August 4th, 2006

Knitty Gritty.

Who watches this show? Opinions?

Personally, it's all love/hate for me, so I try to watch it whenever I can. Usually that's both episodes, since I'm home in time for both. Some of the projects are cute, and sometimes I actually learn something. I just don't like the host. In my week of watching the show, I can't stand her. She tries too hard to be hip, and I don't like her tendancy to talk over her guests. That just seems rude, even if she's trying to move the show along. I just don't like her! That is my only problem with the show. harumph.
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What to do with 100m of kid mohair?

I was pawing through the acrylic in the thrift store the other day (in search of a good teachest box, actually), when I found a plastic baggie with a ball of interesting-looking yarn. Behold! 'Tis Super Kid Mohair! For $2.50! Naturally, it's now mine. However...

What does one do with approximately 100 meters (25g) of white super kid mohair? It deserves something fun and light, but I'm afraid to start a project and run out of yarn! I'm a fairly accomplished knitter and I've never met a project I couldn't bang into shape. Advise me! Please... :D
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I finished lots of stuff this week.  Mostly because I haven't had to work because I got pneumonia.  Yeah, the pros (not working) outweigh the cons (not being able to breathe).

But alas, I am well again and it's back to work for me today.  So here's all the stuff I made during my week off:
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Thanks for looking!

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i just started knitting a year ago after a span of probably about 10 years (my grandmother started me when i was small). i quickly went out and got a subscription to IK, but there are so many shawls and "standard" patterns that i want to make from the back issues, like the flowerbasket shawl and some other stuff.

does anybody in the boston area know of a public library that has the archives lying around? or does anybody have any brilliant ideas besides investing in the backissues?


i've already considered ebay :)

thanks guys.
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Does anyone have this book?

I was browsing at my local A.C. Moore the other day, and I picked it up and leafed through seems to have very beautiful patterns! I'm generally sick of ponchos, but these I think I would definitely wear.
If you don't have it, the little poncho/shrug thing on the front is what originally drew my attention, but inside there is this really nice capelet with an argyle pattern and a high collar that is to DIE for! are my questions:
Do you have this book?
Do you like it?
Were the patterns easy to decipher?
Were the projects extremely difficult?
Have you made anything from this book, and do you have pictures?
Anything else you would like to add about it?

Sorry for all the questions, but the book at AC Moore is like, $30 and as you can see, it is $15 on, but that is still a little steep for me as I am a poor grad student. I have to be extremely selective about my knitting books because I can only buy one once every 6 months or so.

Question regarding Gauge

I'm being real brave here and steppin out a bit.

i am making a classic sweater for someone at church who is having a baby.

the yarn i am using is bernat handicrafter cotton 4 ply (50 grams) 1 3/4 oz. it says on the sleeve to use 4x4" is size 7 needles

the pattern that i have says:

tension (gauge) 22 stitches and 32 rows to 10cm (4in) square measured over stocking (stockinette stitching) using 3 3/4 mm (us 5) needles.

well i casted on 22 stitches and did stockinette stitch for 32 rows. it measures 4 3/4 in length. so i drop down another size of needles to like a size 4?

I have four balls of this yarn and the pattern states that it needs 3 25g balls 4 ply yarn. do i have enough yarn?

any help would be appreciated!
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So I happen to work in the world's most air-conditioned office, and it's freezing in here even when it's 110 degrees outside (hooray for the New York heat wave!). I was thinking today that perhaps a Clapotis would be the very thing to keep me warm. I know everyone and their mother has made this, so here's my question: the Lorna's Laces yarn used in the pattern, while beautiful, is extremely out of my price range. What did all of you use for your Clapotises? I'm hoping for something in the $10-12/skein range, rather than the $30/skein that the Lorna's Laces seem to go for.

knit picks' KIP Bags review

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Overall: I'm extremely pleased. The bags are sturdy. They come in several sizes for all the projects i've got going on and (Alton Brown would be so proud) they're not uni-taskers! I totally see them going everywhere with me, even when i have a large project going on. As far as the purse attachment, i don't think i'll use it. I live in Brooklyn, NY and i go to school and work in Manhattan. Just as a matter of safety, i wouldn't put my credit cards and such in an outside pocket.
Now, it is a good place for say...directions, charts, additional dpns, cable needles and other notions one needs immediately from time to time. I'd give it an A+ for effort and an A overall. And can someone tell me when there isn't an occasion for knitting? The people at knitpicks have some sense of humor.

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Hey, fellow knitterly pals!

Numero Uno: I'm travelling to Vancouver in a couple days with my family. Naturally, I shall be on the lookout for yarn shops. (Especially yarn for an Icarus!!) Anybody from around there know of some fabulous shops? I googled, but sadly enough, my google-fu is lacking.

Any input is greatly appreciated!

Numero Dos: My brother just started whining about the smell of the yarn I've got hanging in the bathroom while it drys. It's mostly dry, I've moved it into my bathroom, and honestly, I love the smell of wet sheep. Maybe it's because I'm a nutty knitter, but really, the smell of wool/alpaca blend doesn't bug me in the slightest. Anybody else plagued by their family when you guys block/get kinks out of frogged yarn?

Swish Superwash... question

I'm looking to make a baby blanket for my very first nephew (I have no neices/nephew's yet) who is due to be born the day after my son's 12th birthday. I was loking to make the afghan from the Shop on Blossom Street   and it calls for worsted weight yarn. I see that Knitpicks has a new superwash worsted wool yarn. Has anyone bought this? I did a lj search and didn't see anything. Is it soft? Would you use it for a baby blanket? I am torn between the Aloe, Baby Blue and that lovely yellow. I think I'd like to make a sweater out of the baby blue, so pretty much it's a toss between the yellow and green. But before I order I was wondering if anyone could review it.
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A hand felting question

Hey All!

So I don't post here often, but I've been knitting a bit this summer. I'm finishing up a hat for a friend who's going to Prague for the semester, and I don't have any DPNs with me (left at school! darn) so I'm doing a thick braid for the ties off the flaps. It occured to me that maybe I could felt the braids to get them a little sturdier...would this be possible?

Obviously, I would be hand felting since I don't want to felt the entire hat, and I only want to agitate it a little to get sturdier, but the braid still to be somewhat recognizable. Each of the three parts of the braid is made up of 4 strands of yarn. The yarn is 100% alpaca from a farm in Vermont.

Thanks so much! I'll definitely be posting pictures after the weekend!
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