July 25th, 2006

delirium - making little frogs

Help with Mariah?

Hi all. I'm minorly confused over the Knitty Mariah (cabled zip-front hoodie) I'm knitting right now, and although it's mostly going fine, this is the first sweater involving cables that I've tried, and I want it to be super perfect, so I'd appreciate the benefit of others' experience. Apologies for any incomprehensibility. :P

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Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

Swatch blocking

I want to start an Icarus shawl, but I'm having a few questions about the swatch.

I'm going to use a 50/50 alpaca/wool blend. It's listed as "Superfine", but as far as I know, that's not an actual weight, is it?

When I cast on and then started in stockinette, the bottom across already measured more that 4". So my question is, will it shrink or grow when I block it? Should I save myself the sanity and just go up a needle size or two, swatch, and block with that swatch?

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Am I the only one who puts stitches on 2 needles when making a short row heel??? All patterns I've seen so far call for putting them on one needle. I start out with that, but keep finding that it makes for very uncomfortable,awkward knitting. So I put the stitches back on 2 needles. Please tell me I'm not messing things up by doing this. And that I'm not alone in this habit.
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Shawl pattern request

I need a shawl pattern that is relatively easy to read and would look good with this:
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Rectangular or triangle would be fine, I am planning on using lace weight, ivory yarn. Any suggestions would be helpful. I have a few ideas, but nothing has jumped out at me yet!

Thanks!! :)

edited to add: sorry, my lj-cut didn't make it onto this post. Ooopsy!
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Icarus Shawl and a crazy sock question.

I've been afraid of lace for some reason. Cables, i'm on it. Faireisle- no problem. And socks...I can swim in the socks i've knitted. But Lace, now thats a four letter word for me. Is it the yarn overs? Is it the charts? Who knows but i've thrown caution to the wind. I've just begun Icarus and i'm going for it.

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and I also have a question. I'm knitting a friend a pair of socks. Actually they are called "Kaia's Awesome Socks" and I have plans to knit the words "These are Kaia's Awesome Socks" -or some variation of- somewhere on the socks. But the question is where? She has average adult sized feet so around the ankle is a possibility. I was thinking around the foot, but then will average wear and tear be a factor? These are obviously kooky socks, so what would be a kooky way of doing this? I'm not opposed to any ideas!

ps, i am very much looking for knitting friends so add me if ya like.
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Nautie question

Hey knitters. I have a question for those of you who have made Nautie..

I'm casting on for the face now, but i have a question about the pattern.

the pattern for the face reads:

Round 7: [K10, k2tog] to end.

Now, does that mean that i knit 10, and then keep k2tog until the end, or do i knit 10, k2tog, knit 10, k2tog, knit 10....and on and on until the end?

sorry if this is a dumb question, but i want to do this right! :)

Thanks all, and pictures when i'm done!
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FOs and patterns: Two kerchiefs

So back at the start of spring, I thought it would be nice to have some sort of little kerchief/bandanna type thing to keep my hair safe from springly breezes. Not finding much online in the way of knitted kerchiefs, I made up my own pattern. That was so much fun, then I made another one! It was a good way to experiment with lace, and lace was a very new thing for me at the time, so these both include very simple lacey details (ergo, good patterns for someone wanting to try lace for the first time). "Whimsy" has a fun zig-zag mesh pattern, while "Harriet" is more demure with simple, straight rows of eyelets.

Behind the cuts: Photos of the final results, and my attempt at writing down the patterns for them.

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Zigzag rib instructions

Hey there, I noticed the zigzag rib stitch in this pattern and wanted to put it into another one of my projects, however, I'm totally confused as to what the instructions mean:

PATTERN STITCH: Zigzag Rib (multiple of 6)
row 1: *k3, p1, RT, p1; repeat from * to end
row 2: *k3, p1, yo, sl 1 (see special instructions above), p1; repeat from * to end
row 3: *k3, p1, LT, p1; repeat from * to end
row 4: *k3, p1, yo, sl 1 (see special instructions above), p1; repeat from * to end

For the right twist (RT), the pattern advises you do the following:
"with tip of right hand needle, sl yo off left hand needle knitwise, knit next stitch, pass yo over knit stitch". Now I'm assuming yo means yarn-over, it is indeed indicated as such in the pattern's list of abbrieviations, however I don't really understand how one us supposed to slip a yarn over off a needle when it's not actually a stitch. Is the pattern written wrong or am I doing something wrong here?

Charlotte's web mystery solved

Ok, so I'll blame the heat. Because, I'd got the lace pattern sussed, and with stitch markers (didn't need them with Kiri, but do for this, go figure), things were flying along. Flying along so fast, in fact, that I was worried about the size.

And, lovely knitters that you are, you reassured me.

I have just ripped Charlotte back. To the start. Despite being into the solid colour bit of the fourth ball.

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Sorry, I just had to vent. Sheer stupidity. *Headdesk*
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Yarn storage in vacuum sealed bags

A moth flying around the apartment put me in to yarn panic mode. My fiance looked at me rather strangely as I ran to grab the ziplock freezer bags to store any thing wooly not already protected in plastic. As I mooshed all the air out of the bag to gain ultimate yarn storage capacity, a light bulb went off - yarn + foodsaver = moth armor.

But before firing up the old vacuum sealer, I'd thought it best to pick the collective brain of knitting on this storage option. I have just a few questions:

Does anyone do this currently, or something similar (aka Spacebags)? If so, do you notice anything funky or yucky about the yarn after you remove the seal from the bag? Do you store mainly animal-based fibers or non-animal fibers? I had read some speculation that wool could suffer in this type of environment, as it would need air circulation to fend of mold or other nastiness.

Could there be any harm to smooshing my yarn for extended periods of time like that? Any other possible things that I'm not thinking of could damage the yarn?

I am excited by the thought of possibly doubling my stash capacity, but don't want to end up with a giant pile of unusable yarn. Please let me know your thoughts! ^_^


Any quick responses would be really appreciated!!

I am SO CLOSE to finishing the Seaberry Shell from Interweave Knits Summer 2006 issue. SO CLOSE. I have both front and back knit, blocked, and joined at the left shoulder. Set! I have my stitches held on the neck, the back, and the other shoulder. Set!

Here is the problem: (and it may actually be a simple problem, but I don't get it)
On the instructions for the Neckband, it says:
"With RS facing... beg at left front shoulder, pick up and knit 2 sts, knit 13 held neckline sts, pick up and knit 5 sts along right shoulder, knit 12 held back neck sts, pick up and knit 4 sts from left shoulder... etc
What I don't get is the bold parts. Pick up from where? Am I knitting into the next stitch, and creating stitches from there? Or what? I am so confused!

(For those who aren't familiar with the pattern, it features a neckband along the collar, built up from stitches held from both the front and the back)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Anyone who can help!
I wanted so badly to finish this top tonight.... boooooo

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I finished my very first sock! I'm so excited. I don't have pictures as I don't have a digital camera. Here's the stats though

Project: ankle socks
Pattern: generic
Yarn: Lion Brand sock yarn
Colors: purple/blue
Needles: #2
Gauge: 8 sts/inch
Care: wash gently, dry flat I guess

I'm casting on the second sock in the morning. No second sock syndrome for me lol. I'm excited though,  since I messed up sooooo so many times on this thing. But it fits, allthough it's bigger then I'd like. I like my socks to be snug. So my next pair'll be adjusted to that. I totally see the addictiveness of socks