July 30th, 2006


Felted Frog Purse: FO!!

Pattern: Frog from Nicky Epstein's Fabulous Felted Bags
Yarn: Cascade220
Needles: Clover Bamboo Size US11 (8.0mm)
Notes: Ohh-ehmm-geeee! I loved working on this! Even though it was basic stockinette stick for the whole thing, it was very fun to make. The only tedious part was making the strap, which was (prefelted) 60" of stockinette stitch which was very reminiscent of a very long very mindless scarf. This was the first larger item I have felted (previously was a coin purse, rose adn leaf.. itty things) and also the first felted item in my brand spankin' new HE washer. That being said, I wasn't expecting the washer to felt it so thoroughly in the first pass. I didn't do a test felting on a swatch first because... well.. it's a bag and I was just too excited to start going.

I used Cascade220 instead of the yarn that was called for (Jamieson's Shetland Heather Aran) because my LYS didn't carry that yarn and I was more interested in supportiing his business and getting instant gratification than I was about following a pattern exactly and having to wait for the mail. Besides, I could hold all the colors I was looking at next to each other and decide if I liked how they looked right there. I really liked the way that the Cascade turned out with this pattern, and I am very pleased with it. I also had *exactly* enough of the dark green to make this bag. I was expecting the bag to be slightly larger than it ended up as, but then again, I wasn't expecting the washer to do such a good job on the first pass. Completely felted out of only one cycle!

I think the only things I would have done differently with this would be to make the strap a little longer (even though the 60" seemed to never end for me) and I would have started it out on a slightly less powerful cycle than the "whitest whites" setting so I could have better control over the felting. Also, the eyes look remarkably like miscolored breasts perched atop the frog face. They also didn't felt quite as well as the rest of the bag and some of the fluff inside can be seen, even though I did attempt some hand felting at the end.

Speaking of the eyes, there is a mistake in the pattern. It says with "Color A cast on 10 sts, leaving a long tail for seaming...... Change to color D, knit." The directions are backwards. The first color used should be color D and the second should be color A. I was very confused as to why I had giant purple eyes with teeny green spots, so I had to redo the eyes with the colors swapped.

In short, I love the bag and my mom is going to go nuts when I ship it to her this week. :o)

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Another Fetching post, just what you wanted. And it's not even an FO; sorry!

A question about cable cast-on!

So I've just started Fetching and noticed that it uses the cable cast-on, which I followed from the linked page (here). I was excited to use it because it's supposed to avoid giving you purl bumps on the front of your work, which I always hated when using the long-tail method (the only way of casting on I've known till now). I also referenced about.com, and I'm pretty sure I'm doing it right.

But the smooth non-purly side flips into the inside when I join my work and start knitting in the round, so that the bumps show on the outside as if I did the long-tail method anyway. I'm pretty sure this is because that method brings the new stitches from the right and onto the left needle, and knitting in the round means I join onto the first (slipknot) stitch rather than flipping my work around and going the other way. There's nothing else to do but bring the third needle (after the sts have been distributed evenly over 3 dpns) clockwise to the first because that's where the length of yarn to knit with is and that's the first stitch to knit into. Hope this makes sense.

So then what's the point? Am I doing something wrong? It's hard to tell from the pattern pictures because most don't focus on the bottom part, but from what I can tell, it looks like the smooth non-purly side is showing on the outside, and I can't figure out how I'm supposed to achieve that.

(Sorry I don't have pictures, I'm out of the house supposedly writing a paper and I'm distracted because I keep thinking of my WIP issue!)


Nearly FO -- need help w/modified Lelah

Hi all, I'm looking for suggestions on how to finish up this Lelah top that I have modified to be a surplice top with straps. It is for a friend, and the surplice part is just a little bit too small to cover...the necessary parts.

I modified the lelah by making all the way up the the ribbon hole portion, and instead of making a tube top, continued in stockinette in the round for about 1.5" and then knit the cups flat. I have forgotten what I did to decrease diagonally, I probably decreased every other row on the surplice part, and every 4th row on the underarm side. (I have been avoiding this fix for most of the summer...)

I have many ways I could approach the fix -- I will probably have to tear back to the beginning of the decreases:
1) Should I tear back to the keyhole ribbon portion? If so, what sort of decreases should I make all the way up?
2) Should I tear back to where I started to knit flat? If so, what sort of decreases will make the cups cover more area?
3) Is there a way to ADD to the cups instead of tearing all the way back? It's only a consideration because I hated knitting the I-cord for the straps.

Thanks for all suggestions. I'd love to get this done in the next week before i go back to work from summer vacation and see my friend again! :)

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(no subject)

Here's the first few instructions...

With smaller circular needles, CO 96 sts.
Join and work in k1, p2 ribbing for 6 rnds.
Change to larger circular needle.
**Rnds 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5: *K2, p2, k6, p2; rep from* to end of round.
Rnd 6: K2, p2, c6f, p2; rep from * to end of round.**
Rep from ** to ** 3 times.
Re rnds 1 and 2 again.

So, first I'll knit 6 rnds doing knit 1, purl 2. Then I'll change needles (How do I do that, btw?). Next for rnds 1 through 5 I'll knit 2, purl 2, knit 6 and purl 2, right?

Now for rnd 6 I'll first do the knit 2, purl 2, cable 6 forward (I'm going to teach myself how to do it when I get to that part () and then purl 2. After I do that then I'll just go back to knit 2, purl 2, knit 6, purl 2 to the end of that round. Right?

I'm not sure I understand how to Rep. from ** to ** 3 times. My brain is hurting as I sit here and try to figure it out. Wait, maybe I do understand. I'll knit a total of 18 rows, right? Just doing the same things I did for rounds 1 through 6? Then it says Rep rnds 1 and 2 again, so does that mean just do it again for 2 more rounds?

If so, why don't the instructions just say rep. from ** to ** for 20 rows? Or is it that I have it all wrong?

Oh, and the icing on the cake is I need to change colors every 4 rnds. How the heck do I keep track of that? I feel like my head is going to explode any minute now.

Stash discoveries

So now I understand how it is that people wind up with absurd amounts of yarn.  I'm getting ready to move, so I'm cleaning things up around the house.  One task was to consolidate several boxes/bags of yarn into a couple of plastic bins. 

Upon digging through the pile I was reminded that I have a LARGE quantity of cotton yarn, mostly Sugar'n'Cream, in assorted colors that I'm sure will make itself quite useful as washcloths, yoga mat bags, baby stuff, and assorted other projects.  I've got 2 skeins each of WotA in probably a dozen colors.  For hats, I think.  Maybe some fingerless gloves.  

I have 11 skeins of Peace Fleece Worsted in <a href="http://www.peacefleece.com/bsgreen.htm">Baikal Superior Green</a> that I was planning to make a Mariah out of (dunno what math I did that made me buy 11, but I've got more than enough) and I'm now thinking I'm going to make a Rogue Cardigan instead. 

A problem pile I've run into is the 12 balls of BLACK Shine Worsted I bought thinking I'd use them to make a Tubey. I discovered that they don't have much elasticity at all and abandoned the yarn in favor of Karabella Aurora 8, and made the sweater in April.   Well here it is July, and I've run across that pile of Shine again. 

I really want to do something with the yarn.  It feels SO good on the skin, and I'm sure there's something nice to be done with it. 

I need help with finding a good use for the Shine.  I was thinking some sort of drapey v-neck, maybe with lacey long sleeves.  Or perhaps the <a href="http://www.magknits.com/Aug05/picovoli.htm">Picovoli</a>? 

Do you have any suggestions?  Things to wear?  Blanket/wrap things?  Anything that this yarn begs to be made into?


I need some small (in length) circular needles. The smallest I've seen online is 12", in various sizes, but not on a site that delivers to Canada...

anyone know where I can get 12" circulars in Canada? Or of a site that delivers here?


Roundabout Leaf Tank sizing issue...

I'm knitting the Roundabout Leaf tank from Knitting Nature. It's knitted in a spiral as opposed to knitting the front or back from the bottom or top down. I'm wondering if anyone' attempted this project before.

I seem to fit somewhere inbetween the petite and small size and I'm wondering if anyone can forsee a problem with knitting it only 37.5 inches before joining it into a circle or if i should stick to the sizes delineated by the book. It seems like it would be easy to make this change, but I want to make sure that I'm not overlooking anything HUGE that would mean the entire pattern would be borked.

Any ideas?
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Newborn hats

I have a bunch of baby yarn that I was going to use for a different project, but I ended up using something else, so before I start busting my butt on my Christmas projects, I want to knit a bunch of hats for my local hospital's NICU. I don't think I need a pattern...I'm just going to knit in stockinette stitch and decrease and then thread the yarn through the stitches and pull, that way I can make the cute 'lil rolled hats AND I can make a BUNCH. Anyway, my question is: how big around do I make them? Like, how many stitches do I cast on? Also, how many inches should I knit before beginning the decrease? I've looked around for patterns, but I just want to knit..I just want some basic measurements to go on. I don't have a kid, so I don't really have a frame of reference. Also, I don't live in a HUGE town, so I would like something that is sort of stretchy..so not JUST for preemies..

Anyone have any ideas?

I'm going to be using size 6 dpn's...do you think this is too big?

(no subject)

I want to make a cardigan I found in a magazine. I am a relatively new knitter (about three months). I have succesfully mastered "flat" stuff with cables and lace. The cardigan is a cable-y thing.

I think it is a pretty complex pattern, but I'm going to leave off the pockets and buttons (cuz it will be fine that way).

A couple of questions:

1. Should I start with an easier cardigan pattern first, or should I make something I actually want for my first cardigan try? What would you recommend? I don't really want to spend a bunch of money on yarn and time on something I don't really want, but is it worth the practice?

2. Am I just talking myself into thinking this is hard when it's really not that bad? Cables look hard and impressive, but they turned out to be way easy as long as you read the pattern. Is this a similar situation?

3. Can you recommend a smaller project to try first to get used to making something to wear? I tried a hat that turned out to be marginally successful (too wide around the brim and too shallow...also has a hole in the top where I had trouble finishing). Is there something smallish that would approximate the skills needed to make a cardigan? Or should I just dive in?

4. Is it worth spending money on nice yarn from knitpicks (I have my eye on some alpaca/silk stuff...can't remember the name of it), or should I do this in something cheaper like Wool Ease, since I don't want to mess up and feel like I wasted money on nice yarn?

Ack, the quandries.

The good news is that I have a sister who is pretty good at knitting all kinds of stuff who can help with some of the hands-on if needed.

Thanks for your help! This is a really great community.