August 8th, 2006

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So, I know there are charts out there that help you, for example, to set a letter or word in a little color against a darker background or vice versa. Usually through intarsia. What I want to know is if anyone knows where I could find a chart for a maple leaf. Help?
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What's the end-result difference between an skp and an ssk? I've never been able to tell the difference, other than that they are made differently and my ssk's look prettier and tighter than my skp's.

Flat to Tube Conversion

I have to say that one my obsessions in knitting is the Harmony Guides series of books with all the different variety of stitches you can do. However, the patterns are given for flat pieces of knitting but I'd say about 90% of the work I do in knitting is in the round. Is there a good rule of thumb for converting flat work into tube work? For instance would I do one round the way the pattern is written and then the next round switch all the purls and the knits?

Any help on this topic would be VERY helpful. Thank you so much.


(Oh and it's very new but I have a knitting/Project Runway/Bubble Tea blog at if that's your kind of thing. Thanks again)
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long lost Bergamo

I apologize if this question has been posted before but I haven't been able to Google a substitute for Muench Bergamo to make IK's Salt Peanuts with.
Has anyone made Salt Peanuts using a substitute or could anyone recommend a decent one?
It's very hard to find a good substitute when you can't find any images for what Bergamo actually looked like- was it flat or round? It must have been bulky-ish since it's says you should use 10-11 needles with it.
Muench Bergamo is, according to the internets so far, 100% wool "tape yarn" (I'm not sure what that means) and has 66yards to the ball- I'm looking at about 1600 yards to make Salt Peanuts.
Thank you very much for any help!
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I'm so happy.

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God help me if I can remember the Kool-aid recipe, though. There are bits of green, and I thought that would be ugly so I dumped a ton of different reds, pinks, and one packet of orange on top, and the result is the green is still there, but it's a muddy green brown and looks like leaves changing colors. Oh, it makes me really happy. I might have to make a hat out of it.

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Yarn sub for Drops Design sweater

I want to knit this sweater, but I have never been able to find Garnstudio's yarn... and I definitely haven't seen a site selling both of the yarns sweater calls for. I'm in the US, and I don't think it's widely available here.

It calls for a strand of their Alpaca and Vivaldi, held together. I think Alpaca is a DK weight, and I'm not sure what Vivaldi is... but the gauge of both for the sweater is 16 st/20 rows on a size 8 needle. This is pretty much a bulky weight, right? Could Knitpicks' Wool of the Andes Bulky or Sierra work? Sierra has alpaca in it...

Two FO's and a WIP

I am starting grad school next week, and am on a bit of a tear because I am afraid that I won't have anytime for my knitting for the next two years. So here are two of the projects I completed, evidence of one in progress, and hopefully soon I'll get the bottom of ye olde knitting bag cleaned out with several others as well.

Lots and lots of pics because it is fun to celebrate FO's!!

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determining yardage

I have two skeins of single ply laceweight wool, and I need to know how much those two skeins hold in terms of yardage. I got them very inexpensively [yay!] with no ball band [nay!]

There must be a way to determine the yardage without starting my shawl and then finding out I don't have enough and if anyone knows, they're a member of this help?

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I want to make my boyfriend a guitar strap out of llama yarn for his birthday. I was wondering if anyone of knew of a website that offers good llama yarn.

Thanks for any help!

Help with stash-busting + FO: Fetching

First: I have 3 mini collections of yarn that have been sitting around for far too long and I am intent on knitting them (or maybe just get rid of them somehow). They are TLC Cara Mia, Cascade Pearls, and Moda Dea Ricochet. The problem is I bought them on the cheap so I had nothing in mind but the bargain... whoops. They are all in that in-between quantity that can't really yield a sweater, but would only be dented slightly by a scarf or mittens. I tried googling for patterns with these yarns and didn't find much that fit the yarn amount and interested me. (What I don't want to make: I'm in the middle of a frustrating Minisweater and don't want to go that route again just yet, I don't have children or really know anyone who would want knitted baby/kids' items, and I'm not into wraps/shawls/ponchos... so this kind of further limits the possibilities of this yarn quantity range.) Any ideas? :)

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Thanks everyone in advance for your help :)

And so this isn't a completely selfish post, I finished Fetching and am still undecided about whether I like it or not.

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tubey sizing

hey knitters!
i want to make knitty's tubey ( in knit picks' superwash wool (
(i'm thinking dublin, with deep ocean and bordeaux stripes at the elbows!)
but anyway, i'm sort of in-bewtween sizes for this pattern. relaxed, my bust is 47". deep breath, its 50". the pattern is sized for "up to" 49 inches for L and "up to" 53 inches for XL.
busty ladies, what size did you go with? is it as stretchy as it claims? (i'm a skeptic.)
i just don't want to take a deep breath and pop right out the top of the sweater!