July 27th, 2006


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I have been knitting for over a year and a half now. I've knit dishcloths, scarves, hats, bags, socks, a shrug, and arm warmers. Now, I've found the pattern for my first sweater: Tierra!

The recommended yarn is Berroco Softwist, which knits up at 5 st an inch on size 8 needles, for my 36 inch bust, I'd need 16 balls at 100 yard/50 grams. I found a site where I can get it at $4.61 a ball, which is more than I wanted to spend (being a poor college student).

I'm looking for a yarn substitution. I think KnitPick's Swish Superwash would work. It says it knits up at 4-4.5 st an inch on size 6-9 needles which sounds like I could get gauge. It's the same length per ball, and it's $3.29 per ball.

Being that it will be my first sweater, I really don't want to mess up on a yarn substitution. Does it sond like I've found a proper substitution? Do any of you have another yarn suggestion?

Mitered sock heel questions

I've made toe-up socks with mitered heels twice so far - but I don't like the way the heels are coming out and maybe you guys can help.

The pattern I'm using has wrapped stitches, and says on the K side to slip the stitch as if to purl, bring the yarn forward, slip the stitch back to the left needle, and turn the work to the P side.

When it comes time to pick up the stitches and the wraps, it says (on the K side) to 'knit the stitch and the wrap together'. I've tried this a couple of ways, but I always wind up with holes:
1. pick up the P side of the wrap, place it on the needle next to the stitch and knit them together.
2. pick up the K side of the wrap, place it on the needle next to the stitch and knit them together.

The holes are larger on the P side - and the instructions for that is to 'pick up the wrap, twist it, and purl the wrap and the stitch together.

So - am I picking up the wrap incorrectly? Do I pick it up from the front or the back? I love toe-up socks and the look of mitered heels, but this is making me crazy.

yarn rec?

I'm about to start my first foray into sweaters...(the patterns for sweaters have always intimidated me!)...and I'm beginning with child sized. I'd like to make them in wool for warmth and durability (and general preference) but I want a machine washable wool because my kids are very messy. Has anyone had experience with any particular brand (worsted)? Any recs?


Yarney Love...

I ordered all the yarn for my Christmas Gift making exercise. I am making ribbed scarves and hats for some of the men in Wool of the Andes from Knitpicks. I am making Branching Out for two of the women in my life in GORGEOUS superfine alpaca from Lisa Souza. The sock yarn is also from Lisa Souza and I will be making the Jaywalker pattern for the women and the Thuja pattern for the men. One pair of ankle socks will go to my sister in law, in Shine Sport from Knitpicks. Anyway, onto the yarn...
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Uhoh! Sadie found the scissors!//Me

Pattern suggestion/any ideas? Plus two FOs

Just for therapy knitting, I decided to knit a long skinny St. St. tube scarf on my dpns (which also helps me get more comfortable using them). But I don't like how it looks so far. I did a seed stitch border for 10 rows and the rest is St.St. I'd really like the look of a long and skinny tube scarf such this, but if there a pattern out there similar but that maybe has a ruffle or something interesting other than fringe at the bottom? Any suggestions/links welcome. Thanks!

And my two FO's

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lace shawl advise

I am relatively new at lace knitting. My grandmother and I went to a yarn store and she was drooling over a lovely lace shawl that was knit up. I later got the idea of knitting her something similar for her birthday or Christmas... So I have done a few searches for patterns, but thought I'd ask this community, since it seems a lot of you have knit some lovely lace shawls. Any recommendations for a good pattern that is easy to follow and not toooooo tricky? I made the Flickering Flames skirt from Elann (hmmm... i need to post a pic of that!) and I'm currently working on the Lotus Lace tank from Interweave Knits, but that's the extent of my lace experience. If anyone has advice on a good pattern for a lace shawl, I sure would appreciate it! :) Thank you!

Sandy Cardigan from Big Girl Knits?

Anyone done this? I'm in the yarn-lusting process. My LYS doesn't have the suggested colors, but she can easily order them for me. These colors would look pretty good on me I think.

But... I've been looking at some Kureyon #95 (booga bag colors) and the Lamb's Pride in Kiwi.

Everyone at the knit-ins says they go together. I look good in that sort of apple-y green. But since I'm knitting a plus size pattern, of course I'm a plus size girl. Am I just crazy to consider wearing around an apple green sweater like that? (I'm a total pear.)

And then the other thing, while I love the look of the jacket I have the crazy idea that I might want do at least the solid portion in stockinette. Talk some sense into me.