July 29th, 2006

what a neat obsession.

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Just out of curiosity... have any of you started your Christmas knitting yet? If so, what have you made or what do you plan on making?

And, I have googled but can't seem to find a pattern for a knit cross. Just something small that can be given to a religious aunt.


Book Review? - Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book

Kitting Mavens,

I am interested in buying a good reference book... I am leaning toward Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book

My question is about the "Updated Version" that I saw at my LYS for about $38.00.  On Amazon.com they only have the non-"updated" version .

What's the difference if any?


Also, is there another book out there that is a better resource?  I like this one 'cause of the color pictures and super reference material like all the grafting techniques. 

Thanks in advance!!

Thanks everyone...I bought the book and it should be here next week! 
Get Excited and Make Things

Branching Out issues...

Well, I've done smaller lace projects but I'm embarking on my first larger one....Branching Out from Knitty. I love the pattern, and it's fairly easy if you know how to read it. I got the Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool that was recommended and it's beautiful....but....it looks like I'm holding the needles too loosely while I knit. I've frogged it a good 5 or 6 times today and I'm wondering if I should move a size down in needles or something. I know things look better after blocking but usually that's if the holes are too small. My holes in the lace pattern are way too big.

Any idea what I might be doing wrong?
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Fine Line

Bugger gauge...and US needle sizings

Okay, so here's The Problem. I'm working on Glampyre's "Bulky Cabled Sweater". Other than a few errata I bumped into, things are going splendidly. I'm using Ironstone Yarns in Harmony, so I've had to fiddle with the gauge a bit. For the bulk of the sweater, I'm using US 13s. The pattern calls for 11s. Now, I'm supposed to switch down to US 9s and 10.5s, according to the pattern. Well...since I swapped upwards to 13s, and US sizes don't really run in a logical manner...anyone have any brilliant ideas as to what size I should swap down to? There's no gauge mentioned on the smaller sizes, so I'm sort of stumped. If I didn't need circulars, I'd go to the hardware store, buy some dowels, and just make 'em in the converted metrics I think I've worked out...gah.

Thanks guys.
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emily the strange

FO..well, sorta

This isn't technically a finished Object, because I only have one half of it done, but I'm just so darn proud!

Project: Knitty's "Fetching"
Yarn: TLC Cotton Plus in Sage Green.
Needles: US6 Aluminum DPN's in pink (he he)
Modifications: None that were intentional...I used the wrong C/O and B/O method because I hadn't realized that it called for something else until I'd started, but oh well. This was the first time that I'd used DPN's, and I think I did pretty well.

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SN Dean Sam bitch pie now

Help please!

I hope someone has made these or know what the pattern means. So, I'm making this:


And i've just reached the Using waste yarn, k7; slip these sts back to left needle and k them again using working yarn; work in 4x1 Rib as set to end.

I don't get it. Where do you knit these extra 7 stitches?

Then I don't get the end:

Carefully remove waste yarn and place resulting live sts on two double-point needles; there will be 7 sts below the opening and 6 sts above. Attach yarn and k the 7 sts on lower needle; using a second needle, pick up and k 2 sts in space between upper and lower needle, k first 3 sts from upper needle; using a third needle, k remaining 3 sts from upper needle and pick up and k 2 sts in space between this needle and lower needle. 17 sts.

What I'm really struggling with is the extra 7 stitches to be added. Someone please help me!

ETA: I made my brain work overtime and I think I figured it out. I hope it works out!
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