could find a pattern, or something that I could kind of modify with no luck... all I could find was a dragonfly dishcloth pattern. 

Can anyone help me create a pattern for this? I figured I could do the middle of the dragonfly as an I cord, but I really have no idea how to work the wings... I thought I might crochet them, but a) I'm not a very experienced crochet-er and b) I'd rather knit them.

I would like the dragonfly to be about 2 inches long maybe?

How to choose a cast-on?

I have a specific question and a general question....

I am making my second pair of Fetching and I am not liking the way that the cast on edge looks. My first pair was in a much stiffer yarn and the edge stayed in place. This time, I am using the Cashmerino and the edge is flaring out. I tried a knitted cast on and that was waaay too loose, so I switched to a long-tail cast on. Does anyone have any recommendations for an alternative cast on?

Now, for future reference, is there a guide or something that tells you what kinds of cast on techniques work for what? I am always frustrated when a pattern doesn't specify what kind of cast on to use because they all produce such different results. I have a general idea of which ones are looser than others, but beyond that, I am lost.
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Clapotis KAL update

Hi everybody,

I've made a community for Clapotis knitters starting (as one commenter said) at square one.  Hopefully we'll post our progress and pictures and give each other moral support and help in finishing it.  :D  Anyone is welcome to join, as long as they'll be knitting along with us!  

The community can be found here: autumnclapotis

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Bleaching yarn?

I made Yorick on Knitty for my boyfriend in Knitpick's Wool of the Andes in Cloud, and at first he said it was fine, but now he is hinting a little about wanting to know if it could be bleached. So would soaking the scarf in bleach do anything? Or is there a way to dye it whiter? Peroxide, maybe?

Also, it has been felted already several times, but there is a tiny bit of stitch definition still visible. Should I continue felting before I make it whiter? And it is a little short... so after felting, should I pin it streched out?

Sorry for so many questions, and thanks in advance for any help!
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Pop Culture Knitting

Pop Culture Knitting. I am a victim of it Big Time. I have a myriad, plethera and ecetera of patterns I want to do that are based on books, movies or tv. If I don't want it someone around me does. I have only made 1 of the Harry Potter scarves, a yarn pirate tank for the PotCDMC Premiere and a Marvin the Paranoid Android (from Hitchhikker's Guide to the Galaxy). I still have a Jayne hat (from Firefly/Serenity), A pirate Hat also for the premiere (oops), 2 more harry Potter scarves, I need to finish my Darth Vader doll, a Cthulhu doll, and I have plans for a Dr who scarf complete with burn mark from a Dilak's laser.

I guess my question is this am I the only one this enchanted with the celluloid worlds or even the written ones? Or am I simply unimaginative?

Please note there is no questioning my geekiness,

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I have finished Winter Wonderland from The Alpaca Yarn Company. With the support of the company, I am donating the shawl to a fundraiser for the local health clinic for serving patients in need.

Pattern: The Alpaca Company's Winter Wonderland shawl

Yarn: Glimmer Alpaca for the snowflakes and binding and Suri for the background. Both in cream

Needles: Bamboo US 7 dpns. This pattern required 7 total needles to work the background of the snowflakes.

Pattern thoughts: This was a difficult pattern for me to follow. It did introduce me to some new knitting concepts which was the major source of my frustration. I always figure that I have been knitting so long that every pattern should make sense immediately. I needed the stitch count at the end of each repeat of each row. I was glad that the designer had included this information

Concepts: Motif knitting and handling 7 needles at once. Each snowflake was knitted and blocked. Then the background stitches were picked up and worked in the round on all six sides. After the motif's background was complete, all stitches were held live on a holding string until all 13 snowflake motifs were completed. Then the live stitches were grafted together. Finally the border was worked around the outside live 780 stitches.

Modifications: I did find a couple of places in the pattern where I believed a K2tog was in order instead of a K2. I went by my instincts and ended up with 26 live stitches on each side of each of the snowflake motifs.

Comments: The project took me about 115 hours to complete. Elapsed time was approximately 6 weeks. The company was very gracious to give their consent for donation and their yarn is fabulous.

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"Basic Black Bag" from Folk Bags

Has anyone knit "Your Basic Black Bag" from Vicki Square's book Folk Bags? I'm about to knit a small bag with a skein of pretty variagated blue Magallanes wool (yay walking into LYS for needles and discovering a 40%-off sale!), and I want to base the strap off of this pattern. (It's basically a longish loop of knitted fabric, fed through two smaller loops that are attached to the top of the bag. This makes the strap adjustable - let part of it lie flat against the top of the bag for a long strap, or double it up for a shorter strap. I might not be explaining this well...)

I'm worried that, because of the way it's constructed, the loops that the strap is fed through might make the bag hard to open very widely. If I'm reading the pattern correctly, the loops are extensions of the front of the bag that are doubled over and "caught" in between the back of the bag and the flap. This seems to me like it would make it hard to pull the flap back fully and open the bag enough to get, say, a hand in there to rummage around. I'm afriad it will make the top of the bag too...closed.

So - if you've knit this bag, have you had this problem? Or is it a relatively easy bag to get into?


A Question and Another FO

So I have a kind of dumb question.
I have book "One Skein" by Leigh Radford and I'm certain that I have enough yarn in my stash to make almost everything that is in the book, the problem? I don't have the right size needles for hardly any of the projects. All of the projects seem to be rather gauge-oriented, and I'm wondering, for the bags and those objects, how important is the gauge? (This question coming from someone who has never taken gauge into account while knitting) I really don't want to go and buy a bunch of new needles, but if it's necessary, then I suppose that I can break down and do so. Haha.

And just so this post isn't all talk!
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I'm getting so much knitting done this summer. =)