July 26th, 2006


Yarn suggestions

I recently found out that a friend of mine and his wife are expecting their first child. I've never been fond of acrylic but have never made a baby item out of anything else. Does anyone know of any fibers I should specifically avoid? Is there anything anyone here has worked with they have found particularly soft and good next to a baby's skin? The only things I came up with in a google search were suggestions on which styles or brands of clothing to avoid due to fire concerns.

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Question about knitty's Fetching:

Starting after the hand is knit:

Next Round: Using waste yarn, k7; slip these sts back to left needle and k them again using working yarn; work in 4x1 Rib as set to end.

do only the 7 stitches get knit with waste yarn? what does "as set" mean?

Doctor Who Knitting!

So, two of my obsessions have collided: Doctor Who and Knitting.

No, I am not talking about making the Doctor Who Scarf (tho, that's eventually on my list of Things to Knit.) What I am talking about are a set of fingerless mittens that Rose wears in the most recent Doctor Who episode, "Doomsday."

I swear I've seen this design before! It's a cabled fingerless mitten with a cable down the side. I thought I would ask the Knitting Collective (ie, you guys) and see if you'd seen these before or if I'm just nuts.

Pictures of said mittens behind the cut. Warning! Sort of spoilery if you haven't seen the episode.

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behold the yarny goodness

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I got my kids size knitted bag done! Im so happy!

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Also I got my hat done.Have I ever said that I HATE k1p1 ribbing?Well now I have! x.x'LOL

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So what do you think of them?
(Yea I know I messed up on the bag.The back peice is turned wrong.
But I think it adds charm to it and I had thought about doing it before i even messed up!)
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Help with Felting

I am currently working on a felted bag. What I cannot understand is when felting (have not gotten to that part yet) how do you keep the bag from felting closed. Do you just have to pull it apart or is there a special trick to it.
doing things is what i like to do.

felting mock ceramics

I had a bunch of left over Paton's Classic Merino from making my Jayne Cobb Hat, so I've been trying to use it up, because I love felting stuff.

ANYWHOO- Before my days as a knitter (and when i was in college and had access to such studios) i loved ceramics. i was never especially good at it (though i'm sure my mom would disagree;)- and i would love to someday do more of it, but until then i've decided to combine my love of ceramics with my love of felting (well, sort of...)

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gauge and what to make

I feel a little stupid about this, but I am painfully confused about gauge for Knitty's Sonnet

I have 6 skeins of alpaca yarn that I swatched in garter stitch and seems to be knitting up at about 5.5 stitches per inch. Only that's rows, not stitches, and Sonnet is knit sideways, so I am lost. To knit this, do I count stitches or rows to do the initial math?

My yarn is Reynolds Alpaca Regal, which is a heavy worsted. I got on clearance when my LYS was going out of business. I have 6 skeins of it in a light teal color. It has 110 yards in a skein. How do I guestimate how much yarn I need for Sonnet?

Should I work on something else with my 600 yards of bulky alpaca? I am not wanting another scarf or felted bag. I'd like to make something like a sweater or large wrap or something else that I can wear, since it's so soft and warm.

I have already started and frogged things out of this yarn 4 times, and I am just not sure what the heck to do with it! Help!
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sock yarn request

has anyone made work and or hiking socks? my boyfriend, who has never once wanted anything knit from me (and in fact has even said no when i suggested things), has suddenly decided that he would like a hand knit pair of hiking socks. of course, they have to be functional, and actually hold up to the wear and tear of hiking.

SO.... my question is, does anyone have recommendations for a good, sturdy, but comfortable yarn to use? it's got to be something that can withstand abuse without wearing out too quickly, but also functional (i.e. soft enough to walk around for hours in, warm, but doesn't hold onto sweat)

thanks in advance!

(oh and any favorite patterns would be nice, but i think i might just make up my own based on a few i've found online)

[edit] oh yeah and must be solid color and come in neutrals. no fancy striping or anything of that nature.
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Through back of loop?

I'm pretty new to knitting (only two finished scarves to my name), so please bear with me.

I'm currently attempting to knit a winecozy pattern from Knitty, but I'm getting stuck on some of the directions. At one point, need to p2tog tbl (purl two together through back of loop). I'm fine with everything except "through back of loop"--what does that mean? I wasn't able to find anything in my knitter's handbook (perhaps there is another term for this?) and Google hasn't worked for me either. Can someone explain to me how to purl "through back of loop" or, better yet, point me to a website with a diagram of how to do it? Thanks!

EDIT: While waiting for this post to be approved, I actually did find a site which explained (and demonstrated) how to knit from the back of the loop. Thanks to everyone who commented anyway!

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tackling socks

So, I am planning on embarking on my first sock-knitting adventure soon, and I figured, what better place to seek for advice than this? You guys are always so helpful, it amazes me every time.

Since most patterns seem to prefer fingering weight, I'll be ordering something snazzy from KnitPicks soon. I was wondering, though, if any of you had suggestions for a first pattern? I'm not afraid of a challenge (since I did teach myself to knit, and all), and even though I've only been knitting for less than a year, I do have some experience with cables and lace, so I'm not turned off by a pattern that features texture over yarn. That being said, I don't have any other knitters that I can go running to for help. So, does it make sense for me to choose a toe-up pattern over the opposite? Is one any easier than the other, from your experience?

Also, I'm planning on buying a nice shiny pair of needles while I'm at it. Of course I realize that it's going to depend on the pattern I choose in the end, but is there any size in particular that you find yourself using over and over for socks? Thanks so much. :)

Finally, in an apology for those of you who had to read all that and didn't give a lick, I now present one of my older firsts in knitting, a double-knit hat.

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Stitches Midwest

So my friend and I have finally decided that we're going to be going to Stitches Midwest this year. We've never been before, and I was curious if any of you had been before; If so, if you had any words of advice for those of us venturing out for the very first time. Any vendors in particular to look out for? Any classes not to miss?

And, as always, thanks for the advice in advance.
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lacey baby jumpers or cardigans and another question

I have a bunch of wool left (its lace weight) and I was wanting to make my daughter a little cardigan or jumper out of it. When I knit my swatch up in stockinette st it actually was pretty nice and I think it would work with a cardigan.

Do any of you know of any patterns in the 12-18 month range that are lacey and pretty?

Also, I do not own a swift, so I have to wind my own hanks into balls. How can you make a center pull ball winding by hand? Are there any tutorials that you find useful (the ones I have found are very vague) for center pull and winding a ball in general

made it myself!

a generic Rowan Calmer?

So, I am trying to knit the "Curvaceous Cardigan" from the Big Girl Knits book, and this pattern calls for Rowan Calmer (knitted on size 8 needles). After taking a trip to my LYS, I discover that Rowan Calmer is a beautiful yarn but it costs around $12 / skein.

I would LIKE to find a more reasonably priced yarn from knitpicks, and I'm trying to make sure that it's about the same type as Rowan Calmer.. So far I've come up with:

Shine Worsted (I *think* I like this one the best)
Main Line
Swish Superwash

I LOVE knitpicks' prices, but it's so hard not being able to see and feel the yarn first. Before I purchase what seems like a bazillion skeins of yarn, I thought I would ask if any of you have had experience with those knitpicks yarns that I listed? Any suggestions ? Know of any other yarns that are similar to Rowan Calmer?

Any help would be abolutely WONDERFUL!!     :  )

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Janet Lace Shawl help

I'm working on (or trying to, at least) the Janet Lace Shawl featured recently on Knitpicks. I have a couple questions regarding guage.
My questions arise because there is no guage given in the project sheet. I tried 11's as recommended, and (besides the continued problems I had with messing up... but that's just because I'm still a rather new knitter and it's my first go with lace) it seemed like my knitting was coming out MUCH too loose. I've never done lace before, but from what I gather by keeping a close eye on this comm, and from reading what I can in books, lace doesn't 'open up' much until you block it. I could clearly see the pattern in what I'd already knit, and an experimental 'stretch' seemed to pull the stitches so far apart that the design was lost. However, I also know that the large needle size is a purposeful choice part of the design, and that it should be 'airy' when done.
Should I try going down to 10.5 or 10's? I frogged the thing (argh) so it's not really an issue of having to start over at this point. I'm just feeling sort of lost because I have no way of self-checking against a given guage to see where I should be at.
Thanks in advance for any input! ^_^
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Santa Cruz

The dreaded flipping hem

I'm working on Chickami, and I realize I have a problem. The direction call for working the ribbed bottom with on size 3 needles, and the body is on a size 6 ( I think it's 6, I'm using a 5 to get gauge). Well, I don't have a size 3 circular needle, so I knit the ribbing on the size 5 that I am using for the body.

I'm almost up to the armpits, and the hem is flipping up like nobody's business. At first I thought it was just because the work is scrunched up to fit on the circular needle. But now that I've knit enough that bottom is no longer scrunched, and the hem is still flipped up. And now I realize I shouldn't have used the size 5 needles for them. The ribbing is obviously wider than the body.

Is this something that can be blocked out (I'm using KnitPicks Shine, a cotton/poly blend), or is a flipped up hem unblockable?

I'm really torn. I do not want to rip this out. It takes me forever to finish anything, if I start again, I won't be able to wear the darn thing this summer. On the other hand, if I can't get the hem to unflip, I probably won't be wearing it anyway.

Great Adirondacks Soxie

I picked up a lone skein of Great Adirondacks Soxie sock yarn in *. (where is says "color:", there's just an asterisk. I think that means royal blues and deep violet. I'd provide a pic, but I lent my camera to my mum.)
After a bit of googling, Soxie seems to be a bit obscure. I was wondering what your experiences with this yarn have been, and what sort of pattern you've knit it up in. All I've seen thus far have been Jaywalkers (already did a pair!) and feather and fan (er... boring?). I was considering Pomatomus - if you've done this pattern, could you talk about it a bit? What yarn you used, etc?
Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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Community members of January: I salute you!

I had two hanks of Berroco Cotton Twist in Pinata Mix sitting in my stash for a few months. Recently someone on here (or another forum) linked the Dream Swatch Head Scarf, which is shown in beautiful variegated yarn, and the two items clicked in my head.

While I am still obsessed with the colorway, this yarn is splitty as !@#$%. Since this pattern sort of shows off lengths of yarn, the snags show even more than they would in most other patterns.

Therefore! I consulted the knitting search engine to see if anyone had advice on how to handle the situation, and all hail this post about the splittiness of Cotton Twist and advice from the helpful people who replied. I switched from bamboo to aluminum needles, and it's been a huge improvement. So thank you, knitters of winter past. Just goes to show that it pays to check if a subject's already been discussed.

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Anyway, it's all sort of funny, since I started this new project because my current one (Minisweater with GGH Capri) was driving me crazy because that yarn was splitty. Ha. At least the rows in this project are only 18 stitches (I went down a multiple of 6) instead of, like, a couple hundred. In stockinette. On size 5 needles instead of the recommended 8. I almost forgot what it felt like to cast on...
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can you help me identify this/pattern request

Hi I want to make a scarf with a similar "stitch pattern" to this pictured on the left. http://www.handknitter.sarahpeasley.com/images/200607blog21.jpg

Can anyone direct me somewhere to a pattern that looks like this? or is this stips seamed in the middle? I dont think so, but it could be, at least I hope not because that would mean a lot of ends. please help!

Also the other pics oh her blog are just awesome. kudos.
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