July 23rd, 2006

hat- decreasing

I just finished a hat today with 2x2 ribbing and stockinette. I used kureyon and CO 80 sts. I did not use a pattern but I just did the decreases like:

K7, K2tog
one round even
K6, K2 tog
one round even

But I would like to know how to do the decreases and NOT create a swirl pattern. I want to know what other ways I can decrease and if there is any way to not form a strong visual pattern? I have been looking at hat patterns and all the ones I find seem to decrease this way too!


pattern help/request

i'm looking for blocks for a baby blanket. the little boys room is going to be done in sail boats. I have a sail boat block, a dolphin, and a star. I'd absolutely love an octopus and an anchor, but I'm not having much luck finding anything. the boat, dolphin and star that I did are from www.knittingknonsense.com
I'm trying to keep the blanket in the same color (so colorworks isn't what I'm looking for). But I dont care if the blocks match in size. if anyone can point me in a direction of a book or site (free is best but i dont mind paying. the baby blanket is actually for my aunts friend. i've never meet her but I'm staying with my aunt for the summer and got invited to her shower. i dont want to show up empty handed).
Grand Pré archaeology

Socks and socks....

Being a slow knitter but one with multiple projects the only ones I seem to finish are socks and here are two examples.  I also have a pair of Jaywalkers done is a truly horrific Opal color combination, the lesser of two evils purchased by my mother, but at the time of picture taking they were being washed and thus are wet to photograph.

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Anthropology Inspired Shrug for bigger sizes

I am doing the math to create the Anthropologie Shrug thats so popular on Crafster to fit around a size 20-22. But I have never done raglan sleeves before, so I have a question as to the increasing. (The link is here: http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=62184.0)

So on the right side row you increase 2 st in the sleeve. Right now I am at 26 st (for the sleeve) - but to match my measurement I will need around 51 stitches. So the shoulder wont be so long, should I increase differently? Or will the proportions of bigger sizes vs small sizes be the same, and I just increase 2 st every right side row until I reach 51 st?

Clear as mud? Is there anything else I can clarify?

And I am going to ask the designer first, but I would like to post the pattern once I figure out all the kinks.

Captain Jack Sparrow

Here's my take on my favorite pirate. I used the pattern from "Knitted Babes" by Clare Garland. I changed the pattern slightly. I used worsted weight yarn and #7 needles. And because I had to get him ready for a birthday party, I glued his face on instead of sewing it.

Pictures behind the cut:

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Charlotte's web shawl - another couple of questions

Ok, I'm about halfway through this, and it looks way too small. Ridiculously small.

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For those who knitted this and are usually on-gauge, did you find you had to change up/down to get this the right size?

Did it turn out bigger/smaller than you expected (with Koigu yarn) if you knit it on the stated 4mm needles?

I've googled and found a couple of references to it turning out smaller for some people, but others where they have moved up and down needle sizes but none mention if this is normal for them or just with this pattern.

If anyone can enlighten me about whether the gauge is blocked or unblocked that'd be fab too. I'm on the verge of ripping this back to start it with either bigger needles, or changing the colour changes so I'm knitting more of a ball of yarn before I change to the next colour - the rates things are going I'll get to the end of colour 6, and have to start again with colour 1, and I'm worried that by then the rows will be so long that I won't have enough yarn to actually make use of the remainder of the first couple of balls of colour, and those last stripes will be much narrower than the rest... argh!
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