July 28th, 2006

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I'm a relatively new knitter, but I've never been one to turn down a challenge. Tonight, I casted on Knitty's "Fetching":
This is my FIRST foray with DPN's! Ok, well, here's my problem:

I'm pretty sure I twisted my stitches at the beginning, because now I'm four rows in and the WS is facing OUT. The problem with that is that there are going to be cables in the next round and I'm not sure exactly what to do. There are two cable twists on this pattern: C4B and C4F... for back and front, respectively.

My questiona are:
1) When working with DPN's, the RS should be facing out, right?
2) Since in MY project, the WS is facing out, should I switch the cable twists? (sub C4B for C4F and vice versa)?

I'm also pretty sure I used the wrong kind of CO method, because I have a ridge at the beginning of my work, whereas in the picture there is no ridge. I'm willing to deal with that, but the above problem could become an issue.

Thanks in advance for your wonderful advice...I always get it here!
BSG - Gencon 2006

San Jose, CA: UFO Night

Those of you in the area might have seen my review of Commuknity in the past. If you haven't had a chance to come down to the store, tonight's a good time. The store stays open late and lots of knitters and crocheters and stuff come to hang out. I love this store, the staff are all lovely ladies, and I will be there working on possibly the latest Socks that Rock kit! I'll be the one in the happy bunny wear. ;)

UFO Friday - Pajama Party


Friday, July 28
Wear your pjs and get 10% off your purchase.

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Knottie summer

Purses and Pattern Databases

Purses first...I'm just finishing up a little purse, knit top down in two pieces. It's knit from wool in a pretty tight gauge, and I plan to put a zipper in it. My plan was to sew the zipper directly to the yarn, then sew the edges, then add the lining. But I've also thought that I could add the zipper to the lining instead, and then just stitch the lining into the bag. I have wooden bead handles that I plan to attach as well, if that makes a difference.

Are there pros and cons that I'm missing? I'm planning to submit the pattern to magknits or knitty, and I'm not sure if there'd be a preference for one technique or the other...it's my first pattern that I like enough to think that others might like it too, so I want to take the time and really get it right.

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Swedish yarn stores

I realize this is a long shot, but I'm in Sweden with the family for the summer, and I'm wondering if anyone knows of a halfway decent LYS in Karlskrona, Göteborg, or Kungshamn. I packed in a hurry and only managed to grab a sock-in-progress, a few skeins of Koigu, and four-fifths of a set of DPNs (and I do use all five, so I'm not getting anything done!). I'll be here for another four weeks with nothing much to keep me busy, and I'm suffering from severe knitting withdrawal. Any advice would be much appreciated. (Failing that, can anyone spare a size 2 bamboo DPN? I'm only half kidding.)
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Hey everyone. Happy Friday! I found a cool pattern browsing my friends list today. knottie had a pattern database that included the link to the pattern for a seatbelt snuggle from MagKnits. It looked really awesome, but I don't know how to knit bobbles....and after about 5 failed attemps, I decided to alter the pattern and make one that was a little better for the beginner I am. Rather than knitting in seed stitch, I knit in stockinette stitch and made a little border around the edges with button holes every 15 rows. I knit it with double stranded Sugar 'n' Cream in a pink and blue color to create a rainbow effect. I have some pictures, but they're pretty lousy. Check em out anyways if you want.....
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Beginnings and endings

Well, i took everyone's suggestions and switched to the Shadow in sunset for Icarus.
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I'm so very excited about it. My husband has to work this weekend and i figured "I'll just work on Icarus!"

At the same time, i just received some (seriously) back ordered (really, i mean, since April!) kp essential in black and dusk (blueish) and they would make beautiful dress socks for my brother whose birthday is next week. My knitting bug is usually for other people since i rarely knit for myself, however i'm feeling the itch for lace. Of course i also have a pair of socks in progress and an hourglass sweater in noro aurora. What can I say, i'm an easily distractible knitter.

also, i wanted to share another FO with you all (because for me they are so rare!)
Modified Opera scarf (.pdf)
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I finished it about a month ago so i'm really foggy on the specifics. All i know about it is that i cursed it almost every day. In fact i should have cursed myself because't I never gauged before i began it.
And above all, it was boring. So i blocked it and gave it to my mom. glad to be rid of it, frankly!

FO - Rogue Hoodie

DesignerThe Girl from Auntie
YarnJamieson Shetland Aran (Wool/Alpaca Blend) from Janette's Rare Yarns
NeedlesAddie Natura, Size 5 and 6
NotesAs many people have said before and will say again, this is an extremely well-written pattern. Any mistakes were all my fault and not the fault of the pattern or designer. It was a pleasure to work on. It works up quite quickly, I think. I didn't closely track the number of hours, but overall, it took just a couple weeks (taking out a break when I worked on the Icarus shawl instead).

Finally, I just finished seaming when I took these pictures and the seams need to be blocked out so they'll lie flat. My apologies for the slight bumpiness you'll see.

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Hey folks, I need some of your knit-expertize. Or rather, I need to find out how to care for some yarn I was given. I'm told it's this yarn, an ultra merino yarn (handpainted, oh my  gosh!). It feels incredibly soft and I love the colors of it, I think that that's the one I got (there was no label). I have no information on the yarn though, so no idea whether to wash by hand, or wash cold in the washer....so I turn to you. I've tried to google and my google-foo got me no further then the stuff I linked to (or more of the same, but no info). Anyone have experience with this particular type of yarn???????? Thanks!

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If you're looking for a cute baby cardi, this one is absolutely PERFECT! It was so fun to make, and there are endless color/stripey/intarsia possibilities. I can't wait to make more!

Now that my boy is two days overdue I decided to finally block it. Too bad it's a BILLION degrees out... Ah well, 'baby's first sweater' doesn't mean he has to wear it, right?

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Dream Job??

My SIL emailed me the following job posting the other day--apparently Collapse )

Of course, I live in California, so this is useless to me, but any of you in the Pioneer Valley who are looking for a career change may want to give it a shot!!
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