August 3rd, 2006


Entrelac Map

So some of you may have seen the Garterlac Washcloth: . Its a neat pattern for a washcloth made in entrelac -- but in all garter stitch. It works well, its a neat pattern.

But I was having trouble with it. I had never done entrelac before, and I was stumped as to "where to go". So a friend on the monthly dishcloth KAL list made a "map" for the garterlac dishcloth here:

The tutorial was VERY helpful for the washcloth -- but it would also be very helpful when it comes to regular entrelac, also. I thought since it was such a help for me, someone else might be able to use it, too.

Plying question

I am trying to sub some discontinued Rowan yarn: Donegal Tweed, Botany, and Silkstones. As far as my research has gotten me, the Donegal and Botany are 4-ply yarn and Silkstones is a 2-ply yarn.

Would it be OK to sub a 2-ply jumperweight yarn for all these yarns, such as Jamieson & Smith? I believe most of these yarns (Donegal, Botany, and J&S) claim to knit up on 3.25 mm needle, while the Silkstones knit up on 3.75mm. Would there be a dramatic difference between using a 2-ply yarn for a 4-ply yarn?

Also: is it true that Rowan 4-ply Soft is simply Botany with a different label?


Alright, I know there are tons of questions posted here related to blocking techniques, but as far as my research goes, I think I have a unique question.
I know you're supposed to block by pinning your piece onto foam, or foamcore, or the floor, and let it dry...
is it okay to pin it to the wall instead?
I have absolutely nooooo room to block on the floor. And the piece in question is a scarf, so a piece of foamcore wouldn't be long enough. BUT I have umpteen feet of unused wall space (primed, painted) in my painting studio that isn't being used at the exact moment. Is this good enough? Or is gravity going to do some sort of a number on the piece, being pinned vertically instead of horizontally? It shouldn't, right? As long as I pin it well enough? Oui oui?
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FO: Grannie Smith Cardigan

While knitting this I kept searching for FOs of it and couldn't find any, so I thought someone out there would appreciate this.

Pattern: Melissa Wherle's Grannie Smith Cardigan

Needles: I used metal needles (from my Boye circular set) because I found that is stuck too much on my much-preferred bamboo. Sizes 3 & 4.

Yarn: Not the recommended yarn, but three strands of super-thin laceweight held together: two of light green cashmere (recycled & bought off ebay) and one of dark green merino wool (skacel laceweight, I think they're discontinuing it or something?). The decision to make this sweater came from wondering why and for what I had bought these yarns? Then I realized they were meant to live together in harmony and then I got gauge for this cardigan on my first try. Hurrah! It was fate. It used about 3000 yards total.

Time Spent: About five and a half weeks, including blocking. I started it right at the beginning of my six-week summer program (Yiddish!) and graduation is tomorrow. Want to know what knitting needles are in Yiddish? שפּיגלעך [shpiglekh] it means little spears and I think it's just about the best word ever. Are there any other Yiddish-speaking knitters out there? Just a random question.

Changes: I didn't change much - I just made the sleeves longer, because I really dislike 3/4 length sleeves.

Things I learned: Provisional cast on, how to increase and decrease in lace patterns (harder than I thought! I messed up a lot.), how to make button holes, do cable cast-on, and how to do duplicate stitch (not required - the buttons bled purple onto my sweater [wfcguiwgefiuwgef] and I had to duplicate stitch over that. Let's not talk about it.

Now, onto the pictures:
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I hope I didn't forget any relevent information.
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Does anyone here have the pattern for the Jaguar Hood ornament sweater?  A friend of mine at work has one and I think I'll sneak a sweater on it when she's not looking!


(1) I went shopping for the first day in like a year. I walked through a bunch of stores and I was surprised to see so many knitted items, sweaters and such. Iy was quite disappointing because now if I walk around with a simple sweater that I made, no one would know the difference... unless I made a really complicated one, then I might get asked. But... err it just bothered me. Has anyone else noticed an increase in knitted garments? Does it make you angry as well?

(2) I went into Michael's looking for Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted wool for my first felted project and they actually didn't have it.(I live in Toronto, Canada) The woman didn't even know what I was talking about. What kind of help is that? So now I guess I'll have to go to an over priced yarn store for their help. But how would I know if it's a good price or not? How do I know if I'm getting ripped off?
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How to knit pretty edges...

Awhile ago my friend showed me that I could knit an edge that looks nice & went something like slip the first stitch purl wise then knit accordingly...but I've forgotten exactly how it was done & if I'm also supposed to slip the last stitch purl wise. I can't seem to find a mention of it in my knitting books... Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I finally got the digital pictures of the lace scarf that I made for my mother for christmas. There's only 2 picutes, but I think they're worth looking at. :-D   Follow the cut for pattern details and the pictures.

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I love knitting lace.  I can't wait until Val's yarn gets here and I can start on her wedding present.

[Edit] Fixed the broken cut.  Sorry.  I haven't managed to get my client downloaded onto my new laptop yet,  and I've forgotten my html coding.